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We Are All On Drugs

The Lady Don't Mind

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It's the sound of echoing hell
The chords of mirrored heaven
It's the voice of resounding purgatory
Crescendo of the earth

If we had an Ideas thread for Doujin Projects that'd probably be where I'd post this, as we don't suppose I'll stick it in here.

I'm thinking of making a series based on famous mythic/historic heroines all in the one setting (the only genderflips are Uesugi Kenshin and Achilles, Kenshin for obvious reasons, and Achilles is later revealed to be just a Roman gladiatrix in his image, so doesn't fully count), even if I'm not sure yet what that setting should be, whether high-fantasy alternate world a la Drifters, computer simulation a la Fate/EXTRA or Amatsuki, or even High School AU.

But the main thing I wanted to ask about is which one mythic/historic female do people think should be the main character? My own thoughts were:

* Nakano Takeko, heroine of the Boshin War, a hot-blooded and high-spirited fighter in battle yet a shy and awkward person out of it, compared to her more laid-back sister Yuko?

* Sun Shangxiang, the fiery tomboy princess of Wu, with her rival being the cool and icy yet secretly tender Uesugi Kenshin, for obvious thematic reasons?

* The unparalleled storyteller Scheherazade, having a natural urge to hear all the varied tales of so many heroines the world over and to use her intellect against tyranny wherever she sees it?

* The chaotic duellist Julie d'Aubigny, having a typical 'To Be A Master' attitude in wanting to battle against the greatest heroines ever to finally stand atop them all, only to be drawn in to a much greater plot?

I'd be interested in any alternate suggestions though.