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The House of Edelfelt

Anime Expo, by Strife

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Hiya! This is a picture heavy blog detailing my week in LA, and at Anime Expo specifically.

Roughly thirty of us from Beast's Lair ended up going in the end so we had quite a gang.

This picture was taken somewhere over Canada, I think.

Arrival at LAX. When I arrived, I had poor mobile signal and had trouble calling an Uber. At the Taxi rank a guy called out to me "Taxi, Ma'am?" so I just thought fuck it and took the taxi. Kind of a mistake, as it ended up being nearly $100.

The first thing I did was travel to one of the apartments where people were staying - not my own though. I went to the 8 Room's place (Spin, Petri, Leo, Buster, Wnr, Christemo, Nihilm, Dallas), since it was LITERALLY outside the convention centre. This place was a life saver, and while I was there I picked up my con badge. Spinach and Leo came down to greet me and let me into the apartment and then I said Hi to everyone and hung out for a while before making my way to my own house:

The Mac House. This was quite a bit further out, in Hollywood. It consisted of Me, Mac, Frosty, Kirby, Marma, Ragnar, Moony and Nachos. (Guest starring Lace, quite often!)

Inside the living room of Mac house - the site of frequent Blazeblue and Guilty Gear gameplay.

In the morning, Ubering to downtown LA on the free day before AX started. This was quite a common sight for me and everyone else in the Mac house. I found it kind of relaxing taking in the sites and sometimes chatting to the drivers, to be honest.

The first thing we did was travel to Little Tokyo, and browsed Kinokuniya while waiting for people to show up.

They were well stocked and had their own little Fate section. Once everyone arrived, some of the groups started splintering off. Some people went to see the LA aquarium, but me, Kirby, Lace, Leo and Buster decided to wander around and try to find some good food. We ended up at a pretty nice Pho place after walking around Chinatown for half an hour.

After that, we went back to Mac house to play Chinese Mahjong. Only Kirby knew how to play so he was our teacher. In the evening me and Leo visited a nice cocktail bar we'd heard about before heading back to hang out with the crowd at the 8 Room.

The real AX starts here!

Unfortunately, Mac house (us) got there pretty late, and the line was already an hour long at this point. The 8 Room gang had managed to get there early and pretty much got in immediately.

The long and winding line.

When we were inside, one of the first things I did was head to the Aniplex Grand Order booth. They had a real life summoning Gacha, where you could stand in a summoning circle and press a massive button. The prizes were badges, and t-shirts. The t-shirts were very rare and none of the BL crowd managed to get one. I really wanted the Arts one

I got Saber. Just like the real game, ha ha.

Next up was the official Grand Order panel, which opened with a screening of the Fate/Grand Order First Order anime, dubbed. Afterwards there were some questions answered by the Director and Producer of Grand Order, and Ayako Kawasumi.

We queued for a fair while to get into this, and we thought we might not even get in. We lucked out in the end and made it inside - there was a pretty massive crowd inside (thousands?) and plenty more got locked out - some of the BL guys got trapped outside actually.

They gave these out to all the attendees, although it's not really signed. However, they also held a raffle for the 1000+ attendees, to win three actual autographed signature cards. Our very own Ragnar actually won the Ayako Kawasumi (Saber) one!!! To say we were surprised is an understatement.

I also got these cards :3

These weren't official but Kyokushi had hundreds of cards made and was handing them out at AX like a real life gacha. Thanks, Kyo!

A great DVA cosplay.

Speaking of DVa, I found this amazing DVa gun in the dealers room and had to have it. I was probably too pleased with this.

There was a pretty good, well attended Grand Order cosplay event held at the Aniplex booth. A few people from this forum did TM cosplays.

Watching Spinach and Nachos compete in the Blazblue Centralfiction tournament. They didn't last very long...

Post con Korean BBQ! This place was great. They had kpop playing which Lace enjoyed. Supposedly another group of BLers were at the same place at almost the exact same time although we didn't realise until afterwards!

For the final day of the con I decided to leave the house early and travel there by myself. Partially because I wanted to check out Hollywood Boulevard on the way, but mostly because I wanted to get the autograph of DVa's voice actress, Charlet Chung. Every other day the line was full so I decided to get to the con as soon as it opened and try my luck.

