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  1. Looking for...

    by , August 9th, 2012 at 12:51 AM (IRUn's House of Whatever)
    ...random recommendations!

    I've decided to get up off my ass and get into more things. Trouble is, I'm not exactly sure where I should start. Normally I'd do things myself and look around, but I've decided to see if the friendly, knowledgeable denizens of Beast's Lair could offer their input on what they think is the shit/bee's knees/your euphemism for what's good here.

    The recommendations I'm looking for are:
    Western Comic Books/Graphic Novels
  2. Amazing Chest Ahead.


    Get it?
    Tags: Dark Souls
  3. Fuck my MP4

    Fuck it. May the damned thing go to hell and be tortured forever. It still works, but THAT and shit are the same.

    The volume, directional buttons and selecting buttons are broken, they only work whenever they fucking want. I take 15 minutes to just chose a music because it keeps selecting the wrong one. I can't acess the main menu normally so when I try to change the track I have to turn it off (the ONLY button what works!). The volume buttons also keep changing the volume to the minimum ...
  4. I am not a Theme Park Person

    Which is odd, because I love people, partying, and having fun.

    Went to Magic Mountain yesterday on the hottest day of the year. It was a thoroughly miserable experience, because I already had the worst headache of my life.

    I mean, this headache was really bad, it actually brought me to tears! A fricking headache could make me tear up when accidentally slicing open my finger earlier that morning didn't even phase me. Like, I pull apart flaps of skin and found it mildly amusing ...
  5. Unspeakable undersea creatures swimming towards the camera

    What say you?
    You of the blossoming teardrop
    You of the salamander in flight
    You of the destined footsteps in silver
    We are who you are
    And we see the clock already ticking

    Been away for a day, stayed in a nice enough hotel, not what you'd call a high-class establishment yet servicable all the same. Room was a tad small, spent most of the evening glued to the television screen.

    Mainly due to the internet I haven't watched the small screen in ...