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    Maybe after the Lostbelts are over he’ll have some time to continue working on it?

    I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

    But hey, maybe at one of the official F/GO panels at conventions, we could have people volunteer to ask the developers to pass on a message that Beast’s Lair would be willing to help with Re:Tsuki’s development if he sent us a few notes. We would be willing to help, right?
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    They even had a song just for this. Power of money, I guess.

    Don't worry, that one will come true just like Riyo had his own Servant up on Chaldea.

    Wait and hope.
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    The guy who did the Gundam x F/GO April Fool's fake trailer has to one-up themselves from last year.
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    Immediately recognised a rework of an earlier trailer tho
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    And so we are still denied a Tsukihime anime.
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    I also made a few fan classes, Here, one of them is very similar to this one, even made a couple of servants in those classes.
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    Remind me to never let the backlog get this big again....

    Jeanne d'Arc (Swimsuit)
    Jeanne d'Arc (Archer)

    A holy woman that flew down on the everlasting summer.
    The star of the dolphin world, who bided her time for a holy entrance.
    As she replaces the sacred flag for a loop (ring), an unprecedented Fantasia(1) unfolds―――

    "Yes. Frankly speaking, I couldn't be more festive than in a swimsuit!
    Let's put aside all formalities and spend this summer in an exhilarating manner!

    She herself thinks that there is not much difference other than her wearing a swimsuit.
    But of course, she is extremely different.
    The carefreeness that remains fluffy from beginning to end and prizes summer over goodness clearly shows that her joyousness is at full throttle.
    In addition, she thinks that the swimsuit is something meant just for enjoying the summer, rather than for dressing herself up.

    However, upon reaching her final Ascension, she undergoes a Class Change from "a dolphin lady in the beach" to "a holy woman that descended onto the everlasting summer". Changing the Lord's divine protection into a loop (halo) of light, she turns into a high-mobility shooting holy woman that does as she pleases.

    She controls a dolphin as her familiar.
    Named Ries, he strides on land and flies on the sky in accordance to Jeanne's orders.
    Possessing high intellect, he can constantly maintain himself at a reasonable distance by the right corner of her field of vision
    "I want to know a way to erase you".
    In addition, their meeting was a simple and fluffy girl-meets-dolphin in which Jeanne helped a dolphin in trouble.

    She formed the Circle "st. Orleans" together with Marie Antoinette.
    While the concerned duo believes they are writing love comedies, it seems to have earned itself a different kind of reputation.
    "No matter how you read it, this is a explosion scene".
    "Rather than bittersweet, this is more like saturated sugared water".
    "I don't understand why you would launch a smartphone from a cannon just to ask someone their contact address​".

    Height/Weight: 159cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: France
    Alignment: Lawful Summer
    Gender: Female
    Of course, her prefect disposition has not disappeared, but one can clearly see that she is feeling festive due to the summer season.
    Supposedly, that second Ascension in which she wears glasses is her (self-styled) teacher-mode.

    Endless Enjoy Summer!: A
    "E.E.S.", for short.
    The spirit that one should fully enjoy the endless summer.

    Holy Woman of the Waterside (Dolphin): A+
    Upon changing into the Archer Class, dolphins started to become emotionally attached to her for some reason. The dolphins bare their fangs and assault those who oppose Jeanne.

    Servant Cheer!: B
    Even without being in the Ruler Class, her supportive mentality does not change. By firmly holding hands and saying things "let's work hard together", she makes others have the wrong idea.
    She herself thinks she is just cheering them up.


    Des Océans d'Allégresse - O Abundant Ocean, Share this Delight
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    Summoning of mythical beasts by offering her prayers to the sea.
    Maybe she had some connection to mythical beasts, but she can call forth most of those related to the sea and employ their powers.
    The highlight would be the blue whale. Feels like you would die crushed by it. It might end up being called a Megalodon someday.

    (1) probably a reference to that Disney film.

    Ibaraki Douji (Swimsuit)
    Ibaraki Douji (Lancer)

    Summer is here.
    Summer means a summer festival.
    A festival is something gorgeous, filled with amusement and with lots of delicious stuff on the night stalls.
    I see, that does not sound bad at all. the time we realized, she had dressed up for summer and underwent a Class Change.
    Due many reasons, her Noble Phantasm also changed. Probably changed.

    "I don't quite get the reasoning behind it, but anyway why not fully enjoy this Saint Graph!"
    And thus Ibaraki Douji fully enjoys those summer days.

    Comparatively speaking, she looks like the usual Ibaraki Douji.
    It appears that she herself also thinks there is not much of a difference.
    If you look from the outset, it might seem that "her mood has improved somewhat". However, if one were to point that out, she will undoubtedly snap at him. Still, that is not the case if the one to do so is Shuten Douji:
    "You look quite cheerful and fidgety; really, as adorable as a child.
    Could it be that you actually likes the sea?

    Source: Otogizoushi and others
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    For now, she wants to eat a lot.

    Demon of the Oni-Kind (Water): B
    A transmutation of the skill that represents the superpowers and the demonic nature of an oni.
    The nature of her Prana Burst has also changed to "water".
    "Isn't that just a kappa?" or so Ibaraki suspected.
    "Is this because my Saint Graph changed?
    No, wait. Now that you mention it, I kind of remember Shuten Douji tampering with my bones or something, and my physical condition seems to have changed ever since...
    Anyway, anything given by Shuten couldn't possibly be bad!
    Ibaraki laughs it off in such a manner. That's fine then.

    Mad Enhancement: D
    It Rank-UP the STR and END parameters, but robs away reasoning.
    The Class Skill from when she was a Berserker remained even after her Saint Graph changed, but since this also combines the racial traits of an oni, she can exceptionally control it.
    While under control, she retains her reasoning and is capable of a calm conversation.

    I'm Not Going Back Yet!: B++
    An unexpected evolution achieved by the Regroup skill.
    "Even though it is evening, I still don't want to go back to the hotel and rather keep playing at the beach. I want to play even if it is dark.
    Still, if everyone is going back, then I have no choice but to go along. Playing alone is not fun at all...
    The manifestation of the feelings from such a downhearted Ibaraki.


    Encomium Moriae - Gushin Raisan~Ichijou Modoribashi
    Type: Anti-Bounded Field/Anti-Army
    Range: 1~40
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    In Japanese, it roughly means "Foolish God Worship, Ichijou Modoribashi".
    Also, this Noble Phantasm was originally named "Abstinence Breaking, Ichijou Modoribashi".
    A full-power attack by Lancer Ibaraki Douji, which is hammered into the target while disregarding the likes of defensive effects and bounded-fields.
    By flying into a rage upon remembering the events at Rashoumon (or rather, the events at Ichijou Modoribashi, her blood is excited and the magical protections of the target are instantly smashed. It has been said that, during her lifetime, she used this power to break the abstinece(1) of the hateful Tsuna and retrieve her severed arm.

    Incidentally, this work regards that Ibaraki Douji lost to Watanabe no Tsuna at Rashoumon and again at Ichijou Modoribashi. She lost to Watanabe no Tsuna twice in a row.

    Although she herself intended it to be a full-powered Heian rocket punch just like in her Berserker state - in other words, launching a Sougenbi - for some reason it simultaneously deploys five spears once the True Name is released, which then transform into "something like five giant fingers", make a giant fist and send out an uppercut.
    The enemy who receives this is launched high in the sky and scatter in gorgeous brilliance, much like fireworks in the summer night sky.

    Five giant fingers...

    "Could it be that these five spears are my very own fingers?"

    By the way, the True Name "Foolish God Worship, Ichijou Modoribashi" and its German reading are something that Jeanne d'Arc Alter came up at her request.

    (1) in Japanese tradition, abstinence (especially fasting) is seen as a form of spiritual purification that helps protect oneself from evil spirits

    Ushiwakamaru (Swimsuit)
    Ushiwakamaru (Assassin)

    The tengu girl - who (probably) was a source of gossips in Mt. Kurama - has descended on the beach!

    An expert of the arts of war who is also an expert of playing.
    Having changed into a swimsuit, Ushiwakamaru is no longer Ushiwakamaru - that nimbleness, that supernatural power, that risqué swimsuit definitely belongs to the female tengu of Mt. Kurama.

    "This nimbleness, and the Mother Nature that surrounds me... all reminds me of my days of training in the mountains!
    Oh, this fan? It's just a hand-me-down from my master, so don't mind it!

    By changing into a swimsuit and connecting with Mother Nature in Hawaii, for some reason Ushiwakamaru grew closer to how she was during her days of training at Mt. Kurama - back when she bustled about in the middle of nature as she pleased.

    What has been strongly carved in her head is the teachings of her teacher in the mountains: "playing is a form of training in itself". Thus, even while properly fulfilling her duties as a Servant, she seeks a chance to play (train) together with her Master at any opportunity she gets. A hustling faithful dog of summer that obediently endures in wait while wagging her tail and thinking 'when will he play with me...' Try to play with her if you have some spare time.

    Her mentality is somewhat immature, with the aspect of a mischievous child.
    However, the "decisiveness" without a shred of human kindness (which lies at the roots of the existence called Ushiwakamaru) has not been lost.
    Rather, thanks to having turned into an existence closer to a tengu, there are also times when she demonstrates a privilege mentality such as saying "As a tengu, I'm stronger than humans" (not as sarcasm, but rather quite naturally).
    Also, Ushiwakamaru's side as a mischievous child mentioned above often appears as she is "bestowing punishment (teaching) upon humans that do not realize how foolish they are and laughing loudly".
    Thus, her position is somewhat closer to something inhuman.

    "That human is really hopeless.
    Alright, let's discipline him by making fun of him.

    However, towards those who perform truly evil deeds such as manslaughter​, she instead says that "there is no need for punishment. Putting him to the sword shall be enough".

    Height/Weight: 168cm・55kg
    Source:Gikeiki, Heike Monogatari
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Summer
    Gender: Female
    "Milord, let's play with everything that we got!"

    Animal Conversation: D
    It is possible to come to a mutual understanding with animals that do not possess their own language.
    Since this is derived from a youthful sensitivity from when she bustled about on the mountains, it has been lost after she came down from the mountains (in her state as a Rider). This is achieved merely by means of a feeling, so it is not like she is actually speaking an animal language.
    The manner how she occasionally utters racoon-like sounds may be vestiges from her old days of training.

    By the way, when asked why she changed into the Assassin Class, her answer is:
    "In order to get a clean hit with a wooden sword against my teacher while he was sleeping, I would devote myself to train in self-concealment while using the animals of the forest as training partners, so..."
    "No way, you became an Assassin with just that?"
    "Well, yeah. I'm a genius after all."

    Godchild of Kurama: A+
    A divine protection from "something" that exists on Mt. Kurama.
    It seems that Ushiwakamaru believes this to be "a divine protection from the mountain's tengus", but exact details are unknown.

    Miss H: "...people believe that the etymology of 'Kurama' derives from 'kurai yama'(1), and that its former name was 'kurabuyama' or 'kurabuyama'(1). But maybe, on even older days, this place might have been called 'Kumara'...?"


    Tengu no Uchiwa~Akarashimakaze
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~30
    Maximum Targets: 300 people
    One of Shana-Ou's Sportive Tales - the quintessence of the many playing skills developed in Mt. Kurama.
    A reproduction of the memories of playing that Shana-Ou performed during her days of training. Just like Shana-Ou's Wandering Tales(3), there are several other techniques.
    This is a reproduction of the plays in which she secretly employed the feathers fan that her teacher possessed.
    In regards to the effects, while creating a windstorm in naturally the main one, the tengu's feather fan supposedly have a wide-range of other effects... such as creating doppelgangers, flight, Shukuchi, flame manipulation, exorcising demons, etc.

    (1) roughly, 'gloomy mountain' and "darkened mountain" respectively. Incidentally, the last two words have the same reading despite being written differently

    (2) roughly, 'tengu´s fan, windstorm'

    (3) for those who don't know, this is the formal name of her Noble Phantasm as a Rider.

    Jeanne Alter (Swimsuit)
    Jeanne Alter (Berserker)

    "If she gets swimsuit, it is only natural that I have to get one as well!"

    The summer charm cornered the dragon witch to this point.
    From the moment that she heard that this mission's destination was Hawaii, her resolve became ironclad.
    She spent an entire night up checking guide books and filling them with sticky notes, dressed herself in a stylish coordinated outfit akin to a Hollywoodian actress that travels incognito to a resort and departed to the paradise of eternal summer.

    A single stray Heroic Spirit that became the strongest agent.
    Such is the Berserker burned by the jet black flames of vengeance, Jeanne d'Arc Alter....!

    In order to oppose Jeanne d'Arc, her fated rival (or so she thinks), Alter-chan changed into a swimsuit.
    Despite transforming from an Avenger to a Berserker, it seems that she herself does not felt much of a change.
    If pressed to say, her inclinations towards her hobbies became somewhat stronger, and she started to employ German terms more frequently.

    Her behaviour towards the Master is the same as usual, and she seems to think that it is only natural that he stays together with and follows her around.
    That being said, she feels a little bit guilty about getting him caught up in that summer riot and having him help with her Circle's activities.
    Just a little bit.

    A central character in the Summer event.
    She started the Circle "Gespenst Ketzer" and kept drawing manga together with the protagonist.
    Everything derived from her sense of rivalry towards Jeanne d'Arc, but it seems that the basis for it was a feeling (which was neither hatred or longing) towards an "impossible development", a "story that should have been fulfilled".

    After the Summer event was over, she became somewhat closer to the liberal arts-type Servants, even while being exasperated with herself thinking "why was I so desperate back them?"

    Height/Weight: 159cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: France
    Alignment: Chaotic Summer
    Gender: Female
    The two KATANA she holds are named "Arahabaki Nanajuunisen" and "Daigoku Dokuryuu Manba (Black Mamba)"(1)

    Schwarzwald Falke: B
    A German term. Translates into 'falcon of the black forest', but... there is no deep, special meaning behind it.
    Seems it was named like this just "because it is sort of cool".
    A mysterious power.

    Witch of Abasement: A+
    A mutation of the skill Dragon Witch, derived from shifting away from the Avenger Class.

    Meurs Où Tu Dois: EX
    To be accurate, it is "Va où tu veux, meurs où tu dois".
    A French saying that means 'go where you will, die where you must'.
    Despite everything, her Avenger self has been seeking a place to die.
    Not a pleasant, peaceful death.
    No matter how violent, hopeless it may be.
    She keeps fighting everyday in hopes for an ending that she can be satisfied with.


