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    I donít use sheets, I just sleep on a bare mattress with newspapers on it to keep it from getting dirty
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    I'm amazed that someone cited a "Respect Thread" as a credible source. I thought it was understood that Respect Threads were digital blowjobs.
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    I'm intrigued
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    Hijikata Toushizou (after change)
    The intense self-conceit that he himsef is the Shinsengumi (that the Shinsengumi will remain indestructible so long he is there, even if he is left all alone) represents his everything.
    An aloof Shinsengumi, who believed in the flag of truth to the very end and kept fighting while stepping over the corpses of the comrades who collapsed one after the other until he was the last one remaining.

    ―――his fight continues even now.

    Hessian Lobo (after change)
    An extremely peculiar composite-type of Servant that combined three Phantoms: the King of Currumpaw Lobo, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow and the Invisible Man (a fictional character).
    While it may have temporarily become possible to summon them as a Servant thanks to the Singularity of Shinjuku, these three will never yield to humans. The past won't change, and it is impossible to even cuddle close together as man and animal. The only thing allowed to the Master is probably to face each other without averting his eyes.


    The God of Love from hindu Mythology, also called Kamadeva. Originally a male deity.
    She manifested while making a somewhat familiar young girl as her vessel.
    Supposedly, this is related to the peculiarity of the original girl and the existence of another goddess who also turned into a Pseudo-Servant.

    It has been said that she possesses a bow of sugarcane and arrows adorned with flowers, which evokes sexual desire on those shot with it.
    Her anecdote of shooting (piercing) the god Shiva - who focused on nothing but ascetic practices - in order to make him notice the feeling of the goddess that was his wife is particularly famous.
    Naturally, she has aptitude for the Archer Class, but...?

    Things she likes:
    To hinder someone else
    Worldly thoughts
    Failures as human beings

    Things she hates:
    Third eye (be it Shiva's or some other related to it)
    Sparkling people

    Due a past trauma, she fundamentally does not feel like using her Noble Phantasm for the sake of others.
    It is foolish to meddle in others' love affairs, or so her current self thinks.

    I wish that people would find another place for their romance discussions.
    Those who want me to shoot arrows like a cupid should just die. Rather, I find super fun to hinder people who get all excited about love and romance...

    Kama has became defiant in such a manner, as a "evil goddess of love".

    Height/Weight: 156cm・46kg
    Source: Hindu Mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    The height/weight inscribed here is that of her basic condition.
    There is some degree of change on those, along with her apparent age, in accordance with the stage of her Saint Graph (or maybe the preferences of the one facing her).

    One Without a Body: EX
    A skill that denotes one of Kama's aliases, "Ananga (one without a body)".

    Once upon a time, there was a demon god called Taraka who tormented the gods.
    While the gods knew that only the child of Shiva and Parvati could defeat him, Shiva paid no attention to Parvati at the time due being too much focused on ascetic practices.
    Troubled by those circumstances, the gods decided to dispatch Kama to shoot Shiva with an arrow of sexual desires in order to recover their marital love.
    However, Shiva supposedly became enraged by Kama's actions and burned him to death by opening his third eye.

    The fate of the divinity who received Shiva's (the god who destroys all creation, in other words the cosmos itself) power directly into his body and turned to ashes was―――

    Mara Papiyas: EX
    A skill that temporarily makes another facet of Kama apparent; the disposition as a demon lord that is an incarnation of worldy thoughts.

    Kama is also called by the alias of Mara, which is treated as a differnt aspect of the same existence.
    They are also lumped together as Kama-Mara.
    Supposedly, the etymology of Mara is "he who kills" and is often interpreted as "demon" or "demon lord".
    In Buddhism, he is the sixth deva of the kamadhatu, the "demon lord of the sixth heaven" who resides in the Paranimmita-vasavatti.

    When Shakyamuni attempted to reach enlightenment beneath the bodhi tree, Mara attempted to obstruct him by perfoming many nuisances.
    Sending in his three beautiful daughters (some also say he transformed himself into them), throwing a disk of fire, raining rocks and weapons, making monsters attack him, causing torrential rains and windstorms...
    However, Shakyamuni transformed the thrown disks and weapons into flowers, so it was impossible to obstruct his enlightenment.
    A position as "the one who hinders the practitioner of austerities", just as denoted by the Kama who hinders Shiva, and the Mara who hinders Shakyamuni.
    One may say that Kama-Mara is a god that simultaneously represents both the positive and negative aspects of the concept of love.


    Kama Sammohana - To Entertain Love is To Be Loveless
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 2~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A arrow of flowers called Sammohana, possessed by the God of Love Kama.
    It possesses the effect of evoking feelings of tender love in those shot by it.
    In case she is in a condition where the disposition as the "one without a body", "one who misleads" has became strongly apparent, her lost body itself will be interpreted as an arrow of love.

    Mara (Beast III/L)
    ]Beast III/L

    Beast III/L.
    While Beast III/R was an incarnation of narcisim that "fulfills the universe with her own love alone", this one is an incarnation of philanthropy(1) "exhausts the universe with a love directed towards all of humanity".

    While Kama-Mara is high-handed, sadistic and behaves as if looking down on humanity, she can "love" anyone no matter what kind of person they might be; and thus she can make them "fall into lust(2)".
    Nonetheless​, as expected, said love does not take the other party into consideration.
    She does not cause others to fall into depravity due indulging in her love, but rather uses love for the sake of making them depraved - such is Kama-Mara beastial nature.

    Originally a bunrei that was a mere fragment of the Divine Spirit Kama-Mara, she manifested by borrowing a human form and became a Pseudo-Servant.
    Although it was not a deliberate deed, Parvati split the body of "the girl who became her vessel" into good and evil parts.
    The "Kama of this life" possessed・reincarnated into that "evil" part as if drawn to it. That is the reason why she became a female god instead of a male one.

