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  1. A Farewell to Arms

    Circle: Hashihime Antipathy
    Vocals: Leftovers

    Good bye Bridge.
  2. It's going to be ok

  3. Involuntary Data Purging

    Don't you just love it when Google synchronizes your phone and deletes every note you made over the past week?

    Yep… as you can probably imagine, I was uncharacteristically serious mood last night. Serious and furious.

    So I back up my phone, from the cloud, which backed up yesterday. Thank god, I'm not going to—

    Oh, what's this? An error message? And what's this? My phone—which I just reset—has a backup from yesterday but that has now been deleted for god knows ...
  4. Headaches

    i want them to stop so much
  5. The Fic List

    Here is where I'm dumping any fics I write. I have an author tag but this frankly looks nicer.

    Possible Future Projects

    Some contribution to the Jeanne Boom (Postponed Indefinitely)

    A 3-6 chapter fic revolving around the relationship between Ferdiad and Cu Chulainn (Will write after QoF ends)

    Ongoing Works

    Quest of Fate. Original Characters. Fate/Apocrypha - A 'choose your own adventure' where the readers guide the actions of Seigi ...

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