    Volkermord Feuerdrache - Natural Laws of Incineration~Massacre Dragon
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    In order to oppose Jeanne d'Arc, a mountain against the sea.
    Fire against water - something created from such conception.
    Summoning something akin to a dark dragon by means of old powers as the dragon witch and spreading calamity.
    As for why is it in German, that goes without saying by this point.

    (1) roughly, '72 flashes of Arahabaki' and '10,000 breaks of the great black poison dragon'. Chuunibyou much, huh?

    BB (Swimsuit)
    BB (Swimsuit)

    In order to make this the best summer ever, that unidentifiable cyber demon appeared before us once again.
    In order to save Chaldea from several unique precedents, she sometimes dispatches a mysterious slot machine in large quantities, and sometimes supplies a troublesome Alterego.
    Truly almighty, lovely, and finally a junior.
    Her true colours is that of your BB-chan, the sweet evil who changed into a swimsuit to fully enjoy summer and is nothing but adorable!

    In order to fully enjoy Hawaii, she remodelled herself into a High-Servant and entered into the extremely fervid swimsuit market (red ocean).
    From an innocent swimsuit to a provocative one, she appeals to her heroine powers with extensive change of clothes, but...?

    The junior-type devilish heroine that gallantly appeared on the far side of the moon.
    She manipulates her senior (Master) as a cheerful, precocious junior.
    Despite calling herself a 'great devil' rather than a 'little imp', due being a good girl originally, she had a soft spot that prevented her from sticking through the role of a demon... or so it was, but the current BB is somewhat different.

    In the first stage of her Saint Graph, BB is like cheerleader that roots for the Master. But as you proceed into the second and third stages, her hidden nature gets exposed.

    Manufactured as her avatars, the Alteregoes Passionlip and Meltlilith were High-Servants that had the essence of goddess mixed-in. But now even BB fused with a number of "divinities" and was reborn in a more aggressive Saint Graph.

    BB have two divinities installed within herself.
    The first is the goddess of Hawaii, Pele.
    An immortal goddess and the personification of a Hawaiian volcano - upon assimilating such Pele, BB's skin changed into a light brown that is very suited for the southern lands and her personality became more aggressive.
    The birth of Black BB.

    By having installed the divinity of the goddess Pele (who is "violent, self-centred and ends up killing most of those who get in contact with her"), BB turned into a "sadistic goddess who corners those she love until they die".
    According to the testimony of a Master that has been terribly manipulated by BB, "that isn't much different from what she normally is, right?".

    BB have two divinities installed within herself.
    The second is an existence from the deep space, who does not exist on Earth and was not something from this universe originally. An evil god that might as well be called a 'trickster', who seduces and plays with all kinds of intelligent life-forms, causing them to self-destruct.
    By imprisoning the Hawaiian Islands into a "temporal cage" with the powers of this evil god, BB planned a festival to actualize an eternally unending resort in order to save the Master from "a despair that awaited in the future".

    It goes without saying what the truth and conclusion of all that was. In the end, BB-chan was just BB-chan after all. Ta-da

    Still, did she really sympathised with an evil god?
    Maybe everything was just BB's imagination, like a placebo effect.

    Height/Weight: 156cm~??・46kg~??
    Source: "Fate/EXTRA CCC"
    Region: SE.RA.PH
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    For some reason, her alignment changed from Good to Evil.
    Her own testimony is that "even after turning Evil, I'm still humanity's partner(1), so you can rest assured about that☆".

    Self-Modification: EX
    A skill that BB usually possesses. A skill to remodel oneself.
    This time, it seems that it was used unintentionally by pure coincidence.
    Prepare yourselves, o recipients that go by the name of humans.
    What can I say; tonight the stars are in plain view.

    Aurea Pork Porka: A
    The golden chalice of the pork.
    Supposedly, the goddess Pele deeply loved the hog demigod Kamapua'a even as she abused him. Her affinity with BB - who treats her loved one like a piglet - is excellent.
    The Hawaiian version of the golden chalice that BB pilfered.
    Unlike usual, this one is applied on herself.
    Drinking this makes BB-chan's sadistic switch flip on.

    Faceless Moon: EX
    The lingering fragrance of a certain evil god, who drives humans into ruin as if to test them.
    A Reality Marble that makes the boundary with the imaginary space(2) more definite and drops the surroundings on the "far side of the moon (shadow face)".
    Once the world is covered by the moon's shadow, all time will freeze.



    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 9~999
    Cursed Cutting Crater.
    A cursed hole which gouges the world, which the Mooncell-synchronized BB employed in "CCC".
    A crazy space in which she converts the surroundings into an imaginary space(2) by expanding her own shadow, ranks down the world and lifeforms found there into existences of a lower dimension and plays with them as if an overlord.
    BB's usual Noble Phantasm was an operation (surgery) in which she "uses a nurse outfit to amusingly, cruelly" degrade the enemy, but this is a serious operation that fully releases her powers.
    The attack of a Last Boss, in which she abides to the motto of "large scale, scary and seriously bad" as a pioneering horror-type heroine.
    Having turned into a giant, higher dimension existence, BB easily scoops out the land and encroaches the world. Just like how one scoops a pudding with a spoon.

    ...supposedly, it is only at the third stage of her Saint Graph that the second divinity installed in her reveals its identity, but...?

    (1) as in 'business partner'

    (2) as in 'imaginary numbers'

    Medb (Swimsuit)
    Medb (Saber)

    Pure and clean.
    The lewd and unscrupulous Queen Medb.
    A single flower that blooms beautifully at the centre of the world. Or maybe, a large flower attempting to blossom in full glory as if to cover the world.
    In addition, this time she is an existence akin to a bikini model――― someone highly self-conscious as a flower that charms people.

    Exactly because she accurately understands how much value and power her body possesses, one could say that it was only a matter of time before she was installed as a gorgeous Celebrity Servant adapted to modern times.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・41kg
    Source: Celt Mythology
    Region: Ireland
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    She is currently crazy about producing a photo album, or so it seems.

    If I Change into a Swimsuit: A+
    A measure of how much one can bewitch the masses - or a specific gentleman - by means of her own body.
    At A+ Rank, its power is tremendous.
    Originally a composite skill that includes Golden Rule (Body), but a portion of its effects are different in this work.

    Eau de Toilette - White Honey: B
    Endowed with a honey-like sweet fragrance that makes others melt to her sigh and voice, she freely influences the target's parameters just by standing there.
    Against existences without defensive measures against magical power (such as ordinary humans and animals), she probably can bend them to her will in an instant.
    For instance, it is possible to change a young boy into a brave warrior comparable to veteran soldier. Conversely, she can also turn a veteran soldier into a young boy.

    Even Servants will have their parameters tampered with if they don't have the means to resist this.
    A skill falsely similar to "Tipsiness of a Fruit".
    Since she moves to apply a perfume when employing this skill, it might be possible to stop its activation by hindering those movements... but where in this world would you find an individual capable of obstructing her actions?


    Fergus, My Good-Looking Brave - My Dear Boyfriend's Rainbow Sword
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 1~10 people
    Employing the magic sword Caladbolg (the Noble Phantasm of the hero Fergus, one of her lovers in her previous life) as a weapon.
    She can perform the release of True Name as if a matter of course, but it seems that she is demonstrating some self-restraint at this occasion. Even Queen Medb - no, exactly because she is Queen Medb that there is no way she would cause an earthquake in a wonderful resort spot.

    Nobody knows if, just like when she is a Rider, she materialized this due to the properties of her anecdotes and legends about "taking possession of heroes" or if she simply borrowed it from the Fergus at Chaldea.
    As expected, its power have decreased compared to when Fergus himself uses it, but its flexibility, adaptability have improved in exchange.
    A rainbow veil is instantly deployed just by shaking it cutely with a "hey".
    Enemy soldiers that become Medb's targets will probably be arrested in a rainbow veil and rendered powerless inside that light of ecstasy, without understanding a thing about what happened.

    Her weapon of choice in this work. Release of True Name is not performed.

    One-Shot My Love - My Dear Summer's Tryst
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~40
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A summer love; a single commemorative photograph (one-shot).
    Originally, Medb would be a Rider endowed with the special trait of "handling the Noble Phantasms of the heroes that she took possession of during her lifetime", but changing into a swimsuit and undergoing a transformation in her Saint Graph resulted in Medb attaining a new Noble Phantasm.
    Namely, a fearsome anti-unit sure-kill Noble Phantasm that employs one of the powerful weapons that Queen Medb possess - her "charm".
    Once she approaches someone while humming unconcernedly​ and says "oh, hello there​", the target will instantly be attracted to her and fall in a summer love. He will surely fall.
    Then, there will be no choice but to tragically be exhausted in the summer sky after turning into a victim of her self-indulgence as much as she pleases―――

    Those targeted by the Noble Phantasm "One-Shot My Love" should feel proud.
    After all, Queen Medb only approaches a few chosen good-looking braves... no, good-looking slaves...!

    This fearsome Noble Phantasm is composed with her charm at its core; but, surprisingly, there is no continuous​ charm effect.
    According to Medb: "well, isn't that what a summer love is all about?"

    Mysterious Heroine XX
    Mysterious Heroine XX

    A single meteor that came to destroy the Servant Festival.
    A delegate of the laws of the universe, she eradicates Earth's mankind and the Foreigners who shares the same attributes as herself.
    A peerlessly ruthless Machine Servant.

    It has been said that, when her unexpected true face is revealed, anyone will avert their gaze due to extreme astonishment―――?

    To put it simply, Mysterious Heroine X is the protagonist of a comedy-drama.
    Since she is basically Miss Artoria without her serious components, X behaves in the shortest・fastest・simplest manner regarding anything.
    Contrary to her energetic, polite conduct, she has a hopeless personality that hates to lose (due being unaware of this herself, her inability to read the mood is staggering), challenges pretty much everything and does not give up until she wins.
    Still, since she "ultimately ends up working for the sake of those around her" due being good person by nature, things functioned well at the end of the day.

    The Servant Universe came to a standstill and the proportion of heroes and villains crumbled due the excessive issue of Extra Classes. When the balance of the universe tilted towards the villains, X renewed her convictions.
    In more specific terms, the program embarked on a new season.
    Worried about being unemployment, X got herself a job on the secret society・Galaxy Police and coincidentally caught Rhongomynyad, the oldest artefact in the universe that was lying dormant at its centre. Having her talents recognized, she began to play an active role as a space sentinel (Galaxian).

    - extract from the 1st part of CG's story -

    Upon becoming a Cosmic Sheriff, X thought "this is a good opportunity" and changed her name・family register​ to XX.
    By becoming a new person, she defaulted all debts incurred so far and established the Division 0 of Special Investigations, which cracks down on invaders from outer space - the Foreigners.
    The birth of the Evil Deity Hunter, XX.

    Her instinct as a Saber Hunter became dim, while her instinct as a Foreigner Hunter came to prominence.
    That being said, it is not like she quit her Saber elimination movement, so the special effectiveness against Sabers remains the same as always.

    Motivations・Attitude towards the Master
    Her partner on Earth. A reliable wallet.
    Since X has pretty much zero romance skill, she just treats him as a friend. Still, she will eventually notice that he is her precious someone and then let her chances slip up due some misunderstanding.
    "What is this feeling in my chest... could it be that a Saber evil deity came to this planet!?"
    Fundamentally, she is the same as X. But due the self-awareness as a sheriff increasing her consciousness, she behaves more like an older sister than X.
    Since she belongs to a series from a few years later than X, she is like an office lady who became tired of daily life.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・48kg
    Source: Cosmo Guardian Trilogy
    Region: Servant Universe
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    *her measurements change when she Enplanes.
    "The weight has just increased a little due to the stress of daily hard work, but I will return to my previous 42kg in no time!"

    Justice of the Beyond: A
    A power from the "boundary" that is both the far beyond and the forefront of the universe. Also, a power to rip apart "nothingness" and the very truth that expands the universe.
    A powah that "keeps the balance of the universe" and drives away even the superior existences from a different universe, but XX herself does not quite understand it.

    Enplane: EX
    A divine protection from the Holy Spear Armor Avalon. The armor constantly exists around XX as spirit particles.
    She call the quick work of materializing・arming this at a speed of minus one second (even when suffering a surprise attack, she goes back in time one second before it happens and equips this) "Enplane"(1). Right out.
    A fearsome skill acquired by XX, who is recurrently late for work due oversleep despite becoming a Cosmic Sheriff. Surely, this is just a skill for changing clothes.
    As a matter of fact, its functions as an armor are displayed even in a spirit particles-state, so there is really no need to materialize it.
    Once armed, her offensive abilities increase dramatically.

    Instinct of the Sheriff: E
    A divine revelation for the sake of pinning down a criminal.
    At this rank, it is better not to use it to solve crimes.
    By means of a higher dimensional insight that ignores reason, hints for the sake of solving a crime are spread across the surroundings - but XX herself does not notice those hints no matter what.
    This is actually quite an excellent skill that can turn demerits into merits.


    Ether Universe, Howbeit the Order - Blue Sparkling Galaxy, i.e. Cosmos
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 9~99
    Although she shouts many things in accordance with her mood at the time - such as "Twin-Mynyad Disaster" or "Double X Dynamic" - its True Name is "Ether Universe, Howbeit the Order".
    By means of opposing mirrors, this True Name denotes the rules of the universe that Rhongomynyad protects. A dynamic Saber Slash performed after releasing the safe-mode of Rhongomynyad-LR and increasing its output. It explodes the opponent along with the planet itself.
    The final ruling measure, which does not adhere to things such as the right to remain silent or the right to call a lawyer. A convenient Noble Phantasm that is endowed with special effectiveness not only against Foreigners, but also against the Sabers.

    Himitsumynyad - Nameless Nebula Sword
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 9~99
    A Galaxy Nebula Slash that employs Rhongomynyad-LR, which is said to be the balance of the universe.
    By swinging the spear round-and-round, its beam of light will swirl like a nebula and mow down everything in the surroundings. It makes no distinction between friends and foes.
    Fundamentally not employed in FGO.

    (1) the original Japanese term reads as "jouchaku", which is homophone to 蒸着 (roughly, deposition), in a clear reference to this.

    (2) yeah, I know it sounds weird. In my defense, the original Japanese is also strange.

