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My first Servant sheet

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Alright. This is it. My first servant. And I for those who watching enjoying it.

Class: Caster
Identity: Hang Nadim of Temasek
Alternate class: Avenger
Gender: Male
Height/weight : 120 cm/22 kg
Attribute : Human, Magus
Origin: Malay Folklore/Singapore (14th century)
Alignment: Neutral good:
Appearance : Caster was just a seven years old boy. He had short, wavy black hair. His skin tone was brownish peach. He had large, lightish brown eyes paired up with thin eyebrows. Both his nose and mouth were small. His cheeks always covered with dirt or mud. His face were not too chubby. He always wear small sleeveless green jacket with three quarters white trouser accompanied with colourful sampin. His footwear were just a sandal. His posture were good and his physical were not too big or too thin. In other word, Caster is a cute, adorable boy that you will instantly pledge to protect his smile.


Once upon a time, there is a family of Magus that live on a kingdom called Temasek. The family were main practitioner of Witchcraft. And they were renown for their cursing technique, spirit exorcism and summoning, and making variety of extremely potent potions. In the family, live a boy name Hang Nadim.

Hang Nadim had been dabbled in his family arts since he could read and show promising future as a very powerful magus. He also a person that like to socialise with his peers especially when playing. There, he had shown the ability to lead as he was the one that mainly organised what they were playing. And he had good relationship with The Great Spirits of Temasek, the leader of all Spirits living in Temasek Island. Hang Nadim only dream is to travel the world, learning their secrets and at same time improving his magecraft skills. His elements are water and earth. His origin is Curiosity.

But it all change with the execution of Tun Jana Khatib. Tun Jana Khatib is a trader from Pasai and also a seasoned Ulama. He was executed by the order from the reigning king of Temasek, Sri Maharaja. The reason was the king was furious as Tun Jana Khatib performing a miracle near his palace. The king felt that Tun Jana Khatib were undermined his power as a king and the execution were needed to show to his people that only those with noble lineage were allowed to perform miracle. Tun Jana Khatib cursed Temasek for this injustice before his execution. After the execution, his bodies disappeared and his blood on the ground turned into stone. The bodies found by the people of Langkawi in which he was buried there.

Hang Nadim and his family knew this will spelt trouble as Tun Jana Khatib is a Wali of Allah. In other term, it was Islamic equivalent to Saint by the Christian. And all of them were capable of using divinity by their own term.

And true to their expectation, bad things happened after a few days. At the port of Temasek, they were struck by swordfishes in a very large quantities. The fish jump out of water before striking those unfortunately in their path. Many people die with many more injured from the strike. Sri Maharaja tried to solve this problem by ordering the people to take arm and fight the swordfishes. But these efforts were useless as more and more people dying from the assault. Those who tried to runaway were threatened with Tulah, which is the curses of the king to those who broke their oath to their sovereign. This resulting them returning to the port and in turn, increasing the numbers of casualties.

Against his family advise, Hang Nadim venture to the ports. There, he felt saddened with the scene appearing in front of him. He cannot stand with this events and make his decision. He will confronted the king to stop this madness.

As the situation worsen, Sri Maharaja were out of idea. If he cannot solve this problem, he will lose his prestige to other kingdom. And at that time, Hang Nadim announced his arrival. Shocked, the king asked Hang Nadim for the reason of his audience to the King of Temasek. Hang Nadim told his idea in how to solve the problem. The idea is by building a makeshift wall made from banana stems. Grateful, the King ordered the defense force on the port to retreat and start collecting as many banana stems as possible.

While the people of Temasek started to cut down any banana stems available, Hang Nadim move away from any prying eyes as he summon the Great Spirits of Temasek. As he had good relationships with the Spirits, the Spirits agreed to lend its hand in the defence. Thus, when the wall is finished, the Spirits used his magical energy to reinforce the wall to the point of indestructible.

When the swordfishes resume their attack, most of them stuck on the banana stems. The people of Temasek quickly use this opportunity to kill the fish. There is multiple waves after that, but it bore the same result. In the end, the swordfishes cannot mounting another wave of attack and thus call it a day.

After that day, Hang Nadim were hailed as the Savior of Temasek. Even Sri Maharaja called him with that title. And then, Sri Maharaja wanted to organise Rewarding Ceremony to celebrate Hang Nadim. But this motion were not well received by the Ministers of the Courts. They thought that Hang Nadim will threatened their position of power. They quickly deceived the king that when Hang Nadim is older, he will use his popularity to usurp the throne. Sri Maharaja eat the bait and quickly change the Rewarding Ceremony to Execution.

Meanwhile, Hang Nadim were being berated by his family for his reckless action. But they decided to let it slide as Hang Nadim were just a child and he could learn from this mistake. On the day of ceremony, most of his family especially his mother felt heavy to let him go. But they still allowed him for this is the day he celebrate his success. What they didnít know is that will be the last day Hang Nadim breathing in this world.

When he arrived, Hang Nadim quickly captured by the guards. Then he was thrown to the courtyard, tied up and restricted. The king then decreed the execution of Hang nadim while being watched by the Ministers of the Courts. Hang Nadim knew that his time were about to come and as the last ultimatum, he curses the king and all of the ministers by using few incantations where all of them will be meeting with terrible demise. As he finished his incantations, he was stabbed with executionerís kris. As he bleeding to death, he wondering what he become in the future if the king did not killed him.


