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  1. Part 3 of the Co-Worker Files.

    by , September 12th, 2018 at 09:56 AM (668 - Neighbor of the Beast)
    So, a few more developments that we're aware of. Don't worry, this one will be much shorter, mostly because all that's left at this point, as far as we know, is cleaning up after all the shit the old lawyer had left us.

    1. As far as we know, almost everything is paid. The dues to Food Stamps are paid, the Medicaid stuff is paid, the hospital bills (people had taken out bills in her name - she was a victim of identity theft years ago) is paid, the city and court fees are all paid, and
  2. Yo, I'm in Kobe!

    by , September 10th, 2018 at 10:09 AM (The Random Ideas and Thoughts of a Fellow Magus)
    Hey there everyone, I've been quite silent for a while and for that I apologize but it is for good reason. I've been pretty busy with working two jobs and going to school full time and as such the amount of time I've been dedicating to the Nasuverse has declined somewhat, but I wanted to show that all the work I've been putting into my future has finally started to pay off a bit.

    Long story short I got accepted into a study abroad program in Kobe in Japan for a whole year in order to ...
  3. An update on my ongoing co-worker crisis.

    by , September 8th, 2018 at 11:59 AM (668 - Neighbor of the Beast)
    The good news is we think that it's finally starting to wind its way to the conclusion.

    The bad news (besides the fact it's still ongoing) is we've added on $2000 since then.

    A few other BLers have gotten in touch with me since my first post on this flaming clusterfuck of a disaster, and have very generously helped us out. Therefore, for the sake of those people (as well as anyone else who is considering helping), I will fill you in on the details.

    1. We've

    Updated September 10th, 2018 at 11:10 AM by Dark Pulse (Some bad, and some good... if we can make it that long.)

  4. Memes that are so real they make you feel it in your bones

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  5. Hangul for Japanese

    Quote Originally Posted by Lamp View Post
    Hey guys. I figured out a way to write japanese using the korean alphabet


    i= u= e=o=

    으ㅏya= yu= yo=

    (Sino-Japanese only):


    k=ㄱ g=ㄲ ng=
    s=ㅅ ts=z=ㅆ dz=
    sh= ch=ᅎdj=ᅏ
    t=ㄷ d=ㄸ
    f=ㅸ v=ㆄ b=ㅃ p=ㅂ

    Updated September 6th, 2018 at 08:28 PM by Lamp

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