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  1. Servant Gallery

  2. My Throne of Heroes

  3. Heroes of a Distant Age: Fan-Made Servants List

    Since I may plan to revise some Servant Sheets in the future, might as well as make it easier for myself.

    Saber: (6)

    [The Three Musketeers]


    [Hugues de Payens]

    [Sir Lucan]

    [Liu Bang]

    [Geffroi de Charny/MICHAEL]

    Archer: (4)


    [Sir John Hawkwood]

    [Xiao He] [2.0]


    Lancer: (2)

    [Ulrich Von Liechtenstein] ...

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  4. How to deal with Servants: Mordred, Nero, and Semiramis

    Okay, so I'm going to do a semi-realistic assessment of what to do when confronted by a Servant who's out to kill you. Well, more in this case me, but I'll apply it to the reader's situation as well.

    First line of defense, as is common sense, is to have your Servant around! When you're dealing with the aforementioned Heroic (bah) Spirits, the best Servant to summon against these would be a Saber as well. Have them deal with it! You're just a human... right?

    The topic today ...
    Tags: fighting, Servant
  5. Servant Sheet #4: Adam Savage

    Also, I'm pulling this out of my head after a friend pitched the idea to Twitter (I don't see real people as Servants here, is that a no-no? Please tell me if it is!). Not really a serious effort.


    Adam Savage

    Image (c)[email protected]

    The Original Mythbuster, alongside
    Tags: Servant
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