    On a complete side note: there is a popular theory among Japanese fans that, just like the other Foreigners, XX is also under the influence of some entity from the Cthulhu Mythos. Possible candidates include Nodens or one of the Star-Warriors of Orion.

    Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber)
    Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber)

    A sturdy knight who freely uses two magic spears and two magic swords.
    A peerless handsome man raised by the God of Sea Manannan and Oengus, the God of Love who was also a king of fairies.
    The best among the Knights of Fianna lead by Fionn mac Cumhaill, he supposedly played a great role during the Knights' united front with the Fairy King Abarta.

    At this occasion, he has manifested with the Saint Graph of a Saber.
    This is because he is proficient in not only the use of spears, but also swords―――
    Still, in this Saint Graph, his aspect as a "hero of legends・mythology" is emphasized and - maybe due possessing multiple Noble Phantasm related to the gods - the cost・degree of difficulty regarding his summoning is greater than when he is a Lancer.

    A virtuous Heroic Spirit who is loyal and sincere.
    Fundamentally the same individual than when he is a Lancer, but his self-awareness as a "knight" was strengthened by being summoned as a Saber.
    Enjoys fighting against strong opponents and shows no scruples in pursuing that. Also, he may be aware of this or not, but his self-esteem is somewhat stronger than when he is a Lancer.

    The performance of his Saint Graph has increased when compared to his time as a Lancer but, on the other hand, the degree of difficulty of his summoning also went up.
    No matter how excellent is the competency of the summoner, this Saint Graph will not be established unless specific conditions are met and it may even vanish like mist.

    According to anecdotes, Diarmuid would supposedly carry the magic sword Moralltach and the magic spear Gae Dearg when heading out to adventures that he truly had to bet his life on, and would bear the magic sword Beagalltach and the magic spear Gae Buidhe whenever he judged there would be little danger.

    ―――at the moment of his death, Diarmuid was carrying the latter set of equipments.

    If he were to be carrying the former set when entering that mountain, maybe the magic boar would have been defeated and the strongest knight of the Knights of Fianna would have lived a long life.

    Height/Weight: 184cm・85kg
    Source: Celtic Mythology; Knights of Fianna
    Region: Ireland
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Male
    The skill "Beauty Spot of Love" is fundamentally not employed in this Saint Graph. It was put under control.

    Prana Burst (Jump): A
    Having been raised by the gods, Diarmuid acquired superhuman jumping power.
    Upon manifesting as a Saber, he is endowed with this skill in exchange for his AGI parameter declining when compared to his time as a Lancer.
    By emitting magical power, he improves his mobility and raises overall attack power.

    Honor of the Knights of Fianna: B
    Diarmuid's exceptional resolve.
    The mentality of a chief-knight given shape.


    Moralltach - Large Waves of Indignation
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    If one were to point out the most powerful among the many armaments that Diarmuid Ua Duibhne employs, it could be no other than this fearsome magic sword.
    One-hit kill; securing victory on the first strike.
    The unsheathed magic sword bestows Diarmuid with certain victory and brings about defeat and death to his opponent.

    The magic sword Moralltach, which appears to manipulate even fate, was bestowed by the Celtic god of seas and the otherworld, Manannan. This Manannan was the divinity that bestowed the Noble Phantasm Fragarach (and others) to the Sun God Lugh, and was an existence that possessed, donated many Noble Phantasm.

    Once the True Name is released, a diving attack that capitalizes on a super-jump that surpasses human intellect (which became apparent by manifesting in the Saber Class) is executed. At this time, Moralltach turn into three blades - in a likeness to the "feet of the god Manannan" spoken in legengs - and cut the enemy to pieces.


    An existence in which several Heroic Spirits (Divine Spirits) fused while having a certain individual connected to the Holy Grail at its core.
    The details behind its establishment is regarded as identical to that of Pseudo-Servants such as Zhuge Liang, but its properties when materialized is of the same nature as High-Servants that are a fusion of multiple heroes and Alteregoes that are extractions of strong egos.

    The individual who became the yorishiro is not a human magus, but the most advanced, final homunculus produced by the Einzbern. Possessing a large-scale Command Spell that covers her entire body, the precision of her magecraft is first-class and she supposedly had the best performance as a Master. Also, she concealed within herself the functions of a Lesser Grail.

    The True Name registered for this Saint Graph is Shitonai.
    Apparently this is because, among the three Heroic Spirits (Divine Spirits) that gathered inside the yorishiro, Shitonai is the one who became most strongly visible on the surface.

    A young girl who can show a pure smile.
    However, she also conceals bottomless cruelty.

    As far as personality goes, she is closer to that of the homunculus that became her base.
    The courage to demonstrate a fighting figure that seems inappropriate for someone of her age derives from the Ainu girl-hero Shitonai, the sympathy and feelings of pity towards someone who ended up learning deep affection is from the goddess Freyja, while the mentality to brutally slaughter her opponents comes from the witch Louhi... or so one can also apply the personailty aspects of a blended existence such as an Alterego, but as of now her overall personality is that of "the girl who became a yorishiro".

    Height/Weight: 133cm・34kg
    Source: Ainu Mythology, Norse Mythology, Finnish Mythology, etc.
    Region: -
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    It seems that she finds difficult to deal with cats.

    Snow Fairy: EX
    An evolution of the skill "Infant of Nature".
    Once she comes to a clean decision to see him as a target of attack, she will freeze over even someone beloved to her. An ability to arbitrarily freeze the target surroundings.

    Freezing of Emotions: B
    Emotional Moratorium. Apathetic.
    Despite being a young girl who smiles innocently, she can behave as a cruel monster from time to times. Such thought pattern, mentality of hers has been turned into a weapon.
    At times, a heart of ice can become a sword and even an armor.

    Kamuy Yukar: A
    A divine poem recited in the first person while referring to oneself as a Kamuy.
    As an Alterego, she can borrow the powers of various kamuy from Ainu Mythology by speaking its Kamuy Yukar.
    It is possible to even employ powers associated with​ Pase Kamuy - the superior Kamuy of mountains, villages and the sea.

    Red Gold: B++
    A skill associated with the Norse goddess Freyja.
    Freyja charmed not only many gods, but even enemy giants. Still, she loved only one person. It has been said that she would cry tears of red gold whenever she was worried about him, who lived constantly on the road.
    It is fundamentally not employed in this work.


    Optateshke Okimunpe - Roar My Friend, My Power
    Type: Spirit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The hunting dog that the Ainu girl-hero Shitonai had as a comrade in arms - turned into a familiar of sorts.
    After being strengthened in many ways by the magecraft of the Age of Gods cast by Freyja and Louhi, its figure started to resemble that of a bear instead of a hunting dog and its way of being became closer to that of a spirit.
    'A ferocious big frame is appropriate for the familiar of a goddess', 'it is unsuitable for its attribute to be that of a magic beast or mythical beast'... it seems that the result of Freyja accepting such advocacies from Louhi was the transformation into a bear by a majority vote of two against three.

    A constantly active-type of Noble Phantasm.
    Upon release of True Name, an avalance-like chain attack - composed by "a charge from the hunting dog (bear)", "a bow shot that carries magical energy of ice" and "a slash from Shitonai" - is performed.

    Shuten Douji (Caster)
    Shuten Douji (Caster)

    It is uncertain if THAT existed during the Heian era.
    It is also hard to know if is something transmitted among the oni that live in the cracks of the modern 21th Century.
    Even still, she recites.
    The legend of the Oni of Dharmapala.

    Just like the heroes that save the world of men become Heroic Spirits, that which saves the world of oni becomes a Dharmapala.
    To admonish, chastise and kill the oni――― those who manage to save all oni by those means are the Oni of Dharmapala.

    "And well, it is such a dream-like story, so why not just leave it at that?"

    At first, she merely intended for this to be a disguise・costume, but it seems that her Saint Graph itself ended up changing (albeith temporarily) ever since she started to travel together with "Haku", a small magic beast that she captured in the outskirts of Chitose.
    Although that way of being is almost like that of a superhero, one must not get it wrong.
    This is merely her playing the part of something that "admonishes, chastises and kills the oni".

    Deep inside, she is completely the same as her usual self, but―――
    She appears to be taking care so not to break the image of a "Dharmapala Girl" that Ibaraki Douji dreams about... or so it seems...?

    "Hey, this is almost like kagura dance and unexpectedly fun."
    Maybe it would be better to say that she keeps on doing it because it makes her feel pleasant in such a manner.
    At any rate, it seems that she intends to spend her time in this outfit until she grows tired of it.

    In addition, the true identity of her familiar "Haku" was that of an evil dragon generated from the "Gold of Kamuy"....
    The current "Haku" is a familiar shaped exactly like the old Haku that Shuten put together from a portion of her own magical energy.
    Although Shuten says that "Haku doesn't talk, see?", there may have been testimonies of it speaking something when nobody was around.

    Height/Weight: 145cm・46kg
    Source: Otogizoushi, etc.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    A figure Shuten Douji takes upon changing her Saint Graph. Although she is not actually trying to conceal this, curiously not many people realize that this is "Shuten Douji".

    Gohou no Oni・Shin Nigi Satsu(1): A+
    During her Class Change, her Noble Phantams that pulled out the target's bones (Bone Collector - Hyakka Ryouran・Waga Aishou(2)) was converted into this skill.
    A fearsome special move in which she shoves her hand inside the body of a target that failed a save check and mercilessly crushes his important organs starting from the heart.
    The ability of a Dharmapala Girl that was conferred for the sake of commanding the oni... or so she professes to be, "but wouldn't most living things become silent if their hearts are crushed?" When a Chaldea staff asked her this suspiciously, Shuten Douji supposedly smiled pleasantly without answering anything.

    Gohou no Oni・Ousatsubou(3): A+
    Break Rod.
    "You know, when we see princesses in that box called TV, they are always carrying some sort of queer, sparkling stick. I want one of those too."
    "Leave it to me"
    Supposedly, she once had such a conversation with her familiar Haku.


    Gohou Shoujo・Kuzuryuu Ousatsu
    Rank: C++
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 0~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A phantasmagoric battering unleashed by combining the tenacious physique and athletic performance of a oni kind, inborn flexibility and brutality.
    In concrete terms, punching and kicking by means of high-speed movement that some may mistake for teleportation.
    Although its range is short, evasion is pretty much impossible. A bashing that can break through even the protection of divinity.
    After some hard beating, she launches the same poisoned alcohol​ employed in the Noble Phantasm "Senshibankou・Shinpenkidoku(5)"――― but as far as Shuten is concerned, that is merely an "extra", something to "brighten things up" and the core of this attack is still the battering.

    (1) roughly, "oni of dharmapala, heart-grasping murder"

    (2) roughly, "many flowers blooming in profusion, my petname"

    (3) roughly, "oni of dharmapala, bashing stick"

    (4) roughly, "dharmapala girl, nine-headed dragon extermination"

    (5) roughly, "multitude of colours​, oni poison of divine excreta"

    Xiang Yu
    Xiang Yu

    Family name Xiang, given name Ji, courtesy name Yu.
    In the Pan-Human History, he was a hegemon who destroyed the Qin dynasty and vied for the supremacy over the next era with Liu Bang.
    Despite boasting peerless deeds of arms​, he was ridiculed as a man of "rash courage, and the benevolence of a woman" due performing several acts of inhuman atrocity and leading his own camp to self-destruction by means of inconsistent policies.
    Supposedly, he never attempted to master any academia or proper martial arts in his youth, learning only the gist of art fo war, and later distinguished himself by means of resourcefulness alone.

    In the Lostbelt, the military might of this hegemon is no longer in the realm of men, and his dash is no different from a storm that engulfs a large army.
    Truly, a hegemon of wastelands that surpasses human understanding・morality.
    Actually, the truth is―――

    Xiang Yu was handed down as a rare genius, and yet foolish hegemon by the people. To begin with, his true identity was not something that could be understood by them.

    An artificial human designed based on the remains of Crown Prince Nezha, which were recovered by Qin Shi Huang during his pursuit for the Xianshu(1). He would later be seized by Xiang Liang, who pretended that he was his nephew by the name "Xiang Li".
    A mechanical intelligence that, after Xiang Liang's death, continued to operate for the sake of the sense of purpose that was programmed into him from the very beginning―― namely, the early realization of a "peaceful world". However, his methodology completely deviated from human ethics.

    In order to urge the sudden rise to power of the next ruler of the world, he performed invasions and slaughters with the intention of making the tactical map of China into something "smaller and more simplified". From the point of view of humans, his futile tyranny were nothing but the deeds of a demon lord.
    However, as a result, the chaotic age following the end of Qin that was the Chu–Han Contention lasted a mere 4 years, and Liu Bang (who was nothing but a single, local Youxia) publicly became the founder of the Han dynasty.

    In the Lostbelt where Qin Shi Huang did not met his demise, he was properly put into pratical use by Qin Shi Huang under the codename "Kuaiji Type-O" and assisted in the world conquest by Qin.
    The future prediction derived from a high-speed calculations ability was a feture that made Kuaiji Type-O into an invincible weapon in the battlefield.
    He became the originator and flag-bearer​ of Qin's mechanical army corps, eventually fulfilling the dearest wish of a Perpetual Qin Empire.

    Because of a peculiar perception of time caused by his future prediction, Xiang Yu's thought processes turned into something disparate, completely different from that of ordinary people. Usually he remains still like a large tree, but depending on whether or not his future sight perceives "signs of chaos", Xiang Yu will eliminate the target with the harshness of a gale.
    The grounds of his arguments are something that simply cannot be understood by ordinary people who are unable to perceive the future, and thus Servant Xiang Yu was classified into the Berserker Class.

    In the unique environment of Chaldea, where not only the fates of several Heroic Spirits intersect but also have contact with many Singularities, the conditions for a drastic inhibition of Xiang Yu's future prediction abilities have been met. Here he finally acquired the point of view that comes from "living in the present without being tied to the future", the distinctive emotions of life (such as surprise and delight) and the opportunity to experience something new.

    Height/Weight: 310cm・480kg
    Source: Historical fact and Lostbelt
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Male
    Because his connection with the Master originated from the Chinese Lostbelt, he was summoned in a figure that is different from the "human-shaped Xiang Yu" known in the Pan-Human History.
    The centaur-type tactical frame is an "armament" that gathered the best of Xianshu cybernetics from the Perpetual Qin Empire.


