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  1. What if Utan Enhada was in Melty Blood: Actress Again? (Marvel Ripoff)

    I was hoping that I would have made this into a guest character for this game. Oh well.

    Mid Boss: Satsuki
    Main Boss: Archtype Earth (Akitsuki)

    Stage: Abandoned Waterfront

    Command Moves (all variants)
    df,C - Sky Uppercut
    db,C,C - Command Slashes
    d,C (air) - War Hammer

    Crescent Moon Variation (no air combos/gains super jump)
    qcf,A,B or C - Air Fang
    qcb,A or B (x3) - Blue Fang
    dp,A,B or C - Rising ...

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  2. Fate/Grand Saber

  3. In Honor of Star Wars...

  4. Initiate Revolution.exe


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  5. Fate/Amor Fati

    by , December 16th, 2015 at 10:59 AM (Creations of a Nobody)
    [Insert nonexistent poster]

    Fate/Amor Fati

    Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Action

    Content Rating: Fiction; MA18+ CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT FOR MATURE ADULTS ONLY. May contain sexual content, strong language, graphic violence, and or adult themes. Viewer (Reader) Discretion Is Advised.

    Synopsis: In this retelling of the 5th Holy Grail War, the story follows Hakuno Kishinami. As he survives the Great Fuyuki Fire, Hakuno is adopted along ...

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