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  1. Transmission #17: A Day Before Age Twenty

    by , June 6th, 2012 at 05:04 AM (Top Secret Files of a Mental Fugitive, Exposed)
    So here I am today, listening to Hiromi Konno's "Misoji Misaki", which is a maxi single released back when Lucky Star was all in the rage. Hiromi Konno is the voice actress for Akira Kogami, that pink-haired "moe little girl" in Lucky Channel, hosting alongside a fictionalized version of Minoru Shiraishi. You might also remember her as the voice for Sae Nakata and, according to my haphazard research, she seems to be stuck on voicing cutesy little girls, even if she is already ...
  2. How did this happen?

    by , June 5th, 2012 at 11:59 PM (xm's randomity on Type-Moon and other weirdness)
    I'm almost finished with a chapter of my fic!

    Only it's not the chapter that comes next.

    Yeah, this last part of Endless Number of Possibilities prior to the epilogue is turning out to be a lot harder to do than I thought. That story is only about 50 to 60 percent completed. The epilogue is, by my estimates, 97.5 percent completed. Because of this, whenever I do update, I'll post both chapters, effectively concluding Endless Number of Possibilities in one go!

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  3. Sylent's Thoughts

    So I was going to do two blogs for the days I haven't cover but something has been bothering me for the past few days. This is just a way to get these thoughts out.

    A few months ago, I had to go through the experience of having someone I know and felt close to die. It was my teacher who I had known since freshman year and who had been some what of a father figure I guess one could say.

    Having someone leave or know that someone was dead isn't news to me, but it never bothered ...
  4. E3 2012, Day 1

    by , June 5th, 2012 at 11:40 PM (僕はね、ヒマワリになりたかったんだ。)
    aaaaaand that's a wrap on Day 1 of E3 2012! Holy crap my feet are sore.

    I wish I had time today to take more pictures but I was working most of the time. But here's the quick and dirty...

    I arrived bright and early before 8AM today. It was eerily quiet - no one there except for convention center cleaning/repair staff!

    At our Atlus booth, ...

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  5. What Games Have Done (Or why I never post anymore)

    So, you might have noticed I have kind of stopped posting. There is a reason for that.

    I am finally out of school, which should mean I write a lot more (Fuck you Knight of Steel, ponies are the shit), however that hasn't really been happening.

    You see, I found my old copy of Valhalla Knights 2, and The Third Birthday.

    I have played T3B for the past two days nonstop. I haven't even touched Valhalla Knights 2 - when I owned VK1 I played that thing for three months ...