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Mining for Bits

How many crit stars do I get in combat?

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Now for crit star drop rate.

Fairly simple, really.

dropChancePerHit = (baseStarRate + firstCardBonus + (cardStarValue * (1 + cardMod)) + serverRate + starDropMod - enemyStarDropMod + criticalModifier) * overkillModifier + overkillAdd

firstCardBonus = {20% if it's there, 0% otherwise. 0% for NPs}

cardStarValue =
First Second Third
Arts 0% 0% 0%
Buster 10% 15% 20%
Quick 80% 130% 180%
Extra card is 100%
Assume First Card for NPs.

cardMod = {+-X% to [Card] Power. ([Card] Up/Down)}
serverRate = {A server-controlled modifier, some enemies may drop more or less stars than expected. We can't know without compiling the data by hand.}
starDropMod = {+-X% to Critical Star Rate (Star Rate Up/Down)}
enemyStarDropMod = {+-X% to Critical Star Rate (Star Rate Up/Down) applied on the enemy} // Not currently used.
criticalModifier = {20% if critical, 0 if not}
overkillModifier = {100% if overkill, 100% otherwise} // yes I know.
overkillAdd = {30% if overkill}

As you can see, +Crit Rate% is a direct buff. If it says +30% then you really are getting a +30% chance of a star.
Star rate's capped at 300%
You get one star per 100%. So 254% = 2 stars plus 54% of one more star.

Updated October 6th, 2016 at 07:38 PM by Kyte



  1. Aedra's Avatar
    Nothing anymore just notice the *
    Updated August 22nd, 2015 at 02:11 PM by Aedra
  2. rednu's Avatar
    Are cardMods still neglected? They had a patch and the notes IIRC stated they were fixing those type of effects.

    Also, not necessarily related but, do Arts Up, Quick Up, Buster Up, etc. boost just the effects of the cards (eg. Arts Up just boosts NP gauge gain per arts cards) or does it also boost the damage?
    Updated September 4th, 2015 at 08:49 PM by rednu
  3. Kyte's Avatar
    formula fixes need new apks

    damage and np% (and supposedly stars) for matching cards
  4. magnetic_fan's Avatar
    Recently I noticed overkill now does not always give stars. I guess 3000 is a mistype after all. Maybe 3 is more reasonable.
    Would you check the star drop rate formula in new apk?
  5. Kyte's Avatar
    Not yet updated
  6. Kyte's Avatar
    ok now it's updated
  7. Skittles's Avatar
    Some thoughts on the new formula:
    +Quick is generally better than +crit star generation effects now, since they boost star generation by a roughly similar amount but +Quick also boosts damage. +Crit star nets you some more chance to generate stars on Buster/Arts and if starting with a Quick card, but +Quick gives you a bigger boost to star generation on the second and third cards, as well as damage.
    The formula says '* overkillModifier' where the modifier is 100%, but I guess that just means it's doubled if its an overkill (rather than being multiplied by 100%, because that's just....1)
    Overkilling with Quick card on the 2nd or 3rd cards guarantees 3 star drops even if you have no other modifiers
    Starting with Quick cards still isn't that good (compared to the amazing thing that is Buster), there isn't much difference between AQQ or BQQ vs QAQ or QBQ, except the former nets you some gauge/more damage too.

    Thanks Kyte, formulas get me excited. And I don't even have any Quick servants.
  8. Kyte's Avatar
    No, the overkill multiplier is there but its not doing anything.
  9. Aedra's Avatar
    serverrate for each class (collecting from most monsters in game)

    Saber 0%
    Archer 5%
    Lancer -5%
    Rider 10%
    Caster 0%
    Assassin -10%
    Berserker 0%
    Ruler 0%
    Avenger -10%

    Beside this, monsters base critical rate are fixed as the following as well
    Class Normal Special
    Saber 10% 20%
    Archer 20% N/A
    Lancer 10% 20%
    Rider 15% 30%
    Caster 10% N/A
    Assassin 30% 60%
    Berserker 10% 30%
    Ruler 10% N/A
    Avenger 10% N/A
    Special = Wyvern Family, Goblin Family, Werewolf & Werejaguar, Chimera Family
    Updated March 22nd, 2016 at 01:11 AM by Aedra