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  1. When you ride an elevator while holding a poo in....

    You can feel the extra pressure on your gut as the elevator accelerates upwards. Gotta clench harder, fight the g-forces.
  2. My Yugioh Deck Inspired by Aki Izayoi of Yu - gi - oh 5Ds

    by , November 1st, 2019 at 05:50 PM (Almost Every Topic Under the Sun)
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    And here I thought that I am finished with the discussions of Yu – Gi – Oh.

    Can’t say this will be my last, but here is my deck list inspired by Izayoi Aki’s deck from Yu –gi – oh 5Ds. This deck is designed specifically just to place puzzles on my opponents. Winning the game is just a bonus.


    tytannial, princess of camellias
    talaya, princess of cherry blossoms
    witch of ...
    Tags: 5ds, aki, deck, recipe, yugioh
  3. When you wipe your butthole....

    And there's leftover chilli flakes in it. Then it starts to feel really hot.
  4. Fate/Grand Order - English

    Quote Originally Posted by eddyak View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
    Is it just me or have they definitively moved past the original “servants were stronger when they were alive” premise.i gave it a pass back in Orleans since they were still finding a groove but the dialogue here keeps going the other way
    IIRC, they said Servants were stronger alive specifically because of the mana thing- if they have to spend a bunch of their mana keeping themselves from being noped out of existence by the world, they can't go as far and do as much damage. If you're a ghost running
  5. You know what's shit? Halo: Fireteam Raven.

    Why does this exist? There's so many other arcade rail shooters to learn from and emulate but here we are. A shitty Halo cash in.

    Sit down with your fix mounted gun, and spray away at slow moving bullet sponge enemies that will manage to smack you without fail and there's no way to prevent them from doing so. Guaranteed loss of life. Just gotta have enough coins if you wanna finish.

    Whereas skill, speed and accuracy will get you through other rail shooters. Virtua Cop? ...
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