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Sakura Con 2017 recap

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Both my panels were Friday, one in the noontime and one in the late evening. The first, the Fate panel, went well I guess--had some technical difficulties with the sound but I glossed over a few things to make up for the time difference. I'll put the powerpoint up later if people want. Anyway, the actual important takeaway from it was that Hideki Goto, Aniplex of America's president, was present. After the panel was over, he came up, introduced himself, said he and Atsuhiro Iwakami, Aniplex Japan's President, were both in attendance. While Mr Iwakami had to leave before introducing himself, Mr Goto said we had to attend the Aniplex panel the next day and he would introduce him then. He asked to exchange business cards--a common thing for Japanese professionals to do--and, like an idiot, I did not have mine as I'd cleaned out my wallet to make it less bulky for the convention. I promised I would have some tomorrow. Regardless, he said the presentation was very detailed and that he was impressed with all of the material on it. Probably because it basically promoted Zero and UBW and FGO on top of hyping Apo, Heaven's Feel, and pointing people to Rakkyo, all the stuff Aniplex has fingers in.

Second panel went fine as well. Had more people than I thought we would, tbh. It was basically talking about the sort of stuff in my guide, but with added screencaps from various anime titles and with pictures from Japan on the same topics.

Only not cool thing: gf was staying with friends she rarely gets to see, so I would have to walk her to her hotel, then walk back to my hotel which was in the direct opposite direction from the convention. And uphill. At least this time I didn't wreck my ankle.

So the second day, with business cards in hand this time, we went to the Aniplex panel. While they were busy filling up seats, I saw Mr Goto, so I snuck up to the front and gave him my card. He then introduced Mr Iwakami, who also offered his card and said he was impressed with the panel I'd run. He even commented that he thought I was cosplaying as Waver's FGO 2nd Ascension, which I was. After the usual "Do you speak Japanese?" "A little, but I'm not very good" sort of stuff, he said I should keep in contact. As they were just about to announce American FGO, makes sense, eh?

So yes, they announced it. Shiokawa, DW's rep, actually worked some time in Bellevue, so he was familiar with the place. The press release on ANN is a little inaccurate, I'll read over it some more and try to point out the issues there in a while. But yeah, it was very apparent that they were going to be promoting FGO pretty heavily because they had quite the setup in the dealer's hall.

The other two main things I did after that--really though the day could've ended and I'd have been happy--were the Isao Machii demonstrations and the Thunderbolt Fantasy presentations. Isao Machii, for those that don't know, is an iaido practitioner that gained quite a bit of fame from breaking some world records and having specials on TV...

So he was showing some cutting techniques as well as dueling techniques both with single sword and dual and some unarmed throws. I've seen and done a little kendo up close, but I've not seen someone cut this fast. It was very anime.

Thunderbolt Fantasy. Butcher in the house. Also, dolls. Which they had move through the crowd doing some of the choreography, and then showed a video on the making-of and teased some designs for future works. The Taiwanese performers were also interviewed and it was funny as one of them said "yeah, see, I was already a huge fan of Urobuchi, Madoka is my favorite anime." But really, the best was during Q&A, Urobuchi was asked about his process and what he does to figure out who lives, dies, and what their journeys are like, and he replied with basically "I decide on their death first then reverse engineer their story to lead up to that." sasuga. The performance of the dolls is really something up close, though--they had them up on display in the dealers hall, but seeing them move and watching how freakily precise their puppeteers made their actions was, well, I can see why Uro thought they were magical and wanted to make a production involving them.

Otherwise, the rest was regular con stuff. I managed not to spend anything on swag. My swag was business cards. Far better swag. Saw AMVs. Waited in a couple lines. Saw some people I knew. I ran into Mr Goto like five separate times around the place as well. My record for meeting guests outside of events continues.

Pictures and stuff

Tamamo before photoshoot

Tamamo fighting EMIYA before photoshoot

Sabers only

Lancers only

Casters and Archers get in on it

Non Servants are characters too

Pray before the gacha

FGO only, some latecomers start joining in

So the Roman was the one directing everyone with a megaphone, but they got into a few pics and now I has a sad

Hey Arthur, you have the wrong sword

So right after the photoshoot we came across an Alter

They had the shield on display at the FGO booth

So the Touken Ranbu panel had some real swords, including one of the actual sword boys that has been on a museum tour

Good Smile's booth had the Thunderbolt Fantasy puppets on display. At various times of the day you could find a couple missing as they were also doing live demonstrations.

The Beast that screamed IV at the end of the world

So, I guess Alter and Lin Xue Ya hooked up

And to cap it all off, EXPLOSION

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  1. You's Avatar
    How many people were at your panel?
  2. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Maybe 50 total, 30-40 at any given time.

    Unfortunately it was actually concurrent with a cosplay contest they were having at the FGO booth apparently.
  3. Lace's Avatar
    That Scathach, whew