    Kama-Mara possesses an affinity with the inverse, negative aspect of the emotion called love - its various facets as an existence.
    Kama-Mara was already an unstable existence to begin with, but due her "divine core that mixed together love and suffering" conforming with the fortune(3) of the "girl who became her vessel", she acquired a more solid Saint Graph.
    Fundamentally, the proportion of Kama:Mara is 6:4.
    Just like other Divine Spirit Servants such as Ishtar, she has the character (personality・disposition) of the girl who became her vessel, but not her individuality (personal history).

    The usual Kama has a Kama:Mara proportion of 6:4. But when that proportion greatly leans towards Mara, her Saint Graph awakens as a Beast.
    Kama obtained the body of the universe, but that is no different to the demon lord Mara (who is the same existence as her) acquiring the power of the boundless territory (universe).
    The calamity・worst case scenario of "a god of love that connected with the universe" being no different from "a demon lord of desire that connected with the univese".
    Kama became an existence that contained within herself the disaster of "an universal deluge of love and desire".
    Under these circumstances, she has more than enough qualifications to become an immature beast that destroys humans.

    Beast III/R - one of the seven human vices, the beast of "lust" - has already manifested.
    As if chained(4) to that.
    She manifested with the exact opposite orientation as that beast who "directed all love towards herself", and yet as an immature beast of the same "lust" that "provides all love herself; in other words, robs away all love (which originally should be directed at a beloved person)".

    The god of love who was prescribed to nestle close to the love of others, was annihilated upon getting embroiled in the love of others and ended up obtaining the infinite as a result, grew tired of love quite naturally.
    Thus, she is attempting to fulfill everything with her infinite love.
    If the universe (humanity) is fulfilled by her love, then the unpleasant, troublesome love of others cannot exist there.

    What exists here is a beast that sprays on humanity a (arrow of) lust that can burn the universe.
    There is no need to do anything.
    There is no problem in becoming a failure.
    To be loved, approved of even after degrading into a livestock. Kama-Mara makes such an ultimate pampering possible.
    Giving all humans in the universe, every single one of them, a greater love (temptation) than the one once bestowed to Shakyamuni.

    "Worldly thoughts may be immeasurable, but I vow to server them all――― it is painful, right? I shall burn away all your worries."

    That figure - which smiles while jokingly scorning the Bodhisattva vow - is truly fitting for the arch-nemesis of Buddhism, the one called a demon lord.

    Her Class was determined by this true nature described above.
    The God of Love and the likes are nothing but fake names.
    This is the great disaster that a divine demon was reduced to, and who saves humanity in the most widespread manner.

    Its name is Beast III/L.
    An aspect of the seven human vices, the beast carrying the principle of "lust".


    Authority of the Beast: A
    A skill that might also be called "anti-mankind".
    Assassin Kama does not possess this skill.
    ...or maybe, it is kept hidden deep within her facet as Mara.

    Banyoku Outai(5): EX
    To begin with, Kama-Mara was furnished with a higher-order of diversity of shapes and abilities in order to answer to the desires (worldly thoughts) of the many humans that live in this world. By adding the boundless disposition of the universe on top to that, such diversity was sublimated into a more concrete form.

    This is an Authority for the sake of surely nestling close to, pampering and depraving every single desire (worldly thought) in the universe. A theorem in which "all-corresponding selves", which can be freely customized, exist in infinite numbers as if stardusts.

    In other words, the beastial Kama-Mara exist infinitely within her own inner universe.

    Nega Desire: A
    An absolute, ultimate doting skill possessed by the beast who is an incarnation of worldly thoughts. No matter what kind of existence it may be, those who possess desires will literally become depraved at the ends of her love.
    If all the desires, worldly thoughts that exist in the universe were to be fulfilled by an infinite love, that would be no different from the concept of desire being eradicated from the universe.


    Samsara Kama/Mara Avaruddha - World of Love, Burning Universe
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 100~99999
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A Noble Phantasm for the exclusive-use of Beast III/L. As an exception, it possesses two True Names.
    This is because they both denotes "the same thing".
    Samsara means the "cycle of transmigration" in Sanskrit, and derives from one of Kama's aliases - "Samsaraguru". Avaruddha means "obstacle" in Sanskrit, and denotes the many nuisances (in other words, the temptations into depravity) that Mara unleashed towards Shakyamuni.

    A compulsive indulgence of love that carries both positive and negative meanings...
    An extreme depravity Noble Phantasm that represents a cataclysmic-level bewitchingness by the power of two deities, Kama and Mara.
    If one were to receive this Noble Phantasm while within Kama's universe, he would probably end up seeing a hell-like (or maybe paradise-like) spectable in which "Kama indiscriminately sends in herself (her duplicates) from all directions and burns the universe into depletion with an one-sided love".

    (1) the original Japanese term literally means "love towards others". Since there is no directly corresponding term for that in the English language, I went for the closest substitute that I could find.

    (2) the original Japanese term can also be translated as "passion"

    (3) as in "one's lot", "destiny"

    (4) as in "chain reaction"

    (5) roughly, "all-desires corresponding body". Seems like an allusion to Kiara's (Beast III/R) Banshoku Yuutai skill.

    By the way, I came to realize that I completely lost track of which of the incomplete profiles already had their missing parts published. If anyone knows about something and wants me to translate it, just give me a heads up.
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    Maybe after the Lostbelts are over he’ll have some time to continue working on it?

    I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

    But hey, maybe at one of the official F/GO panels at conventions, we could have people volunteer to ask the developers to pass on a message that Beast’s Lair would be willing to help with Re:Tsuki’s development if he sent us a few notes. We would be willing to help, right?