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  1. comment of the month

    Why apeman knows to don't cum shot in her pussy?

    Updated June 27th, 2012 at 07:36 AM by Crying_Vegeta (WARNING: NSFW)

  2. A little update

    I was gonna write more blog-posts of plumbing renovations, but never got up to it. Now renovations are over, I have a new shiny (and expensive) bathroom, and I have moved back home. I have cleaned a lot, but my apartment is still a big mess. *sigh* I hate construction dust with passion! And I haven't even unpacked all my stuff. *another sigh*

    But now I have a dishwasher! We haven't installed it yet, some electrical works are needed, and we have to rip down a part of one cupboard. But ...
  3. Akame Ga Kill Teigu Users: Part 1 - Night Raid

    Akame Ga Kill Teigu Users: Part 1 - Night Raid

    You expected another MB Manga complaint blog? Nah. I'm suppressing that shit for now. Out of boredom. I am making a list of all the Teigu users in Night Raid. *Some information might be inaccurate so help me out*

    Teigu also means Imperial Tool.

    The First Emperor created 48 Teigus. *Info from the manga currently so far with later updates*

    1. One Cut Killer: "Murasame": One cut from this accursed ...

    Updated September 21st, 2014 at 04:40 PM by ChiakiKakumei

  4. With Linkin Park's new album released...

    by , June 26th, 2012 at 08:47 AM (The madman's asylum)
    I really need to stop procrastinating and get back to working on my grand plans.

    Gonna make this post just for reminding myself that I have a shitload of things I should do.

    That's it.
  5. Fanfic progress report.

    Since quite a few of my recent fics are now complete or nearing completion, this is the current status of things.

    Ongoing fics and original fiction
    Princess' Knight
    1 chapter remaining + overall/grammar revisions to the entire story.

    The Victoria Carter Observation Project [Original fiction/light Scifi] First in line once PK is complete.
    Outline complete, writing to begin soon.
    Summery: The life of a doll-obsessed girl in the near future as witnessed ...