    Li Bashan Xi Qi Gaishi
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    The embodiment of Xiang Yu's military might, who boasted foremost fame in Chinese history - to the point of becoming a Chinese idiom. Should he be summoned in his human-type frame, this would be activated as an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm. However, the grotesque figure of the centaur-type frame he was bestowed with in the Lostbelt ended up magnifying an individual's military might to the level of a weapon of mass-slaughter.

    (1) roughly, "immortality techniques"

    (2) roughly, "my might moved mountains; my drive covered the world"

    Gao Changgong
    Prince Lanling

    A military commander who served Northern Qi during the age of the Northern and Southern dynasties of China.
    Known for his handsome looks and gallantness, he was praised as Qi's War God.
    Supposedly, he shared all that he was given with his subordinates - even if it was just one fruit.
    After death, he was honored with the posthumous title of Prince of Lanling.

    Although he chose to use a mask over his handsome face when fighting, two reasons are given for why he had to hide it.
    One was because he feared that his soldiers' morale would drop due paying too much attention to his face.
    The other was because he feared being held in contempt by the enemy.
    At any rate, the fame of his handsome face spread all over the world and gave birth to several legends.

    Prince Lanling was born as the forth son Gao Cheng (Emperor Wenxiang), a member of the royalty.
    While his mother was a handmaid by the name of Xun, there supposedly was a prophecy that she would surely be blessed with a beautiful son in the future.
    The one who she gave birth was Gao Changgong... that is, Prince Lanling.

    Height/Weight: 172cm・55kg
    Source: History of the Northern Dynasties, Book of Northern Qi
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    Despite being a Saber, he was summoned along with a horse.

    Mask of Occulted Beauty: A
    A skill sublimated from the anecdote of using a mask to prevent the troops from being shaken by his handsome face.
    Shutout mental unrest from the surrounding people. Since it does not conceal his charisma, the morale of his troops remain high all the same.

    Visage of Bewitchment: EX
    Prince Lanling's true face, revealed by means of Ascension.
    An appearance that was extolled even in history books, he can influence his surroundings just by exposing his true face.
    It is unknown whether or not the moon is releasing beams as a form of assistance.


    Lanling Wang Ru Zhen Qu
    (1) - The Valiant Masked One, Prince Ling Possessing Both Voice and Countenance​(2)
    Rank: C+
    Type: Anti-Army (Self-Camp)
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: All within range
    A melody that was supposedly created to extol the hard fighting of the mask-wearing Prince Lanling.
    Said melody was transmitted even in Japan during the Tang dynasty in the form of gagaku.
    The song that extols his bravery and handsome looks improves the morale of his allies and makes enemies falter.
    Furthermore, Prince Lanling himself (who was said to "possess both a beautiful voice and countenance) bestows a tremendous pressure and the terror of a beauty that does not allow others to look away regardless.

    (1) roughly, "ballad of Prince Lanling's entrance in battle"

    (2) not completely sure about this part due the lack of kanji

    Qin Liangyu
    Qin Liangyu

    The official history books of China, the Twenty-Four Histories.
    In the History of Ming, a series of biographies found in one of them, Qin Liangyu is the only one who became remembered as a "female military commander".

    Originally born from a social minority, Qin Liangyu became the wife of a man called Ma Qiancheng, who governed the region of Zhong. Together with her husband, she served in the military subjugation of a certain rebellion.

    Afterwards, she succeeded her husband as a military general when he died in jail due a civil action, repelling bandits on countless occasions.
    It has been said that she and her subordinates were feared as the Bai Gan Bing (roughly, white pole troops) for the spears of Manchurian ash that they carried.

    While her personality is gentle and temperated, she also has excellent wit to flexibly cope with difficulties.
    The type of person who is trusted by both those above and below her.

    Height/Weight: 166cm・46kg
    Source: History of Ming
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    Some theories says that her height was 186cm.

    Nature of a Loyal Retainer: B
    Pledging her allegiance to the Master and also being trusted by the Master.
    In spite of having her husband imprisoned under false charges, she faithfully devoted herself to the Ming dynasty and its Emperor at the time - Chongzhen Emperor - also placed tremendous trust in her.

    White Pole Spear: B
    Originally a Noble Phantasm.
    A spear made out of Manchurian ash that she and her subordinates habitually use​d.
    While there are no anecdotes about the spear itself, it possesses an effect to instill some fear on Anti-Heroes Servants.


    Chongzhen Di Si Shige
    (1) - Poem of the Selfless and Devoted
    Type: Anti-Unit (self)
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The four pieces of Chinese poetry that Chongzhen Emperor conferred to Qin Liangyu.
    When she was summoned to the capital, Qin Liangyu believed she would have to take responsibility for failing to subjugate bandits and prepared herself for the worst after giving her private funds to her subordinates. But instead, she was presented with a reward and four poems extolling her that the Emperor himself had composed.

    (1) roughly, "four poems from Chongzhen Emperor"

    Qin Shi Huang
    Qin Shi Huang

    Ying Zheng, also known as Qin Shi Huang.
    The man who united the Chinese continent on 221 BC and became the first to call himself "Emperor".
    This true body is the form that Qin Shi Huang took in the Chinese Lostbelt.
    The final conclusion achieved by the Zhenren that attempted to improve the limit of his life span as a life-form through the pursuit of Xiandao, even while he employed the tremendous political influence derived from a centralized authoritarian regime and devoted all his energy into domestic affairs and technological development​.

    In the Lostbelt, Ying Zheng recovered the remains of an artificial human body made by the Xianren, Taiyi Zhenren, from an archeological site​ of the Shang dynasty and obtained the technology to mechanize the human body by analysing it.
    Thus, Qin Shi Huang achieved his dearest wish of immortality, but as a result of avoiding an age of warfare by means of an impregnable regime, China outstripped Western Renaissance and accomplished an industrial revolution. World conquest was then realized by means of an overwhelming technological gap.

    As a result of continuing to expand the Mechanical Holy Corpse while seeking to improve his abilities in order to be worthy of ruling over the entire world, Qin Shi Huang's body swallowed his castle Epang until it reached the point that its large frame had to be kept floating in the skies of Xianyang by means of anti-gravity.
    That imposing appearance​ - which allowed the populace of his entire territory to have an audience with the Emperor, regardless of time - is truly fitting for a personifier of surveillance and control. By means of a god-like processing power, the Emperor saw through the lives of all his subjects and sanctioned their fates.

    The internal structure of the Mechanical Holy Corpse was not that of a human body, but something patterned after the natural environment itself. It was similar to an artificial garden, with rivers of mercury running accross miniature mountains and trees. By turning his own body into a microcosmos, the Epang-type Qin Shi Huang was powered by means of the principle of correspondence with the movements of the actual natural world from feng shui magecraft.

    Afterwards, Qin Shi Huang had the chance to analyse a sample from a living Xiannu and also became capable of implementing the shijiexian method to maintain a human form. However, the functions befitting a statesman that governed the world was found in his form as mega arithmetic unit​ instead.
    The reason why he went as far as perfecting a human body and once again clad himself on it was just to achieve an acceptable outcome in an once in a lifetime decisive battle.

    Cultivated as the crystalization of Cyber Xianshu that evolved to the limits, the body of "Zhenren, Qin Shi Huang" can be regarded as a super life-form that is furnished with the ultimate symmetry and abilities that a human body can attain.
    The sole absolute, eternally indestructible. Since there is not even the need to reproduce, he has also transcended the concept of gender.
    The figure of an artificial Xianren, which can be regarded as the final destination of the Perpetual Qin Empire's technology that he fostered for over 2000 years.

    Height/Weight: 180cm・65kg
    Source: Historical fact and Lostbelt
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: We(1)
    It goes without saying, but these are the measures of the Zhenren Frame.


    The Domination Beginning - The First Emperor
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 10~999
    Maximum Targets: people
    The embodiment of the national prestige of the centralized authoritarian regime that Qin Shi Huang imposed widely.
    The shape of laws and politics in which the Emperor, as the sole Zhenren, safeguards the people while making their services into his cornerstone. This is a Noble Phantasm that coerces the world itself as curse-like binding force.
    However, because the target range is limited to the scope of what Qin Shi Huang himself perceives to be his territory and populace, this does not strictly fit into the Anti-World category.

    (1) as in the "royal we"

    Yu Meiren
    Yu Meiren

    Nobody forgave her.
    They feared, rejected and persecuted her.

    Nobody attempted to understand even the truth behind the one man she loved.

    Thus, she curses the world of men.
    The song of hatred colors the night wind.

    The mysterious favourite mistress of Xiang Yu, who is fragmentarily spoken about in the Shiji and the Book of Han.
    According to folklore, she killed herself after Xiang Yu's death and that anecdote is what lead the Red poppy flower to receive the alias of Yu Meiren.

    An incarnated spirit and a blood-sucking species that obtains nourishment by means of energy drain. Not a kind of magical beast・mythical beast, but a terminal originated from the Earth's inner sea(1) for the sake of supervising the surface... a spirit.
    Somewhat close to the "True Ancestor" category found in the magic world, but while the process behind their origins are similar, they are different kinds of blood-sucking species with distinct objectives as life-forms.

    A kind of Xiannu, Zhenren that is spoken about in ancient Chinese traditions. Since she only obtained intellect and self-consciousness​ much later, she herself does not know what her origins are.

    While she loathes human civilization, she does not shows disgust for humans as a life-form.
    If pressed to say, she possesses a peculiar sense of ethics that may be called "Primitive Fundamentalism" that totally approves the providence of a strong life-form feeding on weaker life-forms to flourish.
    However, she exposes her anger towards the use of scientific technique​ that upset the order of the natural world and monotheistic values such as "God expected so from humans".

    Height/Weight: 160cm・49kg
    Source: Shiji, Book of Han
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    Her measurement change slightly whenever she employs the Noble Phantasm. It seems that she has little intention of seriously reproducing her body.

    Incarnated Spirit: A
    Due being a spiritual species that can share mana with the natural world, she does not store magical energy within herself, but instead can draw an inexhaustible supply from the outside world. However, since she is bound to a "human" form, even if the supply is infinite, there is a limit to her output. The amount of magical energy that she can actually employ is confined to the domains of human-shaped Heroic Spirit.

    Nymph of the Pure Land: A
    A Xianren, immortal spoken about in Taoist ideology. Because interference from the natural world is required for the maintenance of her body, one could also say that she is bound to a human form as a result.

    Blood-Sucking: C
    She can strip a certain amount of energy from any life-form, regardless of it being a plant or animal, and use it for herself. Strictly speaking, this is different from actual blood-sucking behaviour, but she was perceived as a blood-sucking species due this ability and persecuted by the agents of the Church throughout history.


    Eternal Lament
    - Lamentation of the Blood-Cursed Shijie
    Rank: C+
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    A drastic move in which she makes magical energy that surpasses her limits go on a rampage by tearing up her own body, induces an abnormal weather​ by means of a hex and reconstructs her body anew afterwards. For a spiritual species that shares her spiritual core with the environment, this could be described as a suicide bomb attack​.

    (1) for those unfamiliar, this is one of the terms that the reverse side of the world (fairylands such Avalon and the sorts) are sometimes referred to in the Nasuverse.

    Red Hare
    Red Hare

    The "Flying General" Lu Bu, whose conspicuous service​s are spoken about in history books and tales such as the Records of the Three Kingdoms.
    Boasting peerless military prowess, this legendary general that continued to fight until he perished was said to have galloped across the battlefield together with his favourite horse, Red Hare.

    "And by becoming one with his favourite horse, Noble Phantasm Red Hare, Lu Bu has achieved true unity between rider and horse!
    Surpassing even the centaurs spoken about in Ancient Greek Mythology, he manifested as the strongest horseman that has completely fused together man, horse, armor and weaponry" In other words, I am Lu Bu. Neigh!

    That passionate speech leaves no margin for doubts.

    He is brazenly disclosing the True Name of "Red Hare".
    That fact makes him hold his tongue.

    Height/Weight: 250cm・400kg
    Source: Historical fact, Romance of the Three Kingdoms​, etc.
    Region: China
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    His favorite dish are carrots.
    Still, this horse has such a nice voice.

    Riding: EX
    All mounts can be managed. However, having achieved a condition of unity between rider and horse(?) from the moment he manifested as a Rider, he has no need for other mounts.

    Long Distance Dash (Horse): EX
    An inexhaustible stamina that makes long time・long distance travel possible.​
    Furthermore, it also displays effects such as a temporary sudden rise of the AGI parameter and an improvement of the STR and END parameters during a full dash.

    Aggregate Martial Arts (Horse): A
    By means of cultivated combat techniques that cover a lot of ground, it is possible to cope with all kinds of combat conditions.
    Even uncommon battles (such as midair and underwater combat) or unknown・unfamiliar circumstances are promptly dealt with by making use of the cultivated techniques and experience.

    Combat Maneuvers (Horse): B
    He is well-versed in mounted combat.
    Bonus modifiers are applied to attack checks and damage while mounted. While there is a demerit of decreasing fighting power whenever he is not mounted, he does not receive it due being in a constant state of unity between rider and horse(?).


    Immitation God Force - Fake War God's Five Soldiers
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
    Range: 1~40
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    He does not possess the Noble Phantasm that Lu Bu has as a Heroic Spirit - God Force, the so called Fangtian Huaji.
    What he releases as his Noble Phantasm is a great gunshot that is quite mindful of "God Force"... in its shooting mode.
    That being said, it is not like he is releasing a high-caliber light of magical energy, but rather is shooting a "large spear" as an arrow from a strong bow.

    This may be just him deciding that "It might be easier if I just fire a spear" as a result from seeking a big arrow that had enough of a punch.


    One of the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne.
    An innocent girl-knight. The knight of white feathers.
    A princess born from Duke Aymon of the Clermont House and Aya, the younger sister of the king. Her older brother was the swordsman Rinaldo, who possessed the magic sword Frusberta and was also a member of the Twelve Peers.
    Just like her brother, she was known as a master swordswoman.
    It has been said that when the Charlemagne army fell into a predicament during the battle against King Agramante, she took care of the rear guard and had a splendid duel with the enemy general Rodomonte, the king of Argelia.

    At the of many adventures, Bradamante fell in love with the knight Rogero, a commander of an enemy nation, and fought against many hardships in order to fulfill that love.
    When an evil magus kidnapped him; when a witch had taken him prisoner; when a prince of Greece had proposed to her - Bradamante kept fighting without ever giving up.

