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  1. Apple's Avatar
    This game is rigged I got crying vegeta and food 3 times each
  2. Kotonoha's Avatar
    my swimsuit version will be 5*, just you wait
  3. King of Padoru's Avatar
    Wish I had been told 1. before... Upside is that she's looking the story so far
  4. Seika's Avatar
  5. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    ^ Cursed Blessing.

    I’m amused people like Bridge’s quote so much.
  6. Tikigod784's Avatar
    I got McJon 5 times in a row and gave up. My attention span is too short for mobile games. :P
  7. Marmadillo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zurvan
    I'm surprised You isnt in there
    You is there. I got three of them.
  8. Mcjon01's Avatar
    “I dreamed I was in my parents' house, except it was the Spanish Civil War.”

    Wow stealing the opening line of my novel not cool
  9. Mcjon01's Avatar
    when do i get my ssr version
  10. Snow's Avatar
    I can't believe I'm so easy to roll, I'm the Kojiro of this game
  11. Zurvan's Avatar
    Servants Owned: Seika, Arashi_Leonheart, McJon, LVL, Macchaos, Bloble, Frantic, SpoonyViking, Kyte, Eddyak, Cruor, Polly, Christemo, Bridge, Crying Vegeta, Lianru, Snow, Kirby, Five_X, Strife, Dartz, Trubo, Marma, Draconic, Katie, Nachos, HenIchi, Paitouch, Frosty, Moony, LJ3, i3uster, Petrikow, Spinach, Skull

    needs more servants, but cool app. Nicely done Strife. I'm surprised You isnt in there
    Updated Today at 06:32 AM by Zurvan
  12. hayate's Avatar
    I only have 2 5*. Laith and Nikiri, with their primary personal skills at EX.

    Can that count?
  13. Seika's Avatar
    One-star Bloble and 'this is what you deserve'.
  14. aldeayeah's Avatar
    *****: 2x C_V, 2x Mike, 2x food, 2x Petri, 2x mac_chaos, Bridge, Seika

    B& team 4 life
  15. Mattias's Avatar
    Bridge's quote was really on point.
  16. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Excuse me, why misclassed forumite, I'm obviously a Moon Cancer
  17. Prix of Heroes's Avatar
    This is the worst game in the world. Thanks, I hate it.

    (I'm really impressed, though.)
  18. Bloble's Avatar
    I can't believe you've done this.
  19. canaki's Avatar
    This was fun. I was sad I didn't roll arai, canon, or falla, but I guess they aren't in this gacha. Far-east pickup when.

    Servants Owned: Cruor, Polly, Five_X, Strife, Marma, Seika, Katie, Lianru, Frantic, Christemo, Bridge, Nihilm, SeiKeo, Frosty, Sesto, Dartz, Spinach, LJ3, Mike, Macchaos, Bloble, LVL, Trubo, Food, i3uster, Snow, SpoonyViking, Moony, Arashi_Leonheart, Skull, Crying Vegeta, Kirby, Draconic, Petrikow, Kotonoha, McJon
  20. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Incidentally it does keep track of multiples of servants, it wasn’t easy to display the count with the way it’s structured though.
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