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  1. Morning Blues Poetry

    Early morning at work,
    I begin to ponder,
    How long can I sit on the John,
    Before my sphincter becomes distended.


    Work sucks. I suppose I could just sit with the lid on....
  2. Fresh OC

  3. DJK

    by , December 12th, 2016 at 05:53 AM (Nuclear Contemplations)
    Today officially marks the day I lose a test permit for the third time. And since I can't take my finals without that fucking piece of paper, tomorrow will also mark the third time I buy a piece of paper to salvage my grades.
    Tags: College
  4. Discovery

    Razorblades are infinitely more efficient at cutting than knives.
  5. Two of Pieces

    Let's talk about Twice H Pieceman.

    Mostly remembered for his silly name and hijacking Fate/Extra's finale by expositioning his backstory and motivations for half an hour, Twice's way of thinking is actually central in Type-Moon as a whole, do I figured I'd write about it a bit. The sources I'll for this are Fate/Extra and Extra Materials, whcih adds a fair amount of information by giving us Twice's inner thoughts on the issues of Fate/Extra rather than simply the conclusion he reached. ...

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