    A knight who does not give up. Strong in both body and heart.
    If it is for the sake of fulfilling her love, she will fight against anything, no matter how many times.
    She does not approve of accepting misfortune as misfortune.
    A sincere girl-knight who believes in justice and endeavours to do good even when in a predicament.

    She hates the magi due having a bad experience with one of them in her previous life.
    However, Merlin is an exception.
    As a matter of fact, she actually has a connection with the great wizard Merlin, having received his advices during the adventures in her previous life via a medium. For Bradamante, Merlin is a target of worship.

    For the Bradamante that manifested as a Servant, Rogero is the very identity of "a Heroic Spirit who continues to chase after a radiance".
    So long she is the "tale" of Bradamante, she will continue to seek, long for the "hope" called Rogero.
    In other words, she as a Heroic Spirit has been defined as "the tale of an eternal quest"...
    ―――unlike how it was in her previous life, she will never meet a happy ending.

    "Of course, I am a little sad!
    But I am a holy knight before all that, so I shall work hard to retrieve the world!
    "That is what's good about you. So I address directly into your heart."
    "Master Merlin!"

    Height/Weight: 170cm・55kg
    Source: Carolingian cycle
    Region: France
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    She is a descendant of the legendary hero Hector. The knight Rogero is also one of Hector's descendants.


    Bouclier de Atlante - The Dazzling Magic Shield of Flash
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~30
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    A magic shield once possessed by the evil magus Atlante, who had kidnapped her beloved Rogero.
    By releasing the True Name, the shield emits an intense light of magical energy that forces a stun save upon the targets while also applying damage. Even if they are not stunned, their AGI parameter decreases considerably due becoming blind.

    Still, originally she would not strike with her shield. Maybe she got too much excited when manifesting in this world, but it is believed that she is rushing to strike the enemy almost involuntarily.
    It has been said that, upon defeating Atlante, Bradamante acquired the shield that he carried and hippogriff, the mythic beast that he rode (should her be summoned in the Rider Class, the hippogriff will come along for sure).

    Angelica Cathay - The Fair Ring of the Beautiful Princess
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-World
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 30 people
    A magic ring once possessed Angelica, the beautiful princess of a foreign country that the Twelve Peers Roland and her brother Rinaldo supposedly fell in love with.
    Bradamante ended up taking possession of this ring due a hapless fate​ and employed its powers when rescuing her beloved Rogero from the evil magus Atlante.

    The effect of this Noble Phantasm is the reason why her Magic Resistance raised from a mere C Rank to A Rank, and why she was bestowed with the skill Magecraft Cancellation.
    If the True Name is released, the defensive power of the entire ally camp towards magecraft flips up, but this is fundamentally not done at this work. Originally, it is also furnished with the power to "conceal one's figure", but that is fundamentally not employed as well.
    At the time of this manifestation, it seems that she is charging the magical energy of this ring into the spear on her right hand and raising her fighting power against magical existences.

    Quetzalcoatl (Santa/Samba)
    Quetzalcoatl (Santa/Samba)

    And thus, she achieved a transformation into an extremely curious samba-like Santa.
    "Oh, it seems that I made a mistake somehow..."
    But now that things came to this, it cannot be helped.
    "In a sense, aren't they are both the same in regards to how they brings smiles to people?"
    Pulling herself together with her inherent positiveness in this way, she stood up as 'a goddess that gives happiness to her beloved humans' just like that.
    Going full power in regards to samba, and also distributing presents.
    Naturally, her lucha libre is also at full power!

    Dance, Quetzalcoatl. For the sake of people's smiles.
    Fight, Quetzalcoatl. For the sake of people's peace.

    "This year's Santa will be you."
    Quetzalcoatl was thus selected by last year's Santa, Altera the San(ta), in this manner.
    She happily accepted the Christmas Holy Grail that was trivially handed over to her, but then three issues occurred.

    First, Quetzalcoatl mistook Santa for samba.
    Second, due being a bad fit between the concepts of chief god of South America and the other religious system (Santa Claus), she was split between "the Quetzalcoatl as a virtuous god" and "the Quetzalcoatl as a war god".
    Third, thanks to the shock of that spit, the evil Quetzalcoatl (Black Quetzalcoatl) was sent flying all the way to Mexico together with the Christmas Holy Grail.

    At first she endeavoured in the Santa Claus enterprise while thinking that "there is no need to worry", but of course that was not the case.
    Before long, Quetzalcoatl heard the report that Mexico had turned into a Singularity. What she saw upon flying all the way there was the sight of a snow-covered Mexican city and an enigmatic lucha libre that declared to bestow the true power of a Santa to the winning team.
    The hosting of a "Santa Tag Tournament"―――

    Her personality remains mostly unchanged from the usual Quetzalcoatl.
    However, whenever a problem happens, she basically attemps to solve it with either the rhythm​ of samba or the deeds of a Santa Claus. This is a rare chance, after all.
    ―――if that does not work?

    Naturally, she will resort to lucha.

    Height/Weight: 181cm・64kg
    Source: Aztec Mythology
    Region: Central America
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    "My parameters were optimized for the sake of present distribution and samba!"

    Sambista: B
    One who loves samba.
    Despite the fact that her samba life began with a misunderstanding, as result of her studies while thinking "if I am going to do this, I have to be serious about it", her human-loving self ended up receiving a deep impression that "samba is actually something very good...!"
    Thus, she currently loves samba as a wonderful piece of culture that the human species produced during their process of growth.

    The problem is, due the absence of someone who properly knew samba around her, there is a possibility that the style that she obtained at the end of her serious training is something slightly off from conventional samba... but she herself does not mind this much.

    Christmas Maneuvers: EX
    Quetzalcoatl's soul is that of a luchadora.
    However, now her soul is also that of a Santa.
    What she developed to resolve that contradiction in her way of being was "a method to fight in a lucha ring while maintaining the moves of a Santa Claus".
    In other words, these are not aerial maneuvers, but "Christmas Maneuvers".
    What she employs is a combat methodology for bustling about​ not on the air, but on the concept of Christmas itself.

    When Santa Claus dances midair, a holy bell is said to resound in the jungle called mat to the count of three.


    Yucatan Regalo de Navidad - O Love, Reach the Children in the Holy Night
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 50
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    "What is that?"
    "A star!"
    "A colony!"
    "No, it's a Christmas present!"
    A full power present-giving move from Quetzalcoatl, who have turned into a Santa Claus.
    Regalo de Navidad is Spanish for "Christmas present".
    Also knows as the Yucatan-style present slam.

    Maybe due the fact that she was overflowing with a sense of freedom derived from the rhythm​ of samba upon releasing it, but what falls down are mostly giant presents of outrageous sizes.
    Its impact is a close resemblance to that of the giant meteorite that supposedly fell in the Yucatan peninsula―――which is regarded as the roots of her divinity.
    Of course, her present does not pack something that eradicated the dinosaurs, but something that makes children overjoy.
    Since the children who watch this become overjoyed even if the ring is filled with villains (rudos), in the end, this Noble Phantasm exists only for the sake of making children smile.


    A girl-swordsman bestowed with the name of a famous Japanese folklore - the "Shitakiri Suzume" - and a diligent young hostess who is in charge of the Enma-tei hotel.
    Also, a gallant waiter that services people with whole-hearted devotion, rebuking slothful fellows and cheering on honest individuals.
    Her iaijutsu cuts off a layer of the opponent's thin skin and even severs the tongue that go into a wickedness, or something...?

    "I won't take your life. However, I cannot forgive that double-talk of yours."

    The "creature of the mountains that help humans" turned into a folklore. Its archetype can be found even in the Uji Shuui Monogatari, a collection of tales from the Kamakura period.
    Originally, she is not a summonable Heroic Spirit, but became a Servant as "a representative that accepts the wishes of children".

    Her personality is active and introverted.
    While her appearance is adorable, her disposition is closer to a swordsman, a government official than that of a young girl. Prudent and overly serious; thus she is always earnest in her treatment of others (no matter who it may be), without ever depreciating herself.
    Although she does not have the personality to live in accordance to her own convenience like Tamamo-no-Mae or Kiyohime, it is not like she hates freewheeling individuals, nor she rejects them.
    While her temperament is that of a judge who is cool and impartial to the bitter end, she is actually a devoted sparrow who accepts any received favors as treasures and remembers them fondly.

    A jailer (oni) who manages the "Enma-tei".
    The foster daughter of Great King Enma, Datsueba. In her previous life, she supposedly was a kamuro(1) that lost herself in the mountains and died.
    Under the instructions of Great King Enma, she worked as the manager of a mayoiga(2) on the surface and weighted the sins of the people who appeared there. However, she began missing human society for no good reason and ended up being caught by an old hag.
    After being saved by an old man, she adopted a policy of supporting "virtuous humans" and changed into her current Shitakiri Suzume figure.

    Furthermore, in response to requests from the Heroic Spirits, she began to periodically open a culinary classroom in the Throne of Heroes.
    This petite culinary teacher is a merciless instructor. Uzume is an alumni from Benienma's classroom.
    Most of the Japanese youkai-type female Servants grew up while receiving Benienma's instructions. Because of that, regardless of whatever backbone they display in legends・mythologies, Servants such as Tamamo-no-Mae, Kiyohime, Osakabe-hime, Takiyasha-hime and Suzuka Gozen (who were never able to cook properly) refer Benienma to "Beni-sensei" in adoration and fear.

    Source: Japanese Folklore, Uji Shuui Monogatari, etc.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    Originally, her LCK parameter would be C Rank. However, given how she met with the old man in midst of misfortune, it will definetely turn out as a plus even after making some allowances - or so she herself belives.

    Eye of the Mind (False): A
    An inborn talent for the premonition of danger, also called sixth-sense, foreboding.
    Despite feeling some degree of connection with a certain swordsman that has this exact same technique/ability, she purposely avoids mentioning him and will cut down that fraudulent samurai as soon as they meet - Benienma holds such feelings in her heart.

    Ventriloquism: EX
    The fruits of her training to become able to have a conversation even after having her tongue cut. It negates any "Skill Seal" placed on herself.

    Basket of the Star (Big): EX
    Enjaku sewing techniques, the first secret technique. The tsuzura of retribution.
    She takes out two dice-sized wicker baskets from the sage's robes (straw raincoat) and opens them.
    The opened wicker baskets materialized as a one big basket of roughly 1 meter of diameter, and one small basket of roughly 30 centimeters of diameter.
    The tsuzura of retribution brings about bad luck... many negative effects for the enemy party, but also recovers their HP a little.
    No matter what sort of fate she may force upon the opponent, she does not lose sight of its essence as a gift. Such is Benienma.

    Basket of the Star (Small): EX
    Enjaku sewing techniques, the second secret technique. The tsuzura of gratitute.
    The blessings of a sparrow bestowed to the honest old man.
    It brings about many good luck effects and even recovers HP. What the heck, that's scary.
    Also, for some reason the enemy's HP also recovers by a small amount.
    Putting aside what sort of advantageous development she may invite to her own forces, she arranges the proper appearances of a gift. Such is Benienma.


    Jyuuou Hanketsu・Tsuzura no Michiyuki
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Enjaku sewing (battou) techniques, the third secret technique.
    She summons and opens a wicker basket that invites calamity.
    The hyakki yakou that appears from inside of it (their true identity being many sparrows) will throw the enemy into chaos and seal him into the basket.
    Afterwards, the enemy that has been brought along with the entire basket to the sparrows' dwelling will receive Benienma's sword of judgement before a dinner party of sparrows, who play the role of the ten kings of hell (the ten kings that arbitrate over dead souls. Great King Enma counts among them).
    It possesses special efficacy against those of "Evil" or "Chaotic" alignment.

    (1) an apprentice oiran.

    (2) a sort of haunted house from Japanese folklore. There are many variations of its tale, but is basically a mysterious mansion that would be randomly found by those who became lost in the wilds. Those lost souls would be welcomed as guests and then tempted with all sorts of luxuries/pleasures. Should they resist those temptations, they would be rewarded with great wealth and then guided back to human society.

    (3) roughly, verdict of the ten kings, travel of wicker baskets

    Li Shuwen (Assassin)
    Li Shuwen (Assassin)

    Li Shuwen, who is summoned as a Lancer.
    And what can be summoned as a different aspect of him is this elderly Li Shuwen.
    However, his lethal fists are untarnished and the result of certain death upon fighting him remains unchanged.

    An elderly of fists, who reached the golden age of the spiritual aspect.

    Different from the young Li Shuwen, he is a calm elderly.
    While he may brandish his lethal fists at times, that is limited to the bare minimum necessary.
    That is a calm mental state to "conceal one's savage nature", which "cannot be understood while still young".
    However, once he fights an enemy, it becomes clear that the blade from his youth is still sharp as ever.

    Despite having been summoned on the Assassin Class, he does not feel a calling for killing and prefers to fight head on.

    It is not like he feels ashamed; merely a matter of it not sitting well with him.
    Should the Master fall into danger, he will perform murder without any hesitation.

    Height/Weight: 166cm・58kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: China
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Male
    His weight has somewhat decreased from that of his golden age.

    Sphere Boundary (Zenith): A-
    A technique to employ qi to perceive the conditions of the surroundings and make one's own existence vanish.
    Those who mastered this can achieve unification with the universe and even mimicry one's figure with nature.
    By growing old, this technique achieved even further evolution.
    Even in middle of combat, he can erase his figure in a blink of eyes.

    Yin Yang Intersection: B
    A switch of dispositions that humans possess.
    Even though he became inclined to the yang after growing old, he has not lost his ferocious fangs and will off-handedly slaughter the enemy upon changing to the yin.
    That callousness has yet to be lost.


    Wu Er Da - No Second Strike Needed
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Just like "Tsubame Gaeshi" and "Shen Qiang Wu Er Da", this is a proficiency that reached the point of being sublimated as a Noble Phantasm.
    One of the secret taolu classified as juezhao(1), its name is Menghu Ying Pashan(2).

    (1) 絶招; roughly "unique skill". Basically, it is a degree/merit of sorts given among Chinese martial artists when one's mastery of a given technique has reached the level of a sure-kill move.

    (2) 猛虎硬爬山; roughly "fierce tiger hard mountain climbing".

