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The Eternal Record

Need help with pixiv comment!

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Yeah, I'm too afraid to ask directly, and I don't know where else to turn to. ^^;
I was wondering if any kind moonruner out there could help me translate a pixiv comment I got recently on one of my pics. Normally I would try to survive using Google Translate (I know, it's super reliable), but for this particular comment, it results in gibberish. >_>

So, yeah, ^^;


  1. Zurvan's Avatar
    something about an abbreviation, asartoria?
    I'm no moonruner....

    you can just ask someone like You or mewarmo in a Visitor message or a Private message
    Best of luck
  2. solarchon's Avatar
    Rough translation: "Abbreviated name should be something like Assaultoria. If she goes on an assault it doesn't seem like she would come back though..."