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  1. Fate/Grand Order - English

    Quote Originally Posted by telesbleach View Post
    The tablet i use to play decided to stop working, so while i find a solution for that, i have to play on my shit phone, its so lag, it fells like its gonna explode on me anytime.

    at least i won't lose my login streak and can keep farming GudaGuda.
  2. My Original Characters From LunarFate in Fate/Grand Order [Possibly a new arc/singularity in Fate/Grand Order (Hawaiian Arc - 2007 A.D.)]

    Utan M. Enhada

    Class: Foreigner

    Noble Phantasm: Jeweled Axe Sword - Kukuro Juji Zan (Buster)
    Effects: Death, DEF Decrease on a single target

    Power Gem = 10% ATK Increase on self for 3 turns
    Reality Gem = Random Effects on self/allies (Guts, NP Strength Up, Ignore Invincible)
    Soul Gem = heals 2000 HP on self/allies for 3 turns
    Albert Rosso

    Class: Caster

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  3. My Servant Compendium

  4. My Servant Compendium

    Here's the list of servant sheets that I have made. Yeah they're not the best but I like to think they have promise.

    Rostam [Rider] (Shahnameh)

    Esfandiyar [Lancer] (Shahnameh)

    Faramarz [Rider] (Shahnameh)

    Tyrfing [Saber] (Tyrfing Cycle)
  5. A Question to RPers about Being Faithful to Canon

    So, this was a question I asked of #regalia, and I got some nice feedback, particularly from Vritra. Just, not as much as I'd like. The question itself goes something like this:

    • In a hypothetical game system intended to fit the Nasuverse setting, (one using a skill-based model akin to White Wolf's World of Darkness or GURPS rather than something like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder's level-based mechanics) how important would it be to make the effects of the skills in

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