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  1. Apocrypha ・ Speculation

    TM wikia started using my stuff. Baaaaaaaadddddddd idea TMwikia.
    Either way that led me to cross checking the max targets on Shakespere's np for some reason and I thought to myself. Hey, this blur, I wonder if it's readable?
    So then I looked at Zero Materials and the blurred version of Lancelot, and was like; "hey they're pretty close, I'm sure I could get a few things from Apocrypha's blurs if I looked hard enough." That is, I assumed the text had been written it was just ...

    Trade that shit in for figures.

    Bitches and 'hos. The dark side is sweet. Dawg.
  3. SummerSlam 2014

    Pretty much this.
  4. What's In a Name

    So, I'm getting ready to finish my online serial The Law Unto Herself Chronicles: The Stolen and originally I was going to just segue into the next Forest story. It's called "Scream Queen" and takes place during the 1980's. You know, that wonderful decade of Reganomics, movies that were unapologeticly violent and awesome like The Terminator, Aliens, Robocop, and so on and so forth, and hair metal. It just happens to be the decade I was born in and the one I will probably always ...
  5. All my friends coming or going to Japan

    by , August 15th, 2014 at 09:35 PM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    Three of my friends just got back from Japan, two of which actually permanently live there teaching at universities who are only visiting for the month. All they did was torture me with the fact that they got to see the first of the two new Rurouni Kenshin movies and get to see the other one when they get back. They were nice enough to get omiyage though, and unlike my other local friends who mostly got food, mine were one of the movie kuji prizes from Overlooking View 3D.