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Made a forum post regarding fanfiction on TVTropes

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If anyone wants context, well, TVTropes has a thread on its forums where people talk about what they feel is important in fanfiction. Thankfully, I made some time in my day to write this post (granted, not a lot of time):

This was the main reason why I wrote this blog entry. I wanted to show you guys what was going on in my head at the time.

Also, just noticed this, but I wrote 22 blog entries now... after I wrote the 22nd post in that thread... after I turned 22. Coincidence?


  1. ratstsrub's Avatar
  2. Xamusel's Avatar
    ...meh. Not that it matters in any way.
  3. Guy's Avatar
    Your post is basicaly you saying "don't suck" six times.
  4. Xamusel's Avatar
    Er... whoops. I didn't mean for that to be the basic theme of the post.

    My bad.
  5. Kat's Avatar
    TVTropes are bad and you should feel bad about it.
  6. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Twice H. Pieceman.
  7. Xamusel's Avatar
    ...okay, seriously, what did I do to deserve this?
  8. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Your advice, OP, is bad. I think. It might not be.
  9. Xamusel's Avatar
    ...okay, seriously, how's my advice "bad"? I mean, that was more for my own benefit, if anything.
  10. SeiKeo's Avatar
    It's just one of those things that you learn to need to recognize and cast out. Bad advice.