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  1. Nikiri's Avatar
    where is tsuki no sango

    But nice collection
  2. Christopher H2's Avatar
    If you women are offended by this season, I would like to apologize. Sexism is a sensitive topic that I know for a fact I shouldn't be talking about; but someone has to draw the line between them. I'm taking a month off writing; hopefully, I'll finish the rest of the series at June 2019.
  3. Twelveseal's Avatar
    To serve as a theoretically objective reference to the actual content of a given topic in order to supplement or refresh the knowledge of those already familiar with it or provide reliable information to those who are new to the subject.

    That they tend to end up as battlegrounds for edit wars as contributors try to curate what people are likely to see as official and accurate, thus shaping what the less-informed view as objective reality on the topic to support their own pet theories and opinions, doesn't really change their original purpose.
  4. Mcjon01's Avatar
    If that's true what even is the point of wikis then
  5. Imperial's Avatar
    A consistent and compelling story and cast of characters is more important than an arbitrary set of rules that fans slavishly adhere to in an effort to keep it legit.
  6. Twelveseal's Avatar
    Guess I'm not going to get much more feedback. So far,including outside sources, the general consensus has been to ignore official content when it's problematic for the work at hand. Instead, produce a more fitting approximation of the original content.
  7. Mcjon01's Avatar
    I would never betray my friend, Canon, not even in an RP
  8. Bloble's Avatar
    You shouldn't bother with trying to replicate GO skill effects because they are mostly if not entirely divorced from what said skills would actually do in lore, and any effect they have in game is purely mechanical and meant to fit a very constrained system. Fluff and descriptions is all you should be looking at in that regard.