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  1. Getting over the deep end.

    by , November 7th, 2015 at 06:01 AM (Nuclear Contemplations)
    aka Epilogue

    Hello all. As some of you might know, I put up a series of blog posts detailing my various blunders in the field of romantic attraction with the same sex. However, as of press time, I think it's time that I move on from that stage of my life and pour my would-be wasted efforts into more productive endeavors.

    In short, I'm giving up on my crush.

    But before we get to that can of worms, I feel that I need to preface the topic with something silly. ...
  2. Introduction

    Hi everyone.
    I'm new here, and I wanted to introduce myself with a blog, like I usually do when I join a forum.

    I'm an anime fan who hasn't actually seen a lot of anime yet (, and it's throught the Fate anime that I got into the Nasuverse. It's my "main franchise" (as in, the one I know best, though I don't know it extremely well). I skipped directly to Heaven's Feel in the VN, and I'm almost done with it.
    Most of my knowledge ...

    Updated November 5th, 2015 at 09:15 PM by Washada

  3. What if Utan Enhada was in MKX?

    More like a huge what if. If he was in MKX, he would be a run-off-the-mill character. I'm guessing mid or low tier.

    Swordmaster - gains long range elemental attacks
    Blademaster - gains ??? and lighter blades
    Edgemaster - gains Ground Quaker and heavy blades

    target combos
    1,1,b+3,1 (swordmaster/blademaster)
    3,1,b+3 (edgemaster)

    Standard Specials
    b,f+3 - Seitei ...
  4. I'm calling in sick this week

    by , November 4th, 2015 at 09:27 AM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    Next Fic to be Updated: Trinity VII: The Twilight

    Completion Level: 0 pages (0%)

    Estimated Upload Date: Sunday November 15 (I hope)

    With my workplace closed for the week for renovations, I thought "Great - at least I'll be able to get lots of writing done, on top of getting a full workout week for a change. I may even get myself ahead a chapter!"

    . . . Yeah, I really should know better.

    I went ...
  5. I sure like being able to...

    Afford PVC tits and butts.