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  1. 5 (part 7)

    (Just cutting up the camphor)

    Magic bullets sent blue sparks flying.
    The two of them sped along the rolling brick road.
    They were surely on a war-zone stretching far beyond the influence of a wobbly rope bridge.
    They ran as fast as they could. Without making small talk or eye contact with each other, they just focused on getting to the amusement park's exit.
    The chaos was fixed to its territory.
    If so, their
  2. 5 (part 6)

    Night of the Witches II/A Magician's Night (Part Two)

    It was, a melody quite like the days gone by.
    They were once part of this world.
    These speechless wonders, once thought that they had an eternity to be.
    They started out once, and it ended for them once.
    .................................................. ...siren
    A merry yet somewhat lonely tune full of mystery, it announced the park's dreamy return to reality.

    The night rang out.
  3. 4 (part 3)

    The next day. The sky was as cloudy as always.

    Everything was normal for them at school today.
    Term exams were around the corner, and then it was going to be their winter break.
    Around this time, Misaki High ran on a tight schedule, but it was first and foremost a private highschool that generously took the students' freedom into consideration.

    Taking the role of a diligent student was what the student council president followed to a T.
    Taking the role
  4. 4 (part 2)

    Two hours later brought the time to 9 o'clock at night.
    Taking their discussion to the sunroom, there unfolded an unheard-of spectacle in this European-style building.

    "You know, honestly? I didn't mean to put Tobimaru up to this."

    On the table was a pot blowing warm steam.
    As she tapped it with a pair of chopsticks, Aoko just grumbled to herself, not caring if anyone was listening.

    Tonight's dinner was Japanese cuisine -- an unusual
  5. 4 (part 1)

    Blues in her Name/It is in Aoko Aozaki

    So to come right out with it, I'm a magician.

    I basically live inside a fairy tale, where miracles can come true with a point of the finger, and I live far away in a really remote forest somewhere.
    It's not an accurate picture, but I think I'd take to it since I can sort of shoot at a mark.

    The things I can't do? I can't use a broomstick to fly into the great beyond in the sky.
    I can't change into an animal.
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