In general, Caster is an outgoing person as he always going out and playing with his friends and neighbours. He was naive to the way of the world as he believed that good deeds will lead to good rewards. He was also curious with the wonder of the world and hoping to understand them even more. He was also a taught by his family to not look down on everyone as each of them had their own speciality. He was a prodigy in his studies and wanted to travel the world in order to expanding his knowledge and also the very own magecraft abilities. He still aiming for the Roots so that he could bring the knowledge to Earth and used it for the greater good of man.

Likes : Playing, studying, spending times with his family, doing good things for the sake of mankind
Dislikes : senseless act of sacrifice, backstabber, tyrant, stupidity
Talents : Magecraft, making mystic codes, curses, pencak silat
Natural enemies : Sri Maharaja, Ministers of the courts
Summoning catalyst : a story book about him alongside a swordfish and also a banana stem

Parameter :-

NP : A

Class Skills

Territory creation-B (EX when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan used)
It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. Due to Caster status as magus in training by his family, he know how to built a proper workshop although he did not have his own. This skill were enhanced by the fact that Caster built a magically reinforced banana wall alongside the beach that managed to stand against a shoal of divine swordfishes. And when Caster used hi NP, this skill level will increased significantly as older form of Caster already had their own workshop for research.

Item creation-C ( (EX when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depanused)
It is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. Caster were taught by his family especially his grandmother to make simple potion that is suitable for his age. Thus, he know how to manufacture magical items for mundane or war items. This skills were enhanced when he mass produced a magically reinforced banana stem walls for the protection of Temasek. As Caster were already a master in potion making when he was young, when he activated Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan, it will increase significantly. In fact, it was a matter of time before he created a new potion before his demise. And when he was in his future self, all of them already creating dozens of new potions for their daily usage.

Personal skills

Charming youth-A (Disappeared when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan used)
The disposition as a young boy who charms people. A fascination magecraft-like effect that works on both men and women, but one can abate it so long there is a will to resist.
Complete evasion by means of Magic Resistance Skill is possible. With this, Caster could convinced any servants with low magic resistance and their master to ally with him until the servants die or the servants were used to the skill effect.

Signs of greatness-C
This skill were the manifestation of what Caster could achieve in future if he wasnít dead. This skill allowed Caster to make other people followed his lead in every situations until it was solved or they were dead. This skills will be greatly enhanced when he use NP Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan where those he lead will stay even after the situation solved.

Witchcraft-C (A when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan used)
This skills reflecting Caster origin from a family that practising witchcraft as their magecraft. As Caster understanding in witchcraft is amazing for his age and he already surpassing his family member with exception his mother in the branch, he was capable to use cursing technique effectively. This mean that he could cast a terrible curse on his enemies without exhausting much of his personal mana.

Charisma-A (usable when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan activated)
A composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. When using Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan activated, Caster could use this skills as most of his potential future self were in higher position such as a Prime Minister and even a future where he did usurp the throne for himself with the support of the people.

Beloved of the Spirits-B (C when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan activated)
Servants with this skills capable of making local spirits to help him whether by buffing up to the user and the master or debuffing enemies servants. As Caster were in good relationships with Great Spirits of Temasek, he could use this skill for his own fight. This skills will slightly fall when Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan activated as most of Spirits prefer small children. They can still tolerated with adult, just not as friendly as with a children.

Noble Phantasms:-

Tembok Pisang Takkan Ditembus
The impenetrable wall of banana stem
Rank : C
Type : Anti-army (self)
This is the crystallization of Casterís legend where he give the idea for the defense of Temasek with a long banana stem wall. When used, it will taking form of invisible and magically enhanced barrier that shaped like banana stems. With this NP, Caster were capable of protecting himself, his master, and also those who allied with him at the time for entire day until Caster exhausted his energy. This wall will faltered if the attack were B rank or higher. Also, caster cannot attack when he activated this NP and he needed his master for offensive movement.

Ribut Ikan Todak
The storm of Swordfishes
Rank : C
Type : Anti-army
As Caster legend were heavily associated with swordfish, it manifested as one of Caster NP. This NP allowed Caster to summon all of the swordfishes that attack Temasek. This NP will surrounding the enemies servants and their masters before attacking them from all site without any mercy. As the Swordfishes containing a small divinity, they could hurting any divine beings but not seriously. For any servants that did not had divinity, it will kill them if they were hit at right spot.

Apakah Takdirku di Masa Depan
What is My Future Destiny
Rank : A++
Type : Anti-unit (Self)
As he was bleeding to death, he think to himself. What was his destiny in the future if he wasnít assassinated. This thought had make itself as Caster NP. With this NP, he could becoming one of his future self and fighting against enemy servants in that form for a limited time. Caster could used many of his future form but the most prominent one is UNIFIER, ADVISOR, USURPER, and CONQUEROR. Heck, there is one of his future self is known as ROOT. Caster only capable of using one form once in every Holy Grail war that he participated. Caster could stay in this form as long as he want but mana upkeep is very high, thus he could maintain this form for average half an hour. In this form, he will unlocked some of the skill that his younger self cannot used and also increasing few of his skills parameter. In this form, his average parameter were as following.

NP : A

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