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Man At Arms Reforged presents: Excalibur

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They finally made a Fate Stay Night sword, and of course, what else could it be but this?

While I'm not entirely satisfied with this recreation( it lacked the fairy writing and the blade looks too thick and the guard is too small), I'm still happy with the final result.

Updated September 21st, 2015 at 02:06 PM by DreamsRequiem



  1. Char's Avatar
    The smith said he missed out the fairy writing because that was the signature of the fairies who forged the blade and he didn't want to forge it (same reason he didn't do the maker's mark on the Kill Bill katana)
  2. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    yeah I found that out recently too, which is actually pretty nice. Paying respects where they are due.

    still the guard is too small