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In 22 days, I turn 23, plus I'll (hopefully) have a new story series starting out by then

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Yes, October 22nd is the day I was born, all of 23 years ago by that point. If you want to say Happy Birthday then, go ahead, I'd appreciate it (though I might forget the blog post).

Anyway, there's a story series I am planning on releasing by my birthday, kinda like an early birthday gift to everyone else. It's a Grail Works series, but one that I need to get worked out with Kieran by that point, given that I'm attempting to figure out how to help him with the setting in general. If I can get Kieran to work out some details with me, I'd appreciate it... no, really.

Anyway, will see you guys again in here, hopefully.


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    Thanks, guys, for the videos. When I get the chance, I'll give them a look over, just because my writing schedule is demanding my time.
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    Happy happy birthday, to you!
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    Thank you! I hope to do something to express my happiness about this as soon as possible.