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The Great Heracles Hunt! (FAQ and Adverisement)

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Hey folks I've decided to post on Alf's behalf about his new RP that he has created basically to bring more people into the loop and maybe answer a few questions.

What kind of RP is it?

Well basically it is a Mafia style RP taking place in the Nasuverse, to be specific it takes place during the Apocrypha timeline during one of the many spinoff Holy Grail Wars. During the RP players will take actions in order to try and best one another for the right to claim one of the few remaining Heracles catalysts so that they may participate in a Holy Grail War.

Is the RP a Holy Grail War RP?

Not quite! It is basically the war before a Holy Grail War with the exception of Assassin who has already been summoned secretly by one of the players. Which player it is will be is chosen randomly by the GM who is Alf. Basically it is a story of a bunch of mages fighting for the best catalyst and since the setting is in Greece the possibility of getting Herc is pretty valuable. Additionally, I have spoken to Alf and he has mentioned that if the RP runs to completion or at the very least runs at all he would be willing to write a one shot of the victor of this RP detailing their events in the Holy Grail War that would take place after this one has taken place. If the RP does not finish he would still be willing to write a story for the most active player in the RP itself.

How is it different?

Well because it is a Mafia style RP the idea is that the RP will run a lot quicker than older RPs on BL with less conflicts on the little details. The addition of only a single Servant Assassin makes it so that players will have to be cautious in their actions as Assassin could easily wipe a Master off the map if they are not careful. There is also the reward mentioned above which could be a good driving force for anyone looking for a little motivation. Additionally, because the idea of this RP is designed to be simpler and take place at a quicker pace if you are unfamiliar with how RPs work but are interested in trying them out this is a good way to do so!

What if I have more questions?

Both Alf and myself will be happy to answer any questions you folks might have so feel free to PM them or mention them in this blog or even in the main RP thread itself. We also use the IRC chat #fatehg so if you are interested in that feel free to visit.

Where can I find it?

Right here:

Hopefully I've helped in my mission to bring a little more awareness to this little story, I will also mention that we have a lot of slots taken with room for about two or three more so if you are interested the quicker the better!

Milbunk out.