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The Eternal Record

And Vacation's Over...

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Well, those were some fun days. I didn't get to buy much new stuff this time around (other than a Wii U and Danganronpa), but vacation was still enjoyable. Though I still wish I could have done something aside from the same ol' parks, since, well...this would be my third time going to each of them.

Well, I can't complain. Except for yesterday; our time at the airport was a complete nightmare filled with delays and misreading the flight schedule. Home sweet home...

I'll take a day or two off before re-opening the Photoshop Shop, though, but at least I'm back in action.


  1. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    I've... I've waited for you. ;_;
  2. KAIZA's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan The Mouse
    I've... I've waited for you. ;_;
    And I haven't forgotten; don't worry.