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  1. Going to a Job Interview tomorrow.

    by , September 2nd, 2014 at 11:26 PM (Just Persona 5 things)
    Wish me luck, I guess.

    Being nervous all day is a terrible way to spend your birthday btw.
  2. Kieran's bout to get more blog posts than me.

  3. Back from London

    by , August 28th, 2014 at 12:11 PM (The madman's asylum)
    I'm back with vengeance.

    Fiver flew to Canada in the beginning of the month.

    I didn't want to disturb Strife. -> No British Museum for me.

    By the end of the journey I had shitty, slow as Hell's most intricate tortures Wi-Fi.

    I couldn't get to Scotland because the tickets were either too expensive or couldn't be purchased. Clash with our schedules and whatever else.
    Tags: england
  4. Motto! Aisurando

    Because why not.

    Snorri Sturluson's bathtub. Y'know, guy who wrote Prose Edda and all that good stuff.

    also namesake of Celty Sturluson

    Nice boat yes.

    Ship whose owner lovingly wrecked it ...
  5. Wagakki Band

    My ears. They are cumming.