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The Eternal Record

Servant Compendium

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Oh, do not mind me, just making a quick index for Servant sheets I've made, and plan to make. Blame FGO for me wanting to create Servants.

Artwork To Be Done:
Saber [Simón Bolivar] - "The Young Libertador" [TEMPORARY]
Lancer [Abdón Calderón] - "El Heroe Niño”
Assassin [Hassan-i Sabbah] - "Hassan of Retribution"
Assassin [Fuuma Kotarou] - "Fifth Head of the Fuuma Clan"
Caster [Ada Lovelace] - “The Enchantress of Number”
Archer [Hou Yi] - “The Divine Archer of the Sun”

There we go! Hopefully the list will grow! Or maybe I'll do something experimental with Photoshop...we'll see.

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