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Because of K...

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Hi folks, Milbunk here again, though I haven't been posting that often. Perhaps it's time I finally explain why.

I know I may not always be the best forumite around but I like to think I'm at least trying. I like to post new content and join conversations even when I sometimes miss key points or mess up information in general, but I at least like to think that some of me opinions on certain matters are worth something regardless of what others might say.

I like to host annual projects and create Roleplaying games that I also think others might be interested in even if those oftentimes need lots of work and fail in the end anyways.

And to be honest though I don't show it, sometimes I can also be effected by certain comments from other people (who I will not name) and those can bring me down.

That combined with certain real life issues created a vortex that made me feel like this forum wasn't all that worth it anymore. Honestly I was seriously considering leaving for good for a time.

It was these thoughts that caused me to postpone my CYOA as well as withdraw from judging my very own contest. A contest that I liked to pride myself on for the fact that I've kept it alive for four years now.

I was so concerned with other crap that when April Fools came and went I only put in enough effort to take the tiniest of glimpses at the forum. And it wasn't until today just a short time ago that I actually went to read the thread itself and got to enjoy all its hilarity. But even that wasn't enough for me to regain interest in the universe I used to love and adore so very much.

Until I came across a certain post by a certain forumite. And you know what I think?

Maybe it doesn't matter about most of that stupid crap but it was kind of fun looking back. I may not be the best writer, or defender in a discussion, heck I can't even post proper sentences all the time, but at least it was all fun.

I would rather be a naive fool than fall like those trolls who take such enjoyment out of such stupid things.

So thanks to all those BLers who kept the good times going, thanks to a certain magus whose spells could even overtake the user of multifraction dimension phenominom, and at most especially thanks to that idiotic near sighted lecturer who ruined himself for a stupid cause yet had a heart of gold.

This is for you K... May your star keep shining even after your days go by.

Whew man I really don't post this kind of stuff often but I really needed to get that off of my chest. Now, onto the more important stuff, updates!

In regards to my To Be a Magus CYOA, I'll be posting an official update for that this upcoming Friday! I'll do my utmost to make sure I stick to this deadline so hopefully you will all get to enjoy your new protagonist Sakura as soon as I can post it.

As for the contest, I'll be making sure to get on the judges about their posting habits as soon as I get the chance. I'll see that we get these reviews up as soon as I can make it so. At the very least I'll make sure they don't take six months even if I have to do them myself.

And finally who knows, maybe I'll start something new and interesting for you all to see, that could be interesting, right?

TL;DR, I'll be posting again soon, K... forever!


  1. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Good Work Kelnish
  2. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    Don't let it drag you down, Mil. There is always something to be said for putting in the effort.
  3. Kelnish's Avatar
    Wow Leo way to drag my name through the dirt.
  4. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Get trolled