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Fanfic Contest Judging!

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Hello everyone, Milbunk here with some exciting news!

The fanfic contest I love to host will be starting up yet again soon and as usual I'm on the prowl for anyone interested in judging.

I know that in the past year this didn't work at as well as I'd hoped for it but I think it would be a shame for such a fun tradition to die because a bad experience or two.

As such are you interested in judging fanfics for a contest?

Do you love to criticize other people's works fairly?

Have you decided to not enter the contest this year for some circumstance?

If so, then perhaps it might be good to sign up as a judge!

For now the judging slots will be a bit tight and I'm going to be watching any wannabe judges very carefully so as to prevent a mishap like last year.

And with all of that if you're interested in judging why not let me know? Either here in this thread r via pm or some other method is perfectly fine.

And if you feel like it, spread the news! As I always like to say, the more the merrier!


  1. Imperial's Avatar
    I'm always dropping wordy reviews in the Recommended Fanfic thread, so I might be game, but I might want to enter it myself. What's the gist of year's contest? Any particular theme or central idea?
  2. Milbunk's Avatar
    That's still in development but I was thinking perhaps exploring the different sides of type moon rather than particular scenes such as action or drama might be an interesting change.
  3. I3uster's Avatar
    Stick to the standard.

    Experiments have always turned out rather meh in these contests why not try to do the best for a standard one.
  4. Megas's Avatar
    I'm ok with judging if you need a hand
  5. Milbunk's Avatar
    Yeah last contest was a little bit too bumpy so we will probably play it safe this time around.
  6. I3uster's Avatar
    I'll judge.
  7. Kelnish's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buster
    I'll judge.
    This seems like going a cruising for a rusing.