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  1. Tis the season to be sickly...

    Winter here in the Southern hemisphere and boy are there a lot of colds going around. I quit medicine after completing my intern year, but they are so short of staff right now that they asked me to come in to fill the gaps at the local hospital. Not being involved with any projects at work I agreed, and...

    ... I'm down with the cold for the third time this winter. Zeepers.

    I'm not even the worst off actually. One of my colleagues is on his fifth round of sick leave, and ...
  2. Oh right, I'm supposed to post stuff like this.

    Yeah. It's been a week or so, but I did get my laptop back. Kind of forgot to make a fanfare about it because I was helping out at the VBS at my church. I kind needed to use my computer for my station and decided it was a good time to ask for my laptop back anyways and under some rules (mostly that I don't stay on it all the time) I have it now.


    Though I did somehow lose the flash drive I've been using at the library to store all the stuff I've been writing. ...
  3. The Blog Post Full of F-Bombs.

    Fuck all of the ignorant people. I just got better from being sick and this shit happens?

    Just fuck it.

    You want my fucking help? Then, fuck you. Do it yourself.

    Ask for help, Wants to help and insists even though I haven't done it before it's similar to other things I've worked with and I can try, Spit in face and dignity and pride, Fuck you then. Fix your own goddamned fucking clogged sink.

    Do all the shit you can't do yourself since I'm ...

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  4. Monty Oum

    Simply because it has become apparent to me that there are still some people out there who do not know of his work, I just thought I'd take the moment to bring together over 30 minutes of fan ingenuity. For educational purposes, of course. <.<



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  5. Flower Petals, Rabitt Holes, Missing Tag and Out

    by , July 23rd, 2012 at 03:43 AM (Just Persona 5 things)
    So the new Hanabira ni Kuchikuze wo (A Kiss for the Flower Petal,) was announced. The heroines well


    That's totally Homura and Madoka

    Also way back on another blog I did not add FFXI. Let me correct that

    Ronfaurre is awesome. There we go.

    Also, also one of my tags is apparently ...