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Haseo Nanaya

Le Chevalier d'Eon ~ Interlude Part 1/3

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Here you go part 1. I made a couple mistakes that cost me an early/quick win. When I used Artoria's NP I should have targeted the boss instead of wasting buster cards on an assassin that would have died to the NP but I didn't realize her NP was ready until I pressed Attack. OH well. I still won.


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  2. Haseo Nanaya's Avatar
    Part 3 Will be tmr.
  3. Delzor's Avatar
    D'eon is a tank character... will keep that in mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delzor
    D'eon is a tank character... will keep that in mind.
    Yeah she has high HP compared to her ATK.
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    So yeah fuck this boss.

    Fuck this Boss. Fuck this Boss. Fuck this Boss. Fuck his 900k HP and Fuck the 4 or 5 gems I spent to kill him.
    I miss you gems.
    Well I've done it. I've proved I'm the most dedicated FGO Waifu/Husbando lover here.

    The rest will be up later.
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    Haseo-chan, just to check, do you know about first card bonus?

    For example, given these 3 cards: Arts, Buster and Quick... in what order would you use them?
    Updated August 13th, 2015 at 05:41 AM by Delzor
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    Quick, arts, buster for max damage.
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    Haseo-chan, starting with Quick gets you more stars, starting with Arts gets you more NP and starting with Buster gets you more damage... Buster + Quick + Arts > Quick + Arts + Buster. Try it yourself haha.

    The first card tinkers with the effects of the 2 following cards, that is why it is called first card bonus.
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    Oh OK cool. Maybe make a blog entry about all the possible combos.
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    Finally fixed the last video. They really need to fix that boss.