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I'll just put this here before I forget

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I finally found a good use for mon blog - posting doomed fanfiction and fiction ideas!

As even I barely recall, about three months ago when I joined the forum I posted an 'idea' in the fanfic idea thread: writing a HGW or Similar Religious ArtifactTM War set in a European city, and since I'm a Prague hoe my city of choice was Prague. The unfortunate part of my idea was that I tried to conveniently escape having to think up a reason the streets of such a major tourist destination are empty and the things that happen during such an affair aren't causing an international scandal and my idea was that the war could take place in a system of underground dungeons/deathtraps/pocket plane below the city in a gauntletish manner.


I had a chat with Polly about it and she pointed out that the Fuyuki wars weren't exactly incognito either, and I could give a reason for the city streets being relatively empty and have the war take place topside. Which would be much better than a dungeon, provided I can think up said reason and have it be something not outrageously stupid.

So far my intention is for the setting to be modern, probably but not necessarily an AU. I'd want to address (or at least give a generous nod to) current political, religious and social issues in Europe at least to some degree, but since this is quite sensitive territory to thread I might end up concentrating on history, myth and individual characters.

I'm kinda eh with the Masters. I'd go for mostly independent masters as I'd like to represent different walks of life and social and psychological circumstances. This would need more work.

As for Servants, none of them were explicitly shown in TM media yet, but with how things are going it's only a matter of time and I'll make whiny noises when they all turn out to be GO lolis but eh.

The Servants so far (if you think I'll ever write this and would want to read it ha ha lol I'll spoiler it just in case):

Rider - Charlemagne. Nuff said.

Lancer - pharaoh Hatshepsut or Longinus (if Longinus he would have MAJOR plot importance, for Hatshepsut gender ambiguity).

Archer - Yekaterina Alexeyevna, Catherine the Great (why Archer? Stupid stupid reason: she's German, renowned for her jewels - maybe she could use a form of jewel magic like the Tohsakas do as projectiles.

Caster - Bilqis, Queen of Sheba (according to some legends descended from genies, taught Solomon how to magic, a mysterious figure revered in quite a few religions, also the artifact for her summoning being conveniently there).

Assasin - Elaine of Astolat, Lady of Shallot (tragic backstory but not the sort who'd become a Berserker, much weaker and less renowned than others but with very good utility and useful abilities, maybe uses threads from her loom as weapons and her mirror for recon (poetry and not history or legend but eh)). Also have her master be very capable in utilizing her.

- Emperor Ashoka (not so sure about this one but if I could do it justice why not).

Berserker - I honestly don't know. Maybe someone from Slavic lore? European history? Something more obscure?

Quite a few have sheets in CaS so maybe I'll bug people to borrow some of them. Or maybe I'll think them up on my own and fail spectacularly, who knows?

So yeah I put this here.
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  1. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    Frankly it's more interesting to have it take place in Prague itself, amidst the culture and business of the city. It'd be interesting to have that atmosphere and you're someone uniquely equipped to convey it. It feels exotic compared to the usual Grail War in Fuyuki.
  2. Snow's Avatar
    Gas leaks are my final resort.
  3. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    Could just have the Masters using boundary fields and such things to cover their tracks. Or the Church, they're likely a bigger presence there than Fuyuki.
  4. Akanzara's Avatar
    Just a thought-Charlemagne as a Saber and Ashoka as a Rider might work better-Ashoka had no really famous sword while Charlemagne had Joyeuse, which is a considerably more well known asset of his than Tencendur.
    Well, that said, Ashoka didn't exactly have a particularly famous mount either.
  5. Snow's Avatar
    You're right, and now that I look at it none of my knights except maybe Longinus (Orlov diamond might be a bit of a stretch for Catherine) have famous weapons. Something I'll definitely have to think about further.
  6. R.Lock's Avatar
    I find the person you chose to be Archer... a horrible fit for any of Servant containers. And she doesn't really have many myths to distort her nature into... being a projectile user.

    I'm more amused by an idea of Peter the Great returning back to Europe, but that's just me.
  7. Snow's Avatar
    Pretty much the reason why I'm probably never going to write this, yeah. Too much of a disconnect between what I'd like and want to write and what would actually make sense in the system.