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Kingdom of Ruthenia sticking their cock in my Polandball. Because I took Kiev, and the map looks silly now.

The cock will stay because I now bully Lithuanians for Moral Authority. I need 5 % to reform.


  1. Enhance's Avatar
    Not sure if it's just me but I see like 10 cocks all over

    Spin-rin, support me?
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    Don't stare at them, Enhance-pants. You will become perverted.
  3. Enhance's Avatar
    I expected you to say "pregnant"
  4. Spinach's Avatar
    That only happens if you touch them without wearing gloves.
  5. Kat's Avatar
    Ruthenia still buttfucking me.

    They tried to do it literally when I got hilariously bad ruler who died quickly from syphilis (unrelated?), but after 8 year period of two civil wars, Bohemian and Ruthenian invasions I pacified country, got bitching 16 year old genius ruler (married to his aunt of his age) and I'm ready to expand eastwards.