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  1. Keeping it going.

    Hi everyone,

    Given the fact that this has been some time since I blog in perhaps anywhere, I'm a little nervous again especially considering that I'm now out of college, and into an unknown beginning of my chapter of my adult life.

    College life was plenty fun. Going to football games, doing programming, software development, learning the ropes a little bit on the subject and then some. Ultimately I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. So that's something ...
  2. Cooking with Strife 2.0: Steak

    by , February 17th, 2017 at 09:12 PM (The House of Edelfelt)
    Hi it's your girl Strife here, I'm going to try to cook a steak!

    This is the steak in question:

    I seasoned it with salt and oil and left it for like 15 minutes, then into the pan it goes:

    4 minutes on both sides!

    The result:

    Looks ok! It could be slightly ...
  3. BMT Journal Week 0-3 Sunday (Christmas) WIP

    Week 2 Sunday

    Decided to write down an informal blog/journal. Will probably post this on BL sometime in tech school. So onto today. Today was what everyone calls Grilled Cheese and Jesus (Atheist for me) day. Read it’s Sunday. No instructors. Slow morning. Lots of folding and talking.

    So I went to the Atheist/Humanist “service.” It was pretty cool. Talked about how to relieve stress besides praying and how stress can be viewed positively. Like if you view stress positively, ...

    Updated March 11th, 2017 at 10:35 AM by Kuroyuki

  4. The bunnies(busties?) justify the munnies...

    Where is she even from. I don't care!

    No I don't have a problem la la la la.
  5. Dragon's Dogma II

    Shield of Rousing Resolution (奮い断つ決意の盾, ?) is a skill that temporarily raises one's own defensive power and draws in an opponent's attack. It is only bestowed upon those who muster their courage and protect the back of those who egress before anyone else.