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  1. Just a rumor I heard

    But looks like he's bringing back that brand of cigarettes. You know, that brand.
  2. FGO BlackList: The Road So Far #4 - Two horses are better than one


    Konoe Ototsugu (
    Astolfo (Saber)
    Task Owner (
    Perseus (Lancer)
    Nakahara (
    Gilgamesh (Proto)
  3. [LEAKED] Fate/Grand Order part 3 prologue

  4. Fate Grand Order - Craft Essence Experience Leveling 2.0

    After getting into an argument with someone on discord, it's come to my attention that I grossly over-complicated the whole thing when it comes to minimizing QP costs (and most likely FP costs) for getting level 100 SSR CEs. After doing something I should have done well over a year ago, it's pretty obvious that their simpler method is better than mine. I can only blame my fixation on maximizing the potential XP bonus in my old method.

    So what is this method? It's extremely simple. ...

    Updated November 5th, 2018 at 08:34 PM by Trubo

  5. What if Utan Enhada was in Fate/Grand Order?! As a servant?!

    That's a huge what if. Sounds reasonable to me; I don't know about you guys being on board with this.

    Servant Class: Foreigner

    Alignment: Good/Neutral

    Strength: B+
    Power: B-
    Endurance: A-
    Magic Endurance: C+
    Agility: C+
    Luck: B

    After defeating the Angra Maniyu in Hawaii and Japan, he was unable to prevent the world's destruction in 2030. Now with a second chance in life, he returns to vanquish ...

    Updated October 21st, 2018 at 08:38 PM by Christopher H2

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