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Mining for Bits

How much NP do I get in combat?

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More spelunking through the game code.
This time I'll see how much NP you charge from a single hit (remember that attacks may hit more than once).


NP% per hit = Round Down(Round Down(offensiveNPRate * (firstCardBonus + (cardNpValue * (1 + cardMod))) * enemyServerMod * (1 + npChargeRateMod) * criticalModifier) * overkillModifier)

firstCardBonus = {1 if Arts was first card, 0 otherwise. 0 if it's an NP card}
cardNpValue = {3 if Arts, 1 if Quick, 0 if Buster, 1 if Extra} * {1 if first card, 1.5 if second card, 2 if third card. 1 if it's an NP card, 1 if Extra card}
cardMod = +-X% to [Card] Power. ([Card] Up/Down)
enemyServerMod = {a server-controlled modifier given to the enemy.}
npChargeRateMod = +-X% to NP Charge Rate. (NP Charge Rate Up/Down)
criticalModifier = {2 if crit, 1 if not crit}
overkillModifier = {1 if enemy's not yet dead, 1.5 if enemy is dead}

NP% per hit = Round Down(defensiveNPRate * enemyServerMod * (1 + npChargeRateMod) * (1 + defensiveChargeRateMod))

defensiveChargeRateMod = +X% to Defensive NP Charge Rate. That passive given to Avengers.

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  1. Mirri's Avatar
    Selfish Question Time!:
    Have you found any information about "Blossoming Journey EX" scaling rates? How does the NP charge rate value increase?

    Also, once again, I love you for this information.
  2. Kyte's Avatar
    Ironically I posted Blossoming Journey's number in my example there. As a general rule skills gain 10% more effect per level, so at Lv. 10 they're double the effect of Lv. 1. So +10%, +11%, etc until +20%.
  3. Mirri's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyte
    Ironically I posted Blossoming Journey's number in my example there. As a general rule skills gain 10% more effect per level, so at Lv. 10 they're double the effect of Lv. 1. So +10%, +11%, etc until +20%.
    Haha, that'd be why I asked. Wasn't 100% sure on the latter portion
  4. Aedra's Avatar
    Is this explain why with the same card pattern but NP gain is not the same?

    For example, (I forgot who)
    Art Burst Burst that 1st art sometimes give 6, 7, 8 for unknown reason. Same with Heracules with 9, 10, 11 or 12 I forgot.
  5. Kyte's Avatar
  6. Penn's Avatar
    NP rate is is mstSvt or mstSvtLimit?
    i cant find it...
  7. Aedra's Avatar
    I've tried testing for NP gain according to the formula..

    Somehow I can't get the same result per calculation as pic below.

    Is there anything change? or there's some unknown variable beside server rate?

    Calculated value mismatch the real data
    1st Art Card: NP per hit = 0.84% x { 1 + (3 x 106%) } x1 (sever rate?) x 100% x 1 (not crit) x 1 (not overkill) = 3.5112 2 hit = 7.0224 (approx ~ 3% diff)
    same as 2nd Art Card and 3rd Quick Card.

    Testing data video

    Updated March 16th, 2016 at 03:38 PM by Aedra
  8. Kyte's Avatar
    Updated March 9th, 2016 at 12:57 PM by Kyte
  9. Aedra's Avatar
    ok.. I think I get it now.. (due to luck while i was sniffing the data for deathRate)

    Each enemy has their own unique tDRate as you called server rate. This rate is different for each

    -Monster Type (regardless of rarity)
    Doll (story) = 0.8
    Ghost = 1.08
    Wyvern = 1.1
    spell book (story) = 1.2

    or By Class (for example, Skeleton , zombie , EXP Hand, Servant, Shadow servant) (regardless of rarity)
    Archer = 1.0
    Caster = 1.2
    Berserker = 0.8

    edit: overkill hit is couting from the hit kill the enemy, all hits after that card are counted as overkill.
    edit2: still can't figure out why sometimes data regarding overkill is not accurate per pic below. (which need to count overkill as a whole card)

    Updated March 22nd, 2016 at 01:06 AM by Aedra
  10. Aedra's Avatar
    From collecting most of monster data from server in the game, I can summarize into this

    Server Rate (tdRate for each enemy)

    Class Normal Special
    Saber 1.0 1.2
    Archer 1.0 1.2
    Lancer 1.0 1.2
    Rider 1.1 N/A
    Caster 1.2 N/A
    Assassin 0.9 N/A
    Berserker 0.8 0.96
    Ruler 1.0 N/A
    Special monsters are
    - xxx soldier
    - pirate
    - zombie
    - pirate zombie
    - skeleton
    - dragon fang soldier
    - ghost

    Basically, all undead type so far.