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  1. Beast's Lair Grand Order

    Play it now.

    Post your best servant in the comments.

    (If you aren't in it it's because I haphazardly made this in the middle of the night)

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  2. Some random and trivial things that don't really matter and you won't probably read but meh

    So, this Thursday America's Singularity reached... America (wow). I was advancing in the story as usual, spending the last 3 Golden Fruits I had to reach Alcatraz when suddenly...

    Morgan motherfuckin' Freeman makes a cameo. I'm not a great fan of movies, but that didn't make me feel less excited about this. These are the things that make a game ...
  3. And then I woke up

    Originally posted in The Literal Dream Thread, reposted here for archival purposes.

    * * *

    I dreamed I was in my parents' house, except it was the Spanish Civil War.

    I went for a walk in my old neighbourhood, with a stick (bow?) as my only weapon.

    But there was an enemy officer (nazi-looking guy) near the bus stop! He fired his Luger at me.

    However, I went into bullet-time mode and dodged the whole magazine.


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