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Type-Moon Fanfic Idea Thread

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The whole point of ME is that you trade sanity (and the abilities you have) for power.

If you could use your normal powers ANYWAY, then how would it even be a drawback. Use ME for power, turn it off and use your skills when you can.

But nobody does that, probably because you can't. I mean, Kariya could have had Lancelot not insane and out of control which would have helped him in a lot of situations.

Plus, it's weaved right into the summoning incantations, which kind of sounds like it's built into the way the Servant is going to operate for the duration of their summoning.
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  1. SeiKeo's Avatar
    but what does it mean
  2. Mike1984's Avatar
    Why did you post this here?
  3. Neir's Avatar
    because it's his blog and he can
  4. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Mike, don't police people's blogs, you fascist.
  5. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Then I'll say it,

    Stop posting posts as blogs pls

    Its a useless waste of forum space thank you have a great day
  6. Nicktendonick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neir
    because it's his blog and he can
    Yep. Pretty much that's the jist here. He's got the right to say what he wants.

    (though on a personal suggestion, I'd suggest quoting those elusive "quotes of win" (like maids, "that all of us have heard about, but have never seen." ) (cause they're funnier).

    But...really, yea. That, and I wanted to post that video.It's stupid funny. (And this one.)