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  1. Joy to the World...

    ...sounds much better in a minor key.

  2. Revolution.exe Critical Error

    Computer refuses to start.

    Dunno if it can be fixed, and if the files can be recovered.

    Information coming when something changes.
  3. What if Utan Enhada was in Melty Blood: Actress Again? (Marvel Ripoff)

    I was hoping that I would have made this into a guest character for this game. Oh well.

    Mid Boss: Satsuki
    Main Boss: Archtype Earth (Akitsuki)

    Command Moves (all variants)
    df,C - Sky Uppercut
    db,C,C - Command Slashes
    d,C (air) - War Hammer
    db,C - Low Sweep Kick

    Crescent Moon Variation (no air combos/gains super jump)
    qcf,A,B or C - Air Fang
    qcb,A or B (x3) - Blue Fang
    dp,A,B or C - Rising Fang
  4. Seika Translates: The Pleiades (2) - Death on Holiday and Dove Puns

    by , December 17th, 2015 at 11:33 PM (On the overuse of brackets)
    When Zeus carried away the daughter of Asopos, Aigina, from Phlios to Oinone by way of Corinth, Sisyphos informed Asopos (who was searching for his daughter) of the theft by his skill, and because of this he brought on himself the anger of Zeus. Therefore, the god sent Death after him; but Sisyphos, learning about the attack, bound Death with strong chains. So then it came to pass that no human would die, until Ares came to Death and freed Death from his chains.
    Before Sisyphos died, ...
  5. In Honor of Star Wars...