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Thank goodness for small mercies... (Fan Dev Log #001)

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So, I was doing some minor work on game dev and other stuff that I was doing when I saw my Twitter feed go off, giving me a new set of tweets. Naturally, I decided to take a look at what caused it, unaware that I had gotten a new video linked by the YouTube user SumRndmDde to all his followers... about a tutorial for someone's Action Battle System that I was almost completely unaware existed and would actually work! As soon as I saw the tweet, I clicked the link and watched the tutorial, seeing that it fit my needs perfectly well.

Now, this isn't to say that I have everything I need for this game figured out, but I got the basic idea what I can do for this right now. First off, however, I need to make some somewhat blank maps to make sure I don't screw up what I have in mind.


  1. Draconic's Avatar
    So, do you plan to make this game sprite-based, or should I skip recommending The Spriter's Resource?
  2. Xamusel's Avatar
    Yes, it will be sprite-based. No, you shouldn't skip the rec.