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  1. Anxiety stretched taut until it sings

    by , June 29th, 2018 at 06:48 PM (Daydreamy Side of the Moon)


    Nervous, nervous. Trying to psyche myself up to go to Miku Expo in a few hours.

    It's not like it's the first time - I went to Miku Expo 2016 in Mexico City, and I even cosplayed back then! But it's the first time I've gone to a concert alone and first experiences bring my anxiety all the way back to full speed. It's not even a clearly articulated worry, or a specific cause for concern, just a fuzzy, ...
  2. I set a transparent picture of Kotomine as my background and it broke in the best way possible

    So I got a new phone and decided for whatever reason to chuck this picture of Kirei as my wallpaper till I found something half competent

    First it just chucked him over the default one which was neat but I didn't bother screenshotting it. After a little bit it got weird

    Sadly after restarting my phone the background went away but it ...

    Updated June 28th, 2018 at 01:56 AM by Stevethepi (Making it more than a single picture)

    Tags: bug, Kotomine
  3. LunarFate 3: The Scarred Stars (The Final Chapter of the LunarFate Saga)

    The Scarred Stars is now available @

    This is my final installment of the LunarFate saga. I would like to get started on LunarFate EX, but I guess I'll end it right there. Now, my main focus is on completing the "Demon Hunterz" saga.
  4. Servant Collection


    Updated June 5th, 2018 at 03:18 AM by pinetree

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