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PE classes and another Facebook thing on my school

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So yesterday I had my first PE class in years. My school is only now making us have PE for god knows why. We third years should be focused on the university entry exams, just like every other third year from my city who are dispensed from PE. Even the teacher was surprised when we appeared at class. He is such a slave driver, that dumbass.

And today there was yet another polemic regarding Facebook at my school.

Let me explain things. In my school, classes start at 07:15AM and the tolerance for late students is 07:30AM. After that, they'll only enter accompained by their parents. Because of things like traffic, my school allows students who know they're going to be late to phone the school to tell them so they'll be able to enter.

A boy from my class couldn't enter yesterday morning because he was late, despite claiming that he called the school but they didn't answer. Later, he posted a photo of his cellphone's call register on Facebook, showing that he called the school seven times from 07:00AM to 07:30AM and they really didn't answer.

A lot of students posted comments about it (only a minority of them offensive, most people commented 'This also happened to me!', or so I heard), and pressed the 'Like' and 'Share' buttons. The principal then went to my class today and told everyone that they have 24 hours to 'Unlike' and 'Unshare' it or they'll be punished.

And people ask me why I don't have a Facebook account. I posted an incident that happened to me regarding Facebook a few days ago and another one happening so soon was too much to not be told.


  1. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    You see, the problem with this is not that they have Facebook accounts, comrade. It's that your principal is a totalitarian motherfucker.
  2. Mike1984's Avatar
    Yeah, that's just total bullshit.
  3. Mr. House's Avatar
    God damn, these kind of incidents should really be reported to the school's board. It's sounds (despite it being text) like a dictatorship is placed in your school and telling students to 'Unlike' the post on Facebook. Now, I'm all for hating it and any other kind of social network sites but this is going beyond my hatred for it.
  4. virzi's Avatar
    I have to agree with Ivan here. I still remember that in my last year of highschool, our principal almost took away our graduation ceremony because of a comment in facebook posted by a girl in our class.

    It's only human to have contempt for those you feel are stepping out of line, but acting on it like that is not excusable.
  5. Neir's Avatar
    Wow. That's rough, buddy.
  6. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Sorry to hear; doesn't sound at all reasonable to me.
  7. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    My advice to then: Stick it out. He'd be a dumbfuck to punish them over something not related to school, and it'd give them a stronger argument that he's overstepping his authority.

    Of course, teens being teens, most of them will probably be spooked enough to do what he wants.

    As others have said, that's totalitarianism.