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  1. The Human Revolution

    Now, I am aware that not many people here may know about Deus Ex. These games are awesome.

    A game that lets you decide how things should be played out is rare, but in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you can:
    • Punch through walls, jump three metres high, be immune to fall damage and generally go Superman on the unlucky person who shoots at you.
    • Turn invisible, have silent footsteps, run faster, be able to see through walls. Because ninja.
    • See what people are thinking ie. their
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  2. So I just had a rush through the entire F/SN, F/HA, and Tsukihime novels...

    So I just had a rush through the entire F/SN, F/HA, and Tsukihime novels...

    Well, first off, my F/SN favorite route would be Heaven's Feel. I don't particularly like Sakura herself, but being a romanticist I supported Shirou Emiya's abandoning of his ideal to protect her. I also liked all the darker aspects. I'm also an idealist, but I found UBW crude and the original Fate route simply ordinary.
    Favorite heroine would have to be...Saber, I guess? Don't particularly like Rin ...

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  3. I Write Again! "A Boomstick and Some Popcorn Seasoning"

    So I finally get some time to write tonight, and I start up the story for the third and final anthology that I'm aiming for in this current crop. The theme is "Psycho Cinema". Considering Scream Queen is about Forest trying to see "Evil Dead 2" on opening night, I figured this story should be about her trying to see "Army of Darkness".

    Just nothing ever goes easy for Forest. Ever.

    Any comments or criticism will be welcomed. Now, please ...
  4. Just got myself Dream Drop Distance for doing mundane jobs.

    Won't be seeing me here a lot again.

    Here I come Keybladers, do you have enough...never mind. I was about to make a horrible mistake.

    And sooner than later... Arma II CO on Steam.

  5. Oh hey