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I am not a Theme Park Person

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Which is odd, because I love people, partying, and having fun.

Went to Magic Mountain yesterday on the hottest day of the year. It was a thoroughly miserable experience, because I already had the worst headache of my life.

I mean, this headache was really bad, it actually brought me to tears! A fricking headache could make me tear up when accidentally slicing open my finger earlier that morning didn't even phase me. Like, I pull apart flaps of skin and found it mildly amusing at best!

Aside from the heat, I was also wearing shoes and socks, which only made things worse.

Thankfully, I was able to find a good set of Batman sandals in my size while there.

Of course, even on the hottest day of the year the place was crowded as fuck. And I probably wouldn't have had the patience to wait in line, were it not for the company of my cousins and brother.

But of course, I only got on two rides. So I was alone and miserable for a few hours every time they found a new ride to get onto.

And I had to pay 14 bucks for a shitty burger, so that sucked too.

And really, the short adrenaline rush of a theme park ride has never been terribly attractive to me to begin with.




  1. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this stuff, Theo. Don't really like heights at all, so I understand how miserable it is to have to wait like that.
    Hope you feel better, man.
  2. Theocrass's Avatar
    Oh man, I feel like kind of a whiner now.

    I feel much better now, but your concern is much appreciated.
  3. Laith's Avatar
    Sometimes we need to whine about things. It's natural.
  4. Heroslayer's Avatar
    Yeah. I hate rides. I don't mind heights too much anymore (it used to bother me a lot) but I am terrified of falling. Even the simple rides get me hyperventilating.

    But yeah, I don't really like rides and the food is too expensive, and the games are a ripoff, so I don't really like theme parks either. Still, it's not that bad every now and then.
  5. Neir's Avatar
    fucking hate theme parks. And those things like them.
  6. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Theme parks suck. Only some rides are good, and while the food can be tasty it's too iffy to be consistent and always pricey as a bitch. Not to mention the fact that I absolutely loathe heights.

    Arcades are sooooo much better. At least you get to play old/modern(?) video games while you pay for overpriced food there.
  7. Mcjon01's Avatar
    I don't really like Magic Mountain. Maybe it's because every time I've been there it was:

    1) Like, 115 degrees, seriously did you build this thing in the shitty desert part of the state
    2) Unimaginably crowded, and there's not enough crap there like Disneyland to make up for the ridiculous lines
    3) Impossible to cool off in the water park because it was filled neck to neck with people
    4) Boring because half the rides were closed for various reasons each time

    Only good thing was that the Goliath coaster pulled enough G's to make my vision black out, so that was pretty fun.
  8. mangafreak7793's Avatar
    Meh, haven't been to a Disney type theme park in awhile. I'm a big fan of roller coasters but it can be a pain to wait in line so it is often bested to go on a weekday, and the weather is not so sunny. Less people will show up and you get through the lines faster.
  9. Artee's Avatar
    I like theme parks, but with hot weather.. definitely no. I hate the hot weather in general, but if it's cold, sometimes I even try to forget the place is crowded.. (this is difficult to happen, but I try it anyway) Lines, lines everywhere.. if you wait in line under the "desert sun" for several minutes, it's quite stressful, indeed.
    Oh, roller coasters.. I simply love them. I miss the 2 weeks I spent in the US this year, and riding awesome roller coasters everyday~
  10. Bittersweet's Avatar
    Hahahaha! That was a funny story. ^_^
  11. Spinach's Avatar
    Theme parks are great. As a matter of fact, the ones in Orlando are the only saving grace of Florida. I remember riding the Dueling Dragons ride at the Islands of Adventure like 20 times in a row with my brother in a rare moment where absolutely nobody was in line to ride, and the staff just kept sending us off without making us exit the ride and then circle around to get on again. Then the next day we came back to ride it again, got on the front seats, and as we were clickety-clacketing up the initial climb it started to rain.

    And hail.


    We both got off the ride with very bruised faces. Fun times were had by all.