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I have a proof of concept for a fanfic in mind

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Before anyone asks, I had thought of this fic idea earlier, after thinking over how to best write a story that was my own take on TheInfamousMan's Fate multicrossover stories of Fate:Zero Sense and Fate:Stay Away. In short, the main idea would be that someone outside of Zelretch and Angra Mainyu would somehow mess with the Greater Grail, manipulating the events of the Grail Wars to steer the future away from where it was going (Notes direction).

No, I don't have the proof of concept ready yet, but I should in about a month or so.


  1. Kelnish's Avatar
    But those stories are all cancer. You should write a proof of concept for a heaven's feel that just involves the master's killing each other because something something the grail system is fucked up something something magi are anchors for the magical energy of heroic spirits but not a partial materialization of them and that energy can only go to the grail with their deaths. That just sounds less awful while still being incredibly not good.
  2. Xamusel's Avatar
    ...I'm sorry. What do you think is all cancer, again?
  3. Katie's Avatar
    how do you go from hgw -> notes

    there's a huge time discrepancy and you are ignoring things such as, say, the land of steel, liners, and a-rays
  4. Xamusel's Avatar
    ...if, by ignoring things, you mean am ignorant of the significance of them... you're right. I don't know the significance of all the Notes-related things (which I intend to rectify somehow).

    Anyway, it's more like, I was considering Notes to be the canonical end of the Nasuverse... or is it?
  5. Ratman's Avatar
    Can you tell me what exactly entails "the notes direction"
    I thirst to know

    And I am sorry to tell you, but everybody who uses two and more ellipses in a single post will have a hard time falling in.

    unrelated, but is some blody idiot linking BL on like spessbattles or someplace like that?
    I am looking at you Katsura
    Updated March 19th, 2014 at 06:45 PM by Ratman
  6. Xamusel's Avatar
    Er, Ratman, care to elaborate on the ellipses bit?

    As for the notes direction, I was more talking about how Gaia was doomed to die, and how humanity was supposed to follow shortly after. This, well, is my way of extending the life of the planet (and the human population).
  7. Ratman's Avatar
    Ellipses are the "..." thing. It's kind of like a smileyface, except it's a vagueserious face. But it gets you the smileyface treatment all the same. There are people on this forum who got banned for using too many!

    The thing about Notes is that it takes quite a bit of different translations of the same material to get the right nuance in even the little that we have, and it's not an extra cool edgy setting anyway. It's just a boring rock with space cancer that used to be humanity on it.
    For getting a more complete picture, you'd have to read Tsuki no Sango, which you can, and maybe Fate/Extra, which you can only read a half of yet, anyway.

    The thing that made most people resent you right away, though, is actually talking about the "proof of concept" thing. And NOT HAVING IT. Wanting to do something only if people want you to do it. That's slightly hypocritical at least, and Kickstarter Scam thinking at worst.

    At the end of the day, fanfiction is a degenerate, lowly art form. Nobody can and will blame you for a false start, it's like screwing up a doodle. The best fan creation that I ever came to know started with a guy sticking chibi megucas to armed transporter and drunkposting them with an attached story, and realizing it's kinda writing itself.
    Updated March 19th, 2014 at 07:22 PM by Ratman
  8. Xamusel's Avatar
    Okay, I get it, next time I'll actually have the proof of concept ready for the blog post. I actually don't want to be seen as a hypocrite, and I sure as hell am not scamming anyone, even intentionally.

    Actually, I was thinking of writing the story to avert the whole bit about Notes, not letting it happen under penalty of death.

    In any case, I have Fate/Extra, but I don't know where to find an English language version of Tsuki no Sango (yet).
  9. Ratman's Avatar
    Nobody cares, yet. They will if it's good.

    First thing google throws out on "tsuki no sango pdf"
  10. Xamusel's Avatar
    Okay, I hear ya, I'll keep that in mind.

    Thanks for the download link.
  11. Totenkopf's Avatar
    Why do people always do this?
  12. Xamusel's Avatar
    ...why do people always do what, exactly?