    Miyu Edelfelt
    Miyu Edelfelt

    An elementary school student who attends the primary school department of Homurabara Academy, Year 5 Class 1, together with Illya and Chloe.
    She became the second magical girl by making a contract with the Kaleid Stick Magical Saphire. Quite tragically.
    She has no relatives for some reason and ended up being taken in by Luvia, given the name Edelfelt and made to live as a maid.

    In contrast to possessing university-level of knowledge about physics and mathematics, her capacity to communicate with others is below that of a kindergartener​.
    The first friend that she ever made was Illya.
    Despite feeling bewildered for how their sense of distance suddenly became zero (maybe due Miyu being unable to differentiate between feelings of friendship and love) Illya returns that deep affection.
    Within those repeating ordinary and extraordinary days, the two became peerless friends.

    Incidentally, Chloe is something like a rival that she competes with over Illya.

    By looking at her conduct, one can perceive a deep intellect from that contrasts with her age. However, on the other hand, she is extremely ignorant about the common sense of society.
    She has almost no first-hand experience when compared to her amount of knowledge, making almost seem like she was raised in an environment isolated from earthly affairs.

    This girl never speaks of her past.
    Still, those eyes (which kind of resemble someone's) project a loneliness, deep sadness―――
    and the vestiges of some sort of divinity.

    Her true identity is that of a page(1) of god that came from a different parallel world than Illya.

    A baby girl from the Sakatsuki House, an old family that lived in the land of Fuyuki ever since the Tenshou era, she was born with a disposition to indiscriminately fulfill people's wishes.
    Regarded as a divine page, until that disposition was lost at the age of seven, she would have to be raised within within a bounded-field so not to come in contact with anyone.

    Without a single exception, the successive generations of the Sakatsuki abandoned all selfish desires and continued to purely wish for the happiness of their children.
    To maintain a way of being that is quite natural as a human, as a parent, for over 500 years - that in itself was a miracle that surpassed even the divine page.

    Just before Miyu - that generation's divine page - turned seven years old, the Sakatsuki collapsed after being dragged into the unidentified "encroachment​ incident" that occured in Fuyuki.
    Left alone in a mountain of debris, Miyu would be put under the custody of Kiritsugu and Shirou, who came looking for a miracle.

    She was not allowed to live as a normal girl.
    A vessel that existed solely for fulfilling people's wishes.
    Her high intellect allowed her to properly understand the meaning and significance behind this, and caused her to reach the resignation that she herself was nothing but an unnecessary personality that was attached to a tool.
    The one who saved her was Shirou, who only tried to be Miyu's older brother.

    "I hope Miyu becomes happy"

    A small prayer that a brother dedicated to his younger sister.
    As a result of that wish being realized, the two of them would be separated.

    The young girl finally learned to walk on her own legs.
    The ground touching her bare feet was cold, but―――
    Her brother's feelings cross worlds and continues to warm Miyu's chest even now.

    Height/Weight: 134cm・30kg
    Source: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya
    Region: Japan・Fuyuki
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    She prefers rationality in everything, be that everyday occurrences or combat.
    "Hello, nice to meet you; Gae Bolg".

    Amusing-type Mystic Code (little sister): A
    The little sister of a certain weird stick.
    In comparison to her older sister, who is always in high-tension, she is calm and rational. Still, as expected of the nature of an artificial air-head spirit, the troublesomeness to push around her master and cause comical situations is not all that different.

    Furthermore, for some reason, there is a tendency for her contractor's costumes to have a grater degree of exposure when compared to her sister's.


    Wish Upon a Star - Shine on the Starry Sky, O New Moon
    (2) of the Earth
    Type: Anti-Unit~Anti-World
    The disposition of a divine page to indiscriminately fulfill people's wishes is temporarily punt under control and used to realize a desire in a limited fashion.
    Because this is a Noble Phantasm established by focusing only on the Master's wish to "protect the anthropic principle", a relationship of trust is more important than anything.

    Her brother said: the small hope one carries inside is wished upon not to the moon, but the stars.
    The shining moon of the surface that bundles wishes casts its light on the distant empty sky.

    (1) for some reason, they went with the term chigo (稚児), which sorts of relates to this.

    (2) the meaning behind the Sakatsuki name. Incidentally, that name sounds similar to the Japanese world sakazuki (杯), which means chalice

    Murasaki Shikibu
    Murasaki Shikibu

    A novelist poet from the Heian period.
    The specifics of her dates of birth and death are unknown.
    She wrote many works, such as the Genji Monogatari, the Murasaki Shikibu-Shuu(1) and Murasaki Shikibu Nikki. A few dozens of her poems were adopted in the imperial-commissioned poem anthology called Goshuui Wakashuu.

    She was born as the daughter of Fujiwara Tametoki, a poet and sinologist. Given that her father's family was one of celebrated men of culture (her paternal great-grandfather, Fujiwara Kanesuke, was a man of culture who not only flourished as a poet, but also wrote works such as biography "Shoutoku Taishi Denryaku"(2) and was known by the alias "Tsutsumi Chuunagon"), it is possible to conjecture that she too was raised to be familiar with books and texts.
    In her twenties, she was married to Fujiwara Nobutaka (who was the Emon-nosuke(3) of Yamashiro) and bore him a child. Still, given that his age was considerably above hers, her husband Nobutaka died a mere three years after they married.
    After becoming a young widow, Kaoruko began writing a tale in the autumn of that same year. Namely――― the voluminous work composed of 54 chapters, "Genji Monogatari".

    An obedient, honor student-type of person.
    Prudent and with a good upbringing. A quiet person.
    She loves reading. Also likes writting poems and brilliant tales about the elegance of love.
    Quite methodical, she also writes a diary (which is relatively pragmatic).

    Her favorite stories are "Taketori Monogatari" and "Ise Monogatari".
    Supposedly, Murasaki Shikibu received influences from "Taketori Monogatari" in regards to characterization, and various influences from "Ise Monogatari" such as expressions, plot, characters and etc. It has also been said that she received several influences from Bai Juyi's Bai zhi Wenji and the "Shiji"; when Hikaru Genji seduces a woman in "Genji Monogatari", the influence of a Tang dynasty romance - "Youxianku" - could be seen in the conversation.
    As a poet, she likes the Sandaishuu: "Kokinshuu", the "Gosenshuu" and the "Shuuishuu".
    In her previous life, she was familiar with many anthologies.

    She has great interest in the tales and poetry from different ages, different regions, becoming absorbed in reading them whenever she has the chance.

    Physical publication, paper books―――
    She behaves as the curator of a "library" where many books are gathered.

    To be specific, she inconspicuously constructed a library deep underground after converting documents recorded as digital information into "paper books" by means of her magecraft (shamanism).
    She protects that dark, chilly garden of books as its sole manager, curator, mistress.
    If requested upon, it seems like she will give instructions on how to write diaries and letters.

    Just by seeing the other party once, she will be able to find a book suited for that person.
    In regards to contents, it seems that books concerning "feelings" (such as love dramas and revenge tragedies) are proportionally great. Of course, the reason behind this is because she is a Heroic Spirit that "writes about feelings".
    "I am a Heroic Spirit that writes about feelings. I write, draw up the very human heart that thinks about other people".

    Height/Weight: 163cm・51kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    She normally moves with "the calm demeanour of a library's curator". Still, she begins to loquaciously recite poems when talking about tales, books and feelings.

    Poetry of the Great Poet: A
    According to the "Nihon Choutekiji"(4), the 16th chapter of the "Taiheiki", upon being dispatched to subjugate Fujiwara Chikata (a rebel that was served by four inhuman oni), Kino Tomoo supposedly dispersed the four oni by reading a poem that went: "Be it a single grass or tree, this is the country of my great king (god) and not a den of oni".
    As a poet whose name is listed among the Chuuko Sanjuurokkasen, Nyoubou Sanjuurokkasen, Murasaki Shikibu can easily read aloud even any sort of poetry of exorcism.
    In addition, one of her poems is included in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. It goes: "meeting by chance we gaze upon it, or maybe it vanishes behind the clouds before we are aware, such is the moon of the dead of night​".

    Shamanism (Poetry); D+
    Murasaki Shikibu seems to possess some degree of understanding about onmyoudou, and one can assume that its components were incorporated into the "Genji Monogatari".
    In modern terms, she is namely the type of novelist that "studied magecraft in order to write novels where magecraft appears".


    Genji Monogatari・Aoi・Mononoke
    : C
    Type: Poetry Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    "If there is a limit, clothes of diluted color are superficial; but tears form deep pools on its sleeves".
    The poem recited simultaneously with the release of the True Name works as a form of malediction and invites the ruin of the target.
    It deals damage and a weakening effect against the target.

    A waka mentioned in the 9th book of "Genji Monogatari" - "Aoi".
    A waka of remorse recited by Genji (Hikaru Genji) after the death of his wife, Aoi no Ue, who had just gave birth to their son Yuugiri. Aoi no Ue's cause of death was the resentment of Genji's mistress​, Rokujou no Miyasundokoro. In other words, it was a type of deadly curse.
    by reciting a poem of sorrow, bound by resentment and deadly curses, Caster・Murasaki Shikibu mourns the fate of the target.

    Incidentally, the many anecdotes concerning Aoi no Ue's death became the original text for the play "Lady Aoi".

    NOTE: I am nowhere near confident that I translated the poetry sections correctly, but I had to go with something.

    (1) roughly, "Murasaki Shikibu's collection"

    (2) roughly, "Prince's Taishouku's Chronicles"

    (3) an governmental officer under the Ritsuryou system. Basically, the one in charge of public safety in an entire province.

    (4) roughly, "matter of the Japanese state's enemy"

    (5) roughly, "Tale of Genji - Aoi - vengeful ghost"


    The Alterego of craving.
    A waste matter sealed away at the depths of imaginary space.
    Just like the other Alteregos... Meltlilith, Passionlip..., she is a High Servant that was reproduced・removed(1) in the Deep Sea Virtual Town SE.RA.PH.
    A giant that grows infinitely and possess the greatest output among the Sakura Series.

    The Alteregoes are fusions of multiple goddesses, but Protea was created from the essence of the Earth Mother Goddesses commonly found in all mythologies.
    Supposedly, the Grand Mother(2) of Ancient Mesopotamia - Tiamat - is also included among those.

    One among the Sakura Five, the virtual life-forms born from the heavy weight emotions that BB found too unmanageable.
    As you can see, she possesses a huge Saint Graph and a fearsome ego that grows infinitely. Due being a hazardous material that can become a calamity of cosmic proportions if left alone, she was sealed at the bottom of the imaginary space by BB.

    The original Kingprotea was a "pure girl that starved for love", but the Kingprotea released on the Virtual Town SE.RA.PH. attained intellect while en route of growth - maybe due the influence of the one who recreated the SE.RA.PH.
    With a mental age of about 14 year old, she is the image of an introverted and ephemeral girl. However, as she is greedy towards love, this girl loves skinship and shows no hesitations in her actions despite being a late bloomer.

    Even though she does not like conflict, it is not like she "hates・is scared" of combat either. Once the battle starts, she will mercilessly exterminate the opponent no matter how weak he is (even in case of the weakest enemy). Without any pain to her heart.
    For better or for worse, Protea remains ignorant of the fact that she is a cruel god of destruction.

    Introverted and active.
    An airhead whose thoughts cannot be even guessed by others.
    A glutton character who tries to eat anything in the surroundings that she can lay her hands on due basically being always hungry (i.e. seeking love).

    While her personality is close to that of her sister, Passionlip (introverted・boastful in private but reserved when in public), she appears to be more active due a lack of shame.
    Like a large-breed dog that demands communication, skinship even though she is a taciturn.
    As far as her image goes, it is something like "First you think: 'oh there is a cute little bird over there'. But once you get closer, it turns out that little bird is so big that you have to look up at it."

    Fundamentally, she obeys you like a faithful giant robot... I mean, Servant.
    Although a taciturn, since she has urges such as "I want you to love me", "I want to be chosen by someone" and "I want to be treated kindly", she seeks communication from the Master even while silent.

    Her dream is "to become a cute bride".
    Since she does not perceives "cute" and "bride" as different words, but rather that "a bride is unconditionally cute", she is not thinking at all about being cute... in other words, "maintaining a human size".

    The Alterego of craving.
    In the Deep Sea Virtual Town, she ended up being reproduced as "something attached to the SE.RA.PH" during the process of Kiara turning into a SE.RA.PH (as "the two that had been absorbed by (synchronized with) Kiara", Meltlilith and Passionlip were removed by her own will, but Kingprotea's reproduction was not something from Kiara's design).

    Originally, she was supposed to disappear in the bubbles along with the SE.RA.PH-Kiara without meeting, being found by anyone.

    Now that she turned into a Servant, she awaits for the Master's orders... or rather, she started to love being ordered by him.
    This is due to the joy of 'being ordered=being loved' and also because Protea has no confidence in herself.
    Since Protea understands that she is a waste matter, she is constantly "feeling guilty".

    She has no interest in the outside world nor in new relationshiops, and only seeks the Master's affection.
    It may sound good if you call it a pure courtship, a wholehearted devotion, but that relationship is something like walking on a tightrope.
    Protea does not "love the Master because she likes him", but rather she "likes the Master because he gives his love to her" - she thinks of nothing but love without really knowing what love is.
    Should the Master's deep affections come to an end... if she were to become unable to feel them, or think of it as insufficient​... Protea will probably become unable to endure her hunger and try to prey upon the Master.

    In the end, just like the other Alteregos, Protea was also born from a twisted ego.
    While she obediently follows the Master's orders, that is not absolute submission. The Master contracted with Kingprotea must make her mentality grow before she becomes like that.
    Freeing herself from the "craving" that is not exhasted no matter how much she drinks.
    He must teach her that a heart that only demands will completely consume the other party, and only a relationship were they accept and provide each other can become "nourishment for the heart".

    Height/Weight: 5~??cm・??kg
    Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
    Region: SE.RA.PH
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    "...I want to be touched more. Please touch me. Touch me now. Since... I am (very) fluffy".
    While she rarely makes affirmatives and expresses herself in a way that seeks confirmation on everything, as you can see, she occasionally takes an authoritative tone.
    It is believed that this is a manifestation of the "ruthlessness of a goddess" that lies at roots.