Me, in my Uber. (Check out the amazing necklace I bought at the artists alley - the one that says 'Not your waifu').

I checked out Hollywood for half an hour then travelled onwards to the con. I got there half an hour before the doors opened, and I was pretty damn close to the doors.

The view, waiting for the escalators to be opened to the dealers room.

As soon as the doors opened I did some Assassin's Creed style crowd maneuvering then sprinted to the back of the hall where the Overwatch Voice Actors booth was.

I made it, and was allowed into the line! Although, I was about the third from last person allowed before they closed the line - even after all that effort.

I got this photo signed by Charlet. She also made me a video and took a selfie with me.

After the con, it was time for the BL 4th of July party! We went out to buy supplies and then had food provided by our chef, Kirby. Mean girls was watched and alcohol was drunk.

Obviously going out for a drunken midnight walk in Hollywood was essential.

The next day I really wanted to do some sightseeing / eating in LA but people were too hungover to want to do anything. I forcefully dragged Spinach out of the house with me and the two of us went to the Griffith Observatory which overlooks the city.

Me again. I like how the pics up here came out.

The view in the other direction.

Behind the scenes of a Strife selfie. Thanks, Spin.

Me, Dallas, Wnr and Nihilm decided to check out In-N-Out Burger. Many, many burgers were consumed during this trip by me but I left most of them out so you don't get bored. I liked how In-N-Out grill the buns so they're crispy.

On the last day I went to visit Reiu briefly, where she shared these amazing Japanese sweets with me. Sadly we were pretty pressed for time so we had to bail out, and didn't have a chance to carry out the lunch plans we'd made.

Leaving LA, I was stuck at the airport waiting for my flight for around three hours. Me, bored in the airport, a ton of gift shops, and realising that I hadn't bought any non-anime souvenirs resulted in me buying a MAGA hat just before I boarded my plane...

Obviously a ton of amazing stuff happened that I haven't listed because otherwise the blog would be too long. There were also tons of different small groups of BLers doing various things all the time so theres plenty that I didn't see.

Sorry to everyone I didn't have chance to see or hang out with much, the schedule was so really busy!

See everyone next year.

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  1. Frantic Author's Avatar
    good job strife
  2. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    thanks fran
  3. Kirby's Avatar
    how many burgers have you eaten this trip
  4. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Smashburger, fatburger, in-n-out, Wolfgang puck, random ktown joint, prank bar, and one you made at the party kirby

    so 7
  5. Mcjon01's Avatar
    That looks like my dad's car, you didn't uber with my dad did you
  6. Tobias's Avatar
    The real question is

    did you eat at Big Bang burger

    did you get a captains emblem?!
  7. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    is that the DVa gun that charges your phone too?
  8. Sunny's Avatar
    The D.Va gun looks awesome...! That's a very cute prop and some very nice gets. You worked hard to get them so well deserved! And oh my gosh, I did not see the Fou plushie with the Gudao beforeeeeeee. Why can't they sell that too... ;.;

    Where did you like the burgers from most? o.o
  9. In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries's Avatar
    LMAO that KBBQ incident

    I felt like a goddamn retard

    Thread here

    For reference, it was me, Noodleknight, Tang, and Christemo
  10. Pendant's Avatar
    I remember the FGO panel and how the person who won Saber's autograph didn't respond straight away and I was hoping they'd reroll but I guess now I'm glad someone from here was the grand prize winner.

    I ran into that same D.Va cosplayer too and took several pictures of her!
  11. Frantic Author's Avatar
    hey i was at that con - spinach
  12. Marmadillo's Avatar
    random BLer cameos
  13. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Hi, McJons dad.

    Nope, didn't go to Big Bang Burger. Sunny - hmm. Smashburger was probably the 'best' chain burger. In-N-Out was really nice considering how cheap it is.

    Huh. The gun charges by USB but I have no idea if it can charge a phone - that's pretty cool if it can.

    Spinach was there? Didn't see him.

    Also shout out to Frosty for stepping in when some random guy was trying to take my money.
  14. Neir's Avatar
    Looks like a good time
  15. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    It would probably have been better if I didn't hate anime.
  16. Mcjon01's Avatar
    In-N-Out burgers are way better animal style btw, hope you ordered them correctly and not off the menu like a rube.