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One year in the making

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April 3rd, 2011. Atlanta Georgia. It finally happened, The Rock returned to the WWE on a seemingly stacked Wrestlemania card. Highlighted by company ace John Cena and WWE Champion The Miz, everything was set to be a memorable night with some great wrestling. However, there was one match many fans were sure was to steal the show that night.

Fromer WWE Champion Sheamus was to take on United States Champion Daniel Bryan. They had worked together before and showed great chemistry with each other, so given time everyone was sure they'd tear the house down. However, something absurd happened. Something that I, to this day, have not forgiven. They were bumped off the show.

Yes, a title match at Wrestlemania was bumped off so that The Rock could cut a long winded, disastrous 20 minute promo. For the first time since 2006, when I started watching wrestling, I was embarrassed to be a fan. The Rock was at his absolute worst that night, and the show only went downhill from there.

Wrestlemania 27 is viewed as one of the worst in over a decade. It is critically panned and it's results had no bearing on the WWE at all. Everything went back to status quo and became boring until the Summer of Punk, with a few more embarrassing moments(such as the Rock's birthday getting 3 hours of airtime for no reason) thrown in the mix.

But now, almost a year later, things have changed I think for the best. The biggest indicator of this is in Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. One year ago they were bumped off the card for Snooki and 20 minutes of garbage. One year ago they were set to steal the show and given the middle finger. Now, however, they are competing for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now Sheamus is the Royal Rumble winner. Now Daniel Bryan is a different person, Sheamus is a different person, and they still have that same chemistry but in an even more exciting way than before.

Take note WWE, what you wouldn't allow them to do last year they will, without a doubt, do this year. Despite two dream matches on the card, despite a Hell in a Cell match, despite being one of the biggest and most important Wrestlemania's since X-8, an indy geek and a nobody Irishman are going to steal the show. And even with Rock/Cena main eventing, I am positive Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus will be the match that exemplifies why Wrestlemania 28 will go down as one of the best of all time.


  1. mewarmo990's Avatar
    Still can't believe we have a bona-fide WWE fan here on BL.

    Not my cup of tea... but I loved reading this.
  2. KENTA's Avatar
    We actually have a few. The Pro Wrestling thread wasn't started by me, surprisingly. I just happen to be the only one who regularly posts in it.
  3. mewarmo990's Avatar
    Hey, that's cool. Always surprised to see the different types on this board, since I don't hang around that often.
  4. KENTA's Avatar
    If I find time I'll probably start doing more of these. This one just popped out at me, but I really enjoy analyzing wrestling. Unfortunately there are plenty of people that are better at it than I am, and analyzing matches is much easier than analyzing songs or coincidences, but that would require people to actually watch the matches.
  5. mewarmo990's Avatar
    Glad to hear it! Though, I am reading it from the perspectiv of someone who knows very little about this variety of "pro" wrestling other than that it's all about showmanship.

    The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin days where the last time I really paid any attention to it, and that was only because I had friends who liked it.