    Huge Scale: C
    A id_es skill born from her "desire to grow", while having the skill Self-Modification as a base.
    It makes a limitless scale expansion possible.
    Upon reaching her level cap, she enlarges her own standards and establishes a new level cap. This is repeated infinetely. Also called infinite propagation.
    A cosmic-level disaster that will eventually destroy the planet, but since the complexity of her intelligence・functions is lost with each enlargement, your usual intelligent life-form would be unable to withstand this skill and ended collpasing onto itself.
    In the past, she had a nonstandard EX Rank in this, but it suffered a Rank DOWN due not being possible to fully reproduce this under the Chaldea-system of summoning.
    Her growth starts at the same turn it is employed, and the numerical upper limit increased by this is permanent until "Infantile Regression" is employed.

    Infantile Regression: C
    Shackles imposed by BB. A safety device that controls Kingprotea, who can grow infinitely.
    Something that restores her level and resets her hypertrophied self.
    In exchange of making all the growth attained through Huge Scale turn to zero by using this, she acquires NP in accordance with its stage.

    Area Smash: A
    An attack that fully operates that gigantic Saint Graph ends up turning an entire "area", and not just an "individual enemy", as its attack target.
    Pulverizing even a magic formula that manipulates space with a punch, this is truly a skill that "solves everything through brute strength".
    However, having awakened to her own "heart", Protea is currently sealing this skill.


    Airavata King-size - A Large Shadow Comes Out from the Sea of Life
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1000
    A Noble Phantasm that has the samudra manthana anecdote (a myth from Hindu Mythology) as its motif.
    In order to survive in the devastated surface of the world, the gods sought after a miraculous medicine of immortality - the amrita.
    In order to create the amrita, one had to stir the sea that covered the world, the ocean of milk. The gods cooperated with their enemy, the Asuras, to turn the world under the axis of Mt. Mandara and stir the ocean of milk - creating the miraculous medicine and many life forms in the process.
    Airavata is the name of a giant white elephant that appeared from the ocean of milk at that occasion.

    The Kingprotea that was restrictively summoned by Chaldea is constantly under "pressure".
    That comes both from the world's Counter Force and the limitations of being in the physical world instead of the virtual world.
    This Noble Phantasm is a Reality Marble that temporarily pushes aside such "pressure" and returns Protea to her original size.
    Having attained such a size that humans can no longer have an unbroken view of her, Protea will then simply swing her limbs at the enemy and, with a single strike, exterminate them.

    In the original work, she herself was being treated as a Noble Phantasm, but in the Deep Sea Virtual Town, she became capable of manifesting a Noble Phantasm in exchange of suffering a Rank DOWN to her Saint Graph.

    (1) as in a surgical removal

    (2) not "Great Mother", but "Grand Mother". A clear allusion to Tiamat's identity as a Beast.
  8. Master of Chaos's Avatar
    Translation time!

    Majin Saber
    Okita Souji (Alter)

    A final battle heroic spirit that has been adjusted for the sake of just a single radiance.
    Also known as "Genie(1)・Okita Souji Alternative".

    A different aspect of Okita Souji, this is a extremely peculiar heroic spirit whose Saint Graph was transformed, adjusted in order to be employed by the Counter Force.
    Since she was adjusted for the sake of just a single manifestation, with the exception of the fundamental gist, her Saint Graph has been altered to the point of being considered completely different from that of the original Okita. This is also the reason why she was summoned as an Alterego, instead of the Saber Class that Okita is suited for.

    The final fate of a possibility that Okita Souji - who died while still young - might have reached.

    Height/Weight: 163cm・51kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Female
    "I am Geni... no, Alterego, Okita Alter-chan"

    Independent Action: A
    It is possible to mobilise independently as a Guardian of the Counter Force. Since she has been adjusted with the intent of manifesting during a hopeless situation and single-handedly exterminating the target (or maybe bringing about their mutual destruction), its rank is high.

    Magic Resistance: B
    Since it has been assumed that she will fight against the paranormal, unlike the original Okita, she maintains a Magic Resistance suitable for the Saber Class. Incidentally, her weak constitution has been overcome. "That is unfair? Well, even if you say that..."

    Kyokuchi: A
    The ultimate way of walking that makes perfect movement possible in any kind of space.

    Ceaseless: B
    An enduring light that shines on the journey of incessant battles. That is the proof of a certain day's memories.

    Boundless: A
    A boundless light that shines widely on the whole world. A golden aurora that destroys heavenly demons.


    Zekken・Mukyuu Sandan

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-World
    Establishing an unlimited sky(2) by bundling together the three lights of immeasurable, unobstructed and boundless.
    The sure-kill magic sword of Genie・Okita Souji, which fires a shining black light.
    It makes possible to forcibly banish, extinguish from this world even those who cannot, must not exist.
    It is fired by employing the unique oodachi, "Rengoku-ken"(3).

    "Rengoku" is merely a name that has been arbitrarily forced upon this oodachi, so it was originally a nameless, enigmatic armament. For some reason, it appears to have something similar to an autonomous will and its performance changes drastically in accordance with the user's mood. When she is in good form, the center of the blade shines red. Seems that it is somewhat pleased with the name "Rengoku".

    (1)although there might be better ways translate 魔神 (majin), I chose this due the clear correlation with "genius".

    (2)incidentally, the term 無穹 (mukyuu) used here is homophone to 無窮 (eternity, immortality)

    (3)roughly, purgatory sword.

    Okada Izou
    Okada Izou

    One of the four most notable assassins of the Bakumatsu, known as "Hitokiri Izou".
    Educated in several styles of kenjutsu, such as the Onoha Ittou-ryuu, the Kyoushin Meichi-ryuu and the Jikishi-ryuu. He got involved in many assassination cases and was imprisoned and executed as a consequence.

    Prideful of his own talent, he has a tendency to look down on other swordsmen, but his skill with the sword - evaluated as a "fencing as swift as a falcon" - is that of a genuine genius.

    An expert of divine punishment, Okada Izou.
    In Japanese history, the Bakumatsu is regarded as the era in which the deed of "cutting people with a blade" was performed the most. As a "hitokiri" who represents said era, the sword skill of Izou is comparable to the Saber Class despite him being an Assassin.
    During his lifetime, his relationship with Ryouma could be described as that of friends and he even took up jobs as a bodyguard at Ryouma's request. However, due the trend of the times, the two would eventually part ways in a conclusive manner.

    Okada Izou, owner of an extraordinary talent for the sword that can imitate any swordsmanship just by seeing it.
    Such fearsome natural talents caused Izou to be released in the Bakumatsu society as a matchless hitokiri.
    Extolled as an expert of divine punishment, Izou could be described as a prominent assassin in Japanese history that was involved in many assassination cases, but that also prevented his accomplishment as a swordsman.

    Due the trends of the times or maybe even fate, but how regrettable: a rare genius of the sword was unable to polish his talent and let it bloom exactly because he was a genius.

    Height/Weight: 174cm・65kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Male
    "I am a hitokiri..."

    Hitokiri: A
    A swordsmanship skill specialized in cutting down people.
    A pragmatic swordsmanship that exists only for the sake of winning, it is unrelated to the mentality of a seeker of truth.
    Therefore, it is strong and fragile.

    Fencing as Swift as a Falcon: A
    A phrase used to evaluate Izou's sword back during his period training on doujous in Edo.
    Izou learned many schools of kenjutsu, but never attained full mastership in any of them due not practicing diligently and always leaving the doujou(1) midway.
    The swordsmen of all schools, all doujou, appears as inferior in his eyes - and that was actually the case.


    Rank: None
    Type: Anti-Unit Magic Sword
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The heretic sword of Hitokiri Izou. A Noble Phantasm that allows him to reproduce any sword technique which he has seen as his own.
    When he is first summoned, he only possesses those memorized during his previous life, but it is possible to attempt further strengthening by seeing new sword techniques after being summoned.
    However, there are limits to the sword techniques that he can reproduce - not only they must be Anti-Unit, but is also impossible to reproduce those that rely on the special traits of a Noble Phantasm.

    (1)it is kind of hard to translate properly, but the original Japanese wording implies that he studied in several different doujou during this period, but always transferred out before finishing his training.

    (2)roughly, disposing sword".

    Sakamoto Ryouma
    Sakamoto Ryouma

    A key figure of the Satsuma-Choshu Alliance and a patriot who made great contributions for the Meiji Restoration - such as forming the Kameyama Company (later known as the Kaientai and assisting in the establishment of the restoration of imperial rule.

    An easygoing young man in his mid-twenties. Although a master of the Hokushin Ittou-ryuu, by nature he is a softhearted person who does not enjoy conflict. A mysterious beauty is constantly cuddling close together at his side.

    A hero of the Restoration, Sakamoto Ryouma.
    In the Holy Grail War of the "Imperial Capital's Grail Fable", which has Japan as its venue, he is a Heroic Spirit that rivals Oda Nobunaga in terms of popularity and a powerful Servant that possesses a unique mount Noble Phantasm.
    In order to conceal his True Name, he normally speaks in a fluent standard Japanese, but there are also times his Tosa accent ends up escaping.

    His partner, Oryou, is not that historical figure, but a rebellious something that had been sewed on a certain mountain while in a sealed state. She was released when Ryouma ended up pulling out the seal's pike in a youthful indiscretion.

    The black-haired woman who follows Ryouma by his side, Oryou.
    Having fallen in love at first sight with Ryouma upon being saved from her sealed state in a certain mountain, she forced herself at his side(1) under the pretext of repaying the favour. Strictly speaking she is not a dragon, but a mizuchi or an orochi that is closer to a mononoke - anyway, a lesser existence than a dragon.
    Maybe she supported achievements during the Bakumatsu from the shadows. Or maybe not.
    Incidentally, she was unfortunately away back when Ryouma met his final moments, and thus was unable to save him.
    Lost in sadness, she disappeared to the bottom of the sea without people knowing, never turning into a dragon and ascending to heavens.

    ----I didn't want to cut down anyone,
    nor I wanted to shoot anyone

    At first, it was for the sake of the kids in the neighbourhood, then for the sake of his hometown friends, and finally for the sake of the country of Japan.
    A softhearted person by nature, from beginning until the end, he did nothing but continue to rush across the era for the sake of somebody else. Loved by some, hated by others, he would ultimately leave this world after being ruthlessly killed, but he neither resents nor regrets that. From beginning until the end, he dreamed about a world where everybody could live at ease. That was all there was.

    Height/Weight: 178cm・72kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    "Eh? I should also publish Oryou's, you say?"

    Eight Proposals While Shipboard: A
    The eight measures that indicate a new shape for the country, said to have been drafted by Sakamoto Ryouma. At the time, it was regarded as a modern, ground-breaking text. A skill that indicates a hopeful path for a better future even while under a difficult situation.

    Hero of the Restoration: A
    A unique skill bestowed to Ryouma, who ran through the turbulent age called Bakumatsu and contributed for the Meiji Restoration, a great reform rarely seen in history.

    Charisma: C+
    Although he cannot administer a nation, he possesses a firm bond with the companions that share the same will as him - to the point of not being weary of death.
    Ryouma's charisma is so strong that, at times, he can even make groups with opposing ideologies shake hands.

    Height/Weight: 173cm・57kg
    Source: Imperial Capital's Grail Fable
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    "A great display of Oryou's secrets."

    Monstrous Strength: A
    Oryou's skill of incredible horsepower. Despite being a dragon, she uses an enigmatic measurement called horsepower.

    Divinity: B-
    A skill of the extremely hard Oryou.
    A soft fair skin that no blade can penetrate. The hair so long that drags along the floor is also too hard, to the point of shaving off the ground.

    Rampage: B
    A skill of Oryou's, who will temporarily fall into a Mad Enhancement-like state if the gekirin at the bottom of her neck is touched.


    Ama-kakeru Ryuu ga Gotoku
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 2~50
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    An autonomous human-shaped Noble Phantasm that normally takes the form of black-haired woman named "Oryou", she transforms into a giant dragon upon release of the True Name.
    Even during the usual human-shaped state, she possesses enough monstrous strength and combat power to fight on equal footing with a Servant and the "mystery" that clads her body boasts an unbelievable defensive power, to the point that ordinary attacks cannot even injure her. Once True Name is released, she will reveal a majestic appearance that is just like the dragons of old and exhibit overwhelming power.
    The EX on the Rank means stands for impossible to determine.

    (1) the term used here is the same for "a woman who forced her husband into marriage"

    (2) roughly, 'like a soaring dragon'

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    The man of possibilities.
    The idol of a hero brought forth by people's expectations.

    The first French Emperor.
    Despite managing to rule over the majority of Europe for a time, he ultimately fell down.
    His life, so full of ups and downs, was not something based solely of a single individual's aspirations and abilities, but guided by the hopes of the people─── at the very least, the "Throne of Heroes" has defined Heroic Spirit Napoleon as such an existence.

    Therefore, upon manifesting, he constantly conducts himself as a man who meets "someone's expectations".

    In his previous life, he was an existence that "meets people's wishes and expectations".
    Rising as an Emperor while receiving the support of many, returning from his confinement in Elba when voices longing for the Emperor were raised, but being defeated once people came to reject the Emperor.

    Heroic Spirit Napoleon also meets people's wishes and expectations, answer to their hopes, and accomplish what he must do.
    He manifests as a Servant that affirms all Napoleonic legends and personifies the possibility of people (humanity).

    Supposedly, the word 'impossible' is not in Napoleon's dictionary.
    Supposedly, he came across Iskandar in a pyramid.
    Supposedly, he destroyed the Sphinx of Giza with cannon fire.
    Supposedly, the French Revolution was the product of a secret society's conspiracy, which he was deeply involved in.

    The man who spend his life answering to so many expectations make many impossibles possible - just like in the legends told as "Napoleon would be able to do this much". That way of being can already be called as a type of superhuman.

    He has no attachments to matters concerning his previous life.
    Corsica, Paris, Waterloo. Everything is events that have long passed. Upon manifesting as a Servant and having even his figure transformed from what it was in his lifetime, he is but an idol named Napoleon Bonaparte, and must not become a ghost attached to the past───
    Or so he himself believes.
    If people have many dreams about "Napoleon", he shall be just like that.
    Based on an unshakable conviction, he dedicates his mind and body to the people that live in the present and the future.

    That being said.
    He has the troublesome habit of, every time he manifests, falling in love with a single woman in special - or so he proclaimed in the Norse Lostbelt...
    You will probably have to cautiously observe his behaviour from now on in order to ascertain whether he - who has manifested as a Heroic Spirit of Chaldea - will also turn out like this.

    Height/Weight: 189cm・92kg
    Source: Historical fact, Napoleonic legends
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Male
    It seems that his height shrinks when summoned as a Rider.

    Light of Possibilities: B
    A skill falsely similar to Pioneer of the Star, and also something very alike Innocent Monster.
    Heroic Spirit Napoleon is an idol who accepted in both the exploits that he had in fact experienced and the legends which he was actually unrelated to. Upon manifesting, he conducts himself as a personification of "expectations" and "possibilities".
    "───well, it seems that such saying has also been attributed to me".
    The light of possibilities, just like a rainbow.
    The enemies who oppose him will probably see a rainbow across the skies.

    Imperial Privilege: B
    Having risen as the first French Emperor, he possesses the Imperial Privilege skill, but...
    In this work, he basically does not employ this.


    Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile - Rainbow
    (1) that Loudly Announces the Triumphal Return
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    A bombardment Noble Phantasm crowned with the French name for the Arch of Triumph.
    The possibilities held by people (humanity) is converted into a cannonball, which crosses the sky as if a rainbow.
    A Noble Phantasm that makes the very existence of Heroic Spirit Napoleon as its criterion, and achieved sublimation by adding up the legend of bombarding the Sphinx of Giza.
    Its outward appearance is that of a one-hand held, transforming cannon.
    In accordance with the bombardment legend of "destroyed the Sphinx", it is endowed with special effectiveness towards mystery.

    (1)in the original Japanese, the characters for rainbow (the natural phenomenon) and bow (the weapon) are being put together to form a brand new term here.


    A great hero of the "Volsunga Saga", praised as the "King of Warriors".
    After a few episodes were modified, his tragic end would become widely known in the world as the Nibelungenlied.

    Still, it is not certain whether he and Siegfried are the same person.
    As a result, it is unknown who exactly defeated the evil dragon that is common to their legends, and it is even possible that both defeated "different" dragons.

    A formal, super straight-laced man. Wears glasses that shouldn't have existed in his previous life.
    Fundamentally, a rational person. While he carried out revenge for his father, he did so more out of sense of duty than affection.
    Somewhat curt towards anybody; at the very least, he almost never demonstrate affection through his exterior.
    Still, should he ever protect someone without paying concern for himself, that would be proof that he trusted said "someone".

    So long the Master is someone worthy of placing his "faith" in, regardless of being a man or a woman, it is not that difficult to achieve a mutual understanding with him.

    Just like Cú Chulainn, he is a hero that has "no attachments towards a second life".
    As for why he seeks the Holy Grail, it is probably for the sake of a "reunion" that is unlikely to take place. In a normal Holy Grail War, it would be extremely difficult to forcibly impose an order by means of a Command Spell.

    Height/Weight: 178cm・79kg
    Source: Norse Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Male
    Glasses are the crystallization of wisdom.

    Original Rune (Warrior): B
    Possession of the Magic Crest of Northern Europe - the runes.
    Having received the teachings of Brynhildr, his skills also allow for summoning as a Caster.

    Dragon Kind Modification: EX
    An extreme form of Self-Modification, achieved by swallowing a dragon's heart.
    The prana reactor of a dragon kind has taken form, allowing for an almost completely independent mobilisation despite being a Servant.

    Crystallization of Wisdom: A
    A magic item that originally should not exist in myths.
    Something that crystallized the wisdom acquired by eating a dragon's heart.
    It exhibits its effects even if others wear it, but maybe due the enormous information volume, a severe headache occurs.


    Gram - Daybreak of Ruin

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    An uncommon Noble Phantasm that came into existence as a magic sword, despite possessing the attributes of the sun.
    Bestowed by his ancestor Odin, this sword is a rare weapon that not only selects a king, but simultaneously brings about glory, jealousy, ruin and fate.
    In "FGO", it has been selected as his regular weapon.

    Bolverkr Gram - Heavenly Ring of the Aeon of Destruction(1)
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1~900 people
    Gram's full power release, which is almost on the level of a Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm.
    Sigurd does not release energy from the sword, but establishes an "Anti-Fortress" Noble Phantasm by throwing the sword after dragging out its power.
    According to his testimony, "I thought it would be more effective if I threw it instead".
    Right after the thrown sword has directly hit the target while scattering flames, Sigurd drives his fist on Gram at full strength.

    Bolverkr means "the one who brings about calamities", and is a pseudonym of his ancestor Odin.

    (1) original Japanese uses a term that refers to the saṃvartakalpa, an apocalyptic event in Buddhist cosmology that ends with the entire cosmos being consumed in fire.


    War maidens clad in armor.
    The daughters of a great god.
    Manufactured in great numbers by the great god Odin, the supreme existence of Norse mythology.

    Dancing on the skies of many battlefields, they selected qualified individuals among the brave men who died in battle and bring their souls to the palace of the great god, the shinning gold Valhalla.
    The end of the Norse Age of Gods───
    For the sake of being added to the ranks of the great god's army that will slaughter at the twilight of the gods.

    Both individuals and a herd, the walkures that exist as daughters of the great god Odin.
    Due being existences close to divine spirits (demigods), they possess the skill Divinity at high rank.

    Created for the sake of the twilight of the gods, the Ragnarok, the walkures exist in great numbers and function, operate as an automatic mechanism of sorts.
    Dancing on the sky of a battlefield while riding flying horses, they select souls those who should be taken along to Valhalla among the brave men who perished. However, the moment of downfall of the oldest sister Brynhildr - when she obtained a strong emotion and individuality after meeting the hero Sigurd - became a turning point that caused their individual numbers to gradually decrease.

    By the time that the final battle of Ragnarok, between the gods and giants, they might have dropped to "half their original numbers" - when such a report submitted to the Lord of the Jigmarie Department in the Clock Tower, in the mid-1980s, they became a hot topic in the magic world for a time.

    In this work, the walkures that have manifested are peculiar existences as Servants.
    In concrete terms, they possess an extremely singular Saint Graph.

    Even though their magical power increases in accordance with the rise in sympathetic ratio with the Master, they do not "change into a more powerful form by means of Ascension" like other Servants. That is because each individual walkure has her own upper limit of power.
    In accordance with Chaldea's summoning system, if a walkure undergoes Ascension, there is a high likelihood that she will disappear "a different walkure who is suitable for the redefined magical capacity" will come forth - a process called 'substitute summoning'.

    Walkure Thrud.
    Walkure Hildr.
    Wakkure Ortlinde.

    The individuals confirmed through substitute summoning as a result of the Chaldea's summoning system and Ascension process are these three. One can conjecture that they are the individuals who formed some connection (or maybe will form one in the future) with the Master.
    Although there is a difference in magical power, since their true nature is roughly the same, they all manifest with True Name of "Walkure". To be accurate, they should have the individual names of Thrud, Hildr and Ortlinde, but the three firmly reject to be treated as "different individuals".

    "There is essentially no difference between walkures".
    "That's right. After all, our natures is one and the same".
    "Indeed. Sister Brynhildr is the weird one..."
    Or so she (they) say.

    As for why the walkures were summoned with such an unique Saint Graph.
    That is probably because the meetings and partings in the Norse Lostbelt formed a connection between them and the Master.

    Furthermore, they who have been summoned at this time are their selves from the Pan-Human History who became Heroic Spirits, Servants, thus different─── "completely different people" from those that the Master met in the Norse Lostbelt.
    Those who remember the war maidens from the Norse Lostbelt are only the Shadow Border troupe.

    Height/Weight: 159cm・46kg
    Source: Norse Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    Their shields are made of divine metal. Something bestowed by Odin.


    Gungnir - Fake・Great God Declaration
    : B
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 5~40
    Maximum Targets: 20 people
    An armament gifted by the great god Odin.
    A degraded replica of Gungnir (Great God Declaration).
    If thrown after the True Name is released, a sure-hit function will activate.
    In FGO, release of True Name is fundamentally not performed, and this is employed just as a regular weapon.

    Ragnarok Lifthrasir(1) - Closure Illusion・Girls Advent
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 0~40
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    Oneselves that have achieved complete synchronization───
    Several walkures gather at the same place, combine all their functions that exist for the sake of guiding the souls of brave men to Valhalla and simultaneously throw the Noble Phantasms in their hands - "Gungnir".
    At the same time that it inflicts damage from the thrown spears, it deploys a bounded-field of sorts around the effective range. It shows pity for all pure souls and, at the same time, rejects existences that do not qualify as proper life.
    It creates a space that disperses existences related to magecraft and magical power - such as Servants and familiars, magical formulas, phantasmal species, bloodsucking species, etc (individuals who fail in their resistance checks are dispersed).

    (1) refer here. There seems to be some confusion here, for the Japanese treats Lifthrasir as the name of the female member of the pair.

    Sigurd (after change)
    A formal, super straight-laced man. Wears glasses that shouldn't have existed in his previous life.
    According to him, those glasses are the crystallization of wisdom and something he obtained by devouring a dragon's heart.
    Fundamentally, a rational person. While he carried out revenge for his father, he did so more out of sense of duty than affection.
    Somewhat curt towards anybody; at the very least, he almost never demonstrate affection through his exterior.
    Still, should he ever protect someone without paying concern for himself, that would be proof that he trusted said "someone".

    Crystallization of Wisdom: A
    An inconceivable magic item for the age in which he lived in.
    Something that crystallized the wisdom acquired by eating a dragon's heart.
    During his lifetime, he deliberately wore these even in circumstances in which they were not needed, but it seems that their utility in the baths was bad or something.
    It exhibits its effects even if others wear it, but maybe due the enormous information volume, a sever headache occurs.


    Bolverkr Gram - Heavenly Ring of the Aeon of Destruction
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1~900 people
    The full power release of Gram, which is originally an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm.
    Sigurd does not release energy from the sword, but rather establishes an "Anti-Fortress" Noble Phantasm by throwing the sword after dragging out its power.
    According to his testimony, "I thought it would be more effective if I threw it instead".
    Right after the thrown sword has directly hit the target while scattering flames, Sigurd drives his fist on Gram at full strength.

    Bolverkr means "the one who brings about calamities", and is a pseudonym of his ancestor Odin.


    A Servant originated from the Norse Lostbelt.
    A "completely different person" from the Scathach of the Pan-Human History, she is a deity that applies only to that Lostbelt and an existence that is greatly inclined towards the disposition of a queen.

    Many of the traits of Skadi(Skathi) - the Norse giantess, goddess of mountains who shares the same origins as the Celtic heroine Scathach - have emerged.
    Rather than "a Scathach deeply collored by Skadi's aspects", it may be better to describe her as "a Skadi who is endowed with a portion of Scathach's disposition".

    In this manifestation, the facet of a teacher who raises brave warriors does not exist at all. She is not an expert of martial arts. Unlike the Lancer Scathach, who was easy to get along with even while remaining aloof(1), she conceals a disposition that is truly that of nature (the gods) itself - saying things like "Seems like I stepped on something", "Oh, it's the small one (human)" and "Should I love or kill you?"

    ───upon letting out a breath.
    It becomes a blizzard. Causing most living things to die.
    ───upon smiling.
    It becomes an everlasting spring. Causing life to bloom gorgeously.

    To her, both of these are equivalent.

    In the Ancient Norse language, the name Skadi(Skathi) means "harmful one". According to the Grimnismal of Poetic Edda, she is the daughter of the "abominable giant Thiazi" and lived together with her father in an old mansion in the land of commotions - Thrymheim.
    Due later marrying into the divine family, she would come to called the "lovely bride of the gods".

    Skadi is also referred as Ondurgud (god of ski) or Ondurdis (goddess of ski). It has been told that she was an expect in hunting at the mountains and a master of skiing.

    In this work, Scathach and Skadi are not completely the same existence, but rather takes an "intermingled" interpretation in which they have a mutual influence on each other.
    In a sense, it is probably due this mixture (syncretism​) that Lancer Scathach inherited the original runes possessed by the Great God Odin.

    According to the "Heimskringla", the history book of the Norwegian royalty, Skadi(Skathi) divorced from her first husband (the sea god Njorth) and remarried Odin.
    In this work, she remained unmarried and merely overlooked how later generations recorded things in this manner... or so it seems.

    Her self that existed in the Lostbelt as "Scathach-Skadi" possessed a especially high mixing ratio of Skadi components, so she possessed many traits as bride of the gods.

    A frightening queen.
    The goddess of ice and snow.

    Although she kept it hidden to the very end back when she governed the Lostbelt, her heart holds the melancholy of "someone who was left behind".
    For she was goddess loved by the other gods and who continuously received marriage proposals. Yet, by the time she realized, all gods disappeared at the end of the Ragnarok and she ended up becoming "the last god of the Norse world as a Lostbelt".
    And also───

    Actually, she is relatively careless.
    Actually, she is relatively petty.
    Actually, she has a relatively warm side.
    If your relationship deepens, you might eventually see her own individuality... which is different from her facet as a queen.
    Not a deity or even a ruler, but her plain self from which even the mask of the "Mother of the Norse" was peeled off.

    Height/Weight: 162cm・50kg
    Source: Norse mythology, Celtic mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    The "Chaotic" alignment comes from her own personal statement. That is because her own will in itself was the public order back when she ruled the Norse Lostbelt, but things are different now that she have died and been revived as Heroic Spirit - or so she says.


    Gate of Skye - Gateway Towards the Death-Overflowing Haunted Ground

    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army/Opening of Hostilities
    Range: 2~50
    Maximum Targets: 200 people
    Temporarily summons a giant "gateway" that leads to the "Land of Shadows" - a haunted ground, foreign land severed from the rest of the world, which exists in the Outside of the World. "Land of Shadows"; the fiefdom which she originally was supposed to rule over - not as the goddess Skadi, but as the Celtic Scathach. A portion of it - the "Fortress of Shadows" - thus makes an appearance.
    Among the existences within its effective range, the "Fortress of Shadows" bestows great luck and blessings only to those she had approved of.
    Those loved by the "Fortress of Shadows" defeat powerful enemies even if they themselves are powerless.

    If this Noble Phantasm were to be effectively employed in a regular Holy Grail War, it would be possible to bring about an astonishing upset(2).

    Scathach-Skadi herself does not clearly understands why she uses this Noble Phantasm. She merely perceives that the divine protection bestowed by the Norse gods is probably being employed through the power of haunted ground originated from her other self (the Celtic Scathach).

    (1)the term used here can also be translated as "transcendental​"

    (2)as in "unexpected result"