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  1. Draconic's Avatar
    Maybe after the Lostbelts are over he’ll have some time to continue working on it?

    I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

    But hey, maybe at one of the official F/GO panels at conventions, we could have people volunteer to ask the developers to pass on a message that Beast’s Lair would be willing to help with Re:Tsuki’s development if he sent us a few notes. We would be willing to help, right?
  2. hayate's Avatar
    They even had a song just for this. Power of money, I guess.

    Don't worry, that one will come true just like Riyo had his own Servant up on Chaldea.

    Wait and hope.
  3. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    The guy who did the Gundam x F/GO April Fool's fake trailer has to one-up themselves from last year.
  4. Hen_Ichi's Avatar
    Immediately recognised a rework of an earlier trailer tho
  5. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    And so we are still denied a Tsukihime anime.
  6. DracoFay's Avatar
    I also made a few fan classes, Here, one of them is very similar to this one, even made a couple of servants in those classes.