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  1. A calcified and moss covered stone has begun to move

    For those of you bored enough to be following my story, you may know that for the last few years I have been preparing to seek a military commission as a therapist. Completing my licensure. Starting my medical residency have been the major chapters recently. I have also, since approximately February 20th, been fighting a Permanent DisQualification (PDQ) due to having gotten eye surgery when I was 18.

    that PDQ was officially over turned today. There are many steps I will need to go through ...
  2. The Co-Worker Files, Part 8: More of the same

    Last night we had at least eight warrants left, and the DA talked to the judge. He cleared seven of them, all ones he signed.

    Unfortunately, he could not clear the eighth because it was from a different judge, so bam, $225 more. Fine. Hopeful that that would be the end of it due to what the DA said, we then went to bed.

    Midnight-ish... another. $200 more.

    Ten minutes ago... another. $200 more.

    The cushion is once again toast (more accurately, down ...

    Updated Today at 10:14 AM by Dark Pulse (Maybe the last... if he's telling the truth. Which I'